MSL Tower of Chaos – 120 Guide

Monster Super League Tower Of Chaos

Today, I’ll bring you the secret formula to beat 120 without being completely “maxed out” or “decked out”. In addition, we will be using common Astromons that any player should have or are easy to go get in Monster Super League.

In this video posted below, I will be using Dark Mini Seira instead of a Dark Mona simply due to not having a Dark Mona back when I videoed this.

I didn’t have a Water Odin gemmed either so I used a Dark Jinn which doesn’t really contribute at all besides an higher chance of disable the next round.

I will record another one sometime this month for the updated team after the June 2021 skill revamps.

Why do you want to beat Tower of Chaos F120, it’s simple, you get the “Sub-Property Randomizer Ticket“.

Remember gemming, yeah where Tina constantly screws you over with bad sub-stats.

If you are struggling, read my MSL B11 Golems guide to get yourself started.

Well, here is the Free To Play option in rerolling those unwanted stats. Even though its still very RNG, it is still better than nothing.

If you are having trouble reaching Floor 120, go ahead and check out our Tower of Chaos Floor 1-119 Guide.

Tower of Chaos Floor 120

In Tower of Chaos Floor 120, you will be facing 2 different Astromons.

The first one will be seen in the 3 waves prior to the boss. This Astromon is the Water Sha Wujing

While in the boss room, you will have Dark Gilgamesh as the final boss, he is also accompanied by two Water Sha Wujing.

While bring a Defensive or HP based Astromon, you won’t have much issue in tanking the Sha Wujing, but for an pure attacker like Mini Mona, they will hurt badly.

At times, if they all focus you, Dark Mona might just go splat. So inorder to prevent this, you would get 3 disablers with her. Dark Mona’s damage is high enough to solo the entire dungeon herself.

Must – Main Party

  1. Dark Mona – Super Evo or above
  2. Stun/Shocker 1 – Evo 2 or above
  3. Stun/Shocker 2 – Evo 2 or above
  4. Stun/Shocker 3 – Evo 2 or above

Let’s go through my personal team in detail

Dark Mona – Super Evo + Ascension
MSL B11 Dark Mona
Dark Mona
  • Ruin Gems Build
    • Crit Rate
    • ATK %
    • ATK %
  • Dark Mona became my go-to for nearly all content in game.
  • Additional 35% Attack for the team
  • One of the strongest Astromons in game currently
  • Very easily to obtain
  • Dark Astromon – 50% Crit Damage increase
Light Seastar Astromons – SuperEVO
Light Seastar Kraken Build
Light Seastar Kraken
  • Resist Gem Build
    • HP %
    • HP %
    • HP %
  • Just a filler Shocker, nothing special
  • Infact, you need 1 shocker at the very least (or a Def Down) to beat this with 1 DPS only
  • Passive is a 2 turn disable at a 80% chance now (after nerf)
  • Super easy Astromon to obtain and Evo3
  • If you have an 100% shocker such as Light Balrona or Light Arthur or Light Valkyrie, use them instead
Water Odin Build
Water Odin
Water Odin – Evo 2
  • Mixed Gems Build
    • HP %
    • HP %
    • Def %
  • Filler Stunner
  • Evo 2 is enough to keep her alive
  • Had nothing better to use which had Stun/Shock at 100% since the Lightstar/DarkNike Nerf
Water Sura Build
Water Sura
Water Sura – Evo 3
  • Mixed Gem Build
    • Crit Rate %
    • HP %
    • HP %
  • Filler Stunner
  • Relatively easy to Evo 3, but there are better options out there
  • Had nothing better to use which had Stun/Shock at 100% since the Lightstar/DarkNike Nerf
  • Honestly, if you have a better Stun/Shocker, use it

After seeing my builds, you may be wondering, but they ain’t even +15, you don’t even have trinkets in most of them? Majority of them ain’t even enhanced. How is that possible???

Well, that’s to show you, how easy Floor 120 really is, once you have the right combination. Finishing off the +15 Gems and Trinkets, enhancing, Super EVO & Super Ascending will just make it even more easy.

Post-June 2021 Nerf
Pre-June 2021 Nerf

Autoplay Party

If you want to beat this Floor on Auto-Play, all you need is a minimum of 3 very high DPS Astromons.

For me, I brought Dark Mona, Dark Gilgamesh, Light Draka and Dark Cernunnos (Just as a backup).

Those three are my current heaviest hitters I have in game. As you can see with the video below, (which also shows their stats, gems and trinkets, enhancements etc). Dark Cernunnos’s Active Undying Volition wasn’t needed as the boss died in 2 turns. If I had another heavy hitter Puncture (Fire Draka, i’m looking at you, you will be under a re-gem soonish when I gather good gems for you), I maybe can push towards 1 turn the last Floor 120 boss.

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