Tower of God – Story Normal Mode – Chapter 10-3 to 10-5

Tower of God

Tower of God Great Journey is an idle gacha game based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God, don’t forget to check out my review on this gacha game. If you enjoy the game, remember to go like the Webtoon series and support the artist SUI. Tower of God is a game that allows you to progress quite easily day in day out, every day or two, you feel like you made some slight progress, and each upgrade feels quite meaningful, unlike some mobile games I have played in the past. Is what I wanted to say, although, lately, it feels like it really really really slowed down on progress. Even after I T7 Bam, even after I Transcended Faker, even after this and that, I couldn’t progress further in Story Hard mode nor progress through Tower of Trials F102.

However, I was able to make some progress in Story Normal Mode 10-3 until 10-5. I was able to complete Step 1 of First Thorn Bam as a Main Character and did a total of 5 Red and 2 Blue pulls which resulted in only getting Beta as a legendary which I don’t really use.

I personally am quite bothered with how the Main Character’s Road of Revolution is being pushed out. OG Bam being first, Viole then First Thorn Bam. It is to the point where both Viole and First Thorn Bam stands absolutely no chance against OG bam as OG bam should already be T7 with a T3 ignition weapon. While Viole would be hovering at the T2/T3 stage with a T1 ignition weapon. Lastly, First Thorn Bam would be at the T0-1 without an ignition weapon. The damage difference is just too big to even consider using a different main.

Tower of God - Great Journey - First Thorn Bam
First Thorn Bam

Story Normal Mode

A few days ago, when fighting Miseng in Chapter 10-3, I was struggling against her, however, not so much anymore. I gotten a few levels since then and the other upgrade between then and now is Faker is now T1 in both Character and Ignition weapon. Aslong as you have the DPS, you can keep her under control with your fate skills and she will flop over eventually.

Meanwhile, Chapter 10-4, going to be honest, I was afking playing Monster Super League as it wasn’t anything dangerous, so using the same team as Chapter 10-3, if you can beat Miseng, that same team won’t have issues in 10-4.

Chapter 10-5 becomes a little more difficult, as you will be fighting Khun Ran. We know Ran isn’t a pushover and his magical attacks hurts. If you have a set of Magical equipment, it would be a good time to use them. Otherwise, keep him controlled with taunts, stuns and knockback and you should be able to DPS him down.

Lastly 10-6 is just ridiculous with a horde of Robots, it seems without Jinsung being transcended a bit more, he isn’t tank enough to survive and melts within 5 seconds. While Yuri and Bam both can’t survive longer than 2 seconds.

Take a look at the video below for reference.

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