Tower of God – Story Chapter 8-8 to 8-10

Tower of God

Tower of God Great Journey is an idle gacha game based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God. I have been playing this game since launch and I am pleasantly enjoying myself, check out my review on it. I have not spent a single dollar on this game and have not re-rolled my account either. Just playing as RNG Jesus has in stored for me, whether it is crappy rolls (like getting Rachel) or awesome double legendary pulls!

Tower of God - Great Journey - Pull getting Rachel
Imagine even using Rachel

Story Mode

Story Mode starts out pretty chill and easy and does a very good job in summarizing the events of the Webtoon Series Tower of God. However, once in awhile, you may encounter “brickwalls” my friends and I like to call them, where the content is ridiculously more difficult than the previous level (and most of the time, the levels after). One of the biggest “brickwalls” my friends and I have encountered is Story mode 8-8, and guess who is back again annoying us, you guessed it, it is XiaXia who pretty much the #1 annoyance NPC to fight, as she does the same thing in Tower of Trials F81 as well, and again in Story Mode 9-1, but that’s another story for another time.

I think I struggled on 8-8 for nearly a week, unable to advance and it was super frustrating, each passing day, I felt like I wasn’t improving much at all, and even with the level 105 legendary ticket rewards, it didn’t give me enough juice to get through it, it all changed when I had enough Purple Weapon recipes to make a T3 Purple weapon. The T3 purple weapon itself wasn’t a gamechanger, it became a gamechanger the moment I was able to +20 the T3 weapon. For me, I choose Magic Wave Controller weapon as that benefited me the most with Baam, Sachi and Yu Hang Sung being my main characters I use. My next T3 Purple weapon that I would buy would be most likely be Physical Fisherman since Yuri is just babe and a few others who are Phy and fisherman like the Fugs characters.

Below is my position set I used for Story 8-8, Story 8-9 and Story 8-10.

Story 8-9 and Story 8-10 had nothing special, and you should be able to easily melt the bosses without much difficulty.

Tower of God - Great Journey - Story 8-8
Story 8-8 to Story 8-10
Tower of God - Great Journey - T3 Purple Magic WaveController Wep
T3 Purple Magic Wave Controller Wep

Take a look at the video below for reference.

Tower of God – Story 8-8 to Story 8-10
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