Tower of God – Tower of Trial Floor 92 – Floor 99

Tower of God

Tower of God Great Journey is an idle gacha game based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God. I have been playing this game since launch and I am pleasantly enjoying myself, check out my review on it. Game is surprising challenging, and each day is quite rewarding as you slowly progress through all the content whether it is only just story mode, tower of trials or you climb slightly higher in the administrator tower challenges. It has been super busy for me for the last few days so I only have been able to complete my dailies daily before jumping off. With the addition of Jinsung Ha now skilled up to Level 11 and 10 for it’s first and passive skills respectively I thought it was about time to give Tower of Trial another fair go. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to clear it all the way to Floor 99 with Floor 100 lacking carry DPS. After all, in Floor 100 Tower of Trial Evan healed Urek (Boss) from what it looks like 8% HP back to over 80% in 1 skill making Evan very dangerous and a high priority target.

Tower of God – Great Journey - Tower of Trial F100 Evan Heal
Tower of Trial F100 Evan Heal (This is what despair looks like)

Tower of Trial

Tower of Trial is one of the content features Tower of God has, it is actually one of the more challenging contents in game where it actually may frustrate you as some floors are ridiculously difficult.

The first thing you will notice that is different from previous floors is starting from Floor 91, you will be facing a total of 3 guardians as opposed to just 2 from the prior floors. This continues to stays true as I progress all the way upwards towards Floor 100.

Personally, I may have been a little over-geared or leveled for this, but as you can see with the first attempts, without Jinsung Ha tanking it, I was no way close to beating it even with XiaXia or Evan as a Support.

Floor 98 was quite dangerous as Yihwa Yeon the flame nuker is back, if you have magic resist gear, it would be super advised to use them. If you have gap closers or crowd controllers then that would also work to stop her in her tracks. I was barely able to beat it, luckily for me, Sachi Faker was able to ignite in time. Personally, I believe Floor 98 and Floor 99 would of been a better choice if Khun’s Heal fate skill was placed first instead of Yuri’s Ha Fate skill, that may have given Jinsung Ha a bit more survivability to use his first skill another team to survive.

Overall, this setup shown below works due to Yuri being a backup-tank with decent/high DPS.

Jinsung Ha being main tank and damage soaker with taunt and barriers breaker (although not applicable here since no barriers in Floor 92 to Floor 99). While Yuri Ha is placed forefront, to maximize the utilize of her skill reducing damage for the first few seconds of a battle before Jinsung Ha taunts them and starts soaking damage. Bringing higher survivability for both characters.

Hansung Yu being pure crowd control with it’s stun (to begin the match) & knockbacks. Even if her damage is mediocre or bad. Hansung is near the front so it is able to cast it’s stun right when it starts instead of moving forward before casting, giving everyone a bit more time to throw their skills at everyone else.

Bam and Sachi Faker being pure DPS with Bam having high life steal/life leech if he is able to go into ignite form, otherwise with it’s active Fate skills, he provides alot of utility from CC to Heals to high DPS.

Tower of God – Great Journey - Tower of Trial F92-F99 Team
Tower of Trial F92-F99 Team Set Up

Take a look at the video below for reference.

Tower of Trials – F92 to F99
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