Tower of God – Tower of Trial Floor 101 to Floor 106

Tower of God

Tower of God Great Journey is an idle gacha game based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God. I have been playing this game since launch and I am pleasantly enjoying myself, check out my review on it. Game is surprising challenging, and each day is quite rewarding as you slowly progress through all the content whether it is only just story mode, tower of trials or you climb slightly higher in the administrator tower challenges. After pulling so many times as a free2play player and finally getting White, I decided to head back into Tower of Trial to give it another go.

Tower of God - Great Journey - Red Gacha White Pull
Red Gacha White Pull

Tower of Trial

Tower of Trial is one of the content features Tower of God has, it is actually one of the more challenging contents in game where it actually may frustrate you as some floors are ridiculously difficult.

The first thing you will notice that is different from previous floors is starting from Floor 91, you will be facing a total of 3 guardians as opposed to just 2 from the prior floors. This continues to stays true as I progress all the way upwards towards Floor 100 and onwards.

Floor 101 – This floor is annoying, you need to be able to tank Urek while killing off XiaXia and Quant. On top of that Urek does hurt too. A few strategies that you may implement in this room, one is you bring an AOE attacker like Faker to hit XiaXia at the back. Another is to bring Cassano to pull her to you. Although that requires you to have Cassano decently built, which I don’t and most likely most of you won’t either. Lastly, is to just out heal the DPS done to you and wish for the best. Since my Faker isn’t strong enough to kill XiaXia before my other Tank and subtank dies, I decided to bring Evan instead to do the last strategy of the survival game. As you will see in the video before, due to how strong Bam is due to Revolution Road, it will most likely pull thread off your tanks and get himself killed. Nothing much you can do about it, but as long as Urek dies, the other two elites won’t be able to kill you easily.

Floor 102-106, honestly, these 4 floors felt like a complete joke, shown in the video, my team just completely melts them. in F102 if you crowd control Beta, he won’t be able to lifeleech making him super squish. While hunter rak damage is slow so regardless of how much XiaXia buffs them both, you should be able to kill them before they can use their ultimate.

While Floor 103, I did die on the first attempt, so I switch over to T0 White without an ignite weapon. Afterall, what’s better than to complete murder that backstabbing Rachel right. White is an range fighter and a very strong one at that. On top he has insane life steal even at T0 (it only gets better). With a strong DPSs, you should be able to kill off Quant and Love and get to Rachel who is hiding at the back like the ugly turtle she is.

I kept my same team as I used in F103 for F104, this time, Khun is forefront, making the healer super vulnerable, so throw everything at him and kill him right away. That way, you will be able to focus on killing Hatz without anyone to heal him.

F105, while still using White in my team instead of Jinsang, this floor has no healer with the frontline being Minseng, Anaak’s DPS feels pretty subpar so if you melted F104, F105 won’t be an issue.

F106, lastly, we have Novick here as subtank and two Laure to kill. Once you get pass Novick, you can cleave them both down without much issues. If you feel that you are taking too much damage, bring some Magic-Resist gear.

Take a look at the video below for reference.

Tower of Trials – F101 to F106
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