Tower of God – Story Normal Mode – Chapter 10-17 to 10-18

Tower of God

Tower of God Great Journey is an idle gacha game based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God, don’t forget to check out my review on this gacha game. If you enjoy the game, remember to go like the Webtoon series and support the artist SUI. Tower of God is a game that allows you to progress quite easily day in day out, every day or two, you feel like you made some slight progress, and each upgrade feels quite meaningful, unlike some mobile games I have played in the past. Is what I wanted to say, my previous statement, that it feels like it really really really slowed down on progress. I mentioned it previously when I was doing Chapter 10-11 to Chapter 10-16, but collection is a huge stat boost in Tower of God – Great Journey. While having 1 legendary transcended to max is important, you can at the very least, max out your collection for the extra stats for Blue & Purples ignition weapons.

Tower of God - Great Journey - Story Normal 10-17 Ignition Collection
Ignition Collection

Story Normal Mode

In Chapter 10-17, we are fighting the Grim Reaper Reflejo for 4 rounds, each round he gets a slight stat boost and more EVA. Each of the 4 rounds have the same concept, have enough ACC, a decent amount of DPS and use crowd control skills & characters such as Yuri (Knockdown, Stun), Faker (Knockback), Quant Fate skill (Knockback/Stun).

In the hours I spent trying in this room, (maybe I’ll upload a video of that, it’s about 1hour+ long) I have noticed, the best combination with the characters I have is Bam, Yuri, White and Faker. The biggest draw back with using Bam instead of Viole is that my Viole isn’t anywhere close to as strong as my Bam hence why he was chosen despite Viole having CC skills to use. Yuri and Faker were chosen since Yuri can tank quite a bit for the first bit of the round, do some crowd control and lastly applies bleeds just before she dies while at the same time doing a decent amount of DPS, while Faker is a range so he shouldn’t be taking any damage at all while Yuri & Bam are still alive. Meanwhile, he can do mini knockbacks which will cancel any skill casts Reflejo does, and Faker does good amount of DPS. Plus, if you were playing back in April 2023, you should have gotten Faker + his ignition weapon from the Faker Event. Lastly, I choose white because he was a range damage dealer and his DPS is alot more than Ran or Yeon despite Ran and Yeon being T2 or above with ignition weapons aswell.

Chapter 10-18, this character is just story, there is no actual fights here, so you should be able to breeze through this one and finally finish your Viole’s Revolution Step 5 and First Thorn Bam’s Revolution Step 2 like me where that was the only thing I was stuck at.

Take a look at the video below for reference.

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