Tower of God – Story Hard Mode – Chapter 2 (2-8 & 2-9)

Tower of God

Tower of God Great Journey is an idle gacha game based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God, don’t forget to check out my review on this gacha game. If you enjoy the game, remember to go like the Webtoon series and support the artist SUI. Tower of God is a game that allows you to progress quite easily day in day out, every day or two, you feel like you made some slight progress, and each upgrade feels quite meaningful, unlike some mobile games I have played in the past. Last week, I gave Chapter 2 Story Hard Mode an attempt and was not able to completely beat it, in fact, I was unable to clear it at 3 Stars on Chapter 2-8 & Chapter 2-9, meanwhile I was unable to clear it at all for Chapter 2-10. After doing some pulls every few days since we were able to get a new “Return of TOG! 7 Days Login Event“. Let’s see what I got below, It was actually a very nice summon.

Tower of God - Great Journey - 24 March Summons
March Summons

Story Hard Mode

It wasn’t just the pulls that made a difference, I was able to finally craft my T3 Epic Physical Weapon for Fisherman. Ontop of crafting it, I transcended it to 1 Stars and enhanced it to +20 which increased Yuri Ha’s damage by a lot for Chapter 2-8 as it was a three man team. Further, with the addition of Jinsung Ha for Chapter 2-9, it became quite a piece of cake as Jinsung Ha is just a beastly tank with a decent life stealing skill.

Tower of God - Great Journey - Epic T3 Physical Wep
Epic T3 Physical Wep

Overall, with the big damage increase from Yuri itself, Chapter 2-8 & 2-9 wasn’t much of an issue at all, however, I was unable to beat Chapter 2-10 even with a full 5 man team, meaning, I still need to get a lot more geared, probably towards the 400k gear score mark, which I am more or less at 360k currently.

Take a look at the video below for reference.

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