Tower of God: New World – What is Administrator’s Blessing

Tower of God

Tower of God – New World was released on Mobile on 26 July 2023, it is a free gacha idle game from Net Marble based on the super popular Webtoon series Tower of God. After taking a short break from the game, upon returning, I was given the Welcome Back Boost Mission. Which one of the Day 1 quests was “Use the Administrator’s Blessing 1 times(s). I couldn’t find this blessing no matter where I looked. So instead of worrying too much about it considering I had 9 days, I continued on with my game as per normal then the option to use the Administrator’s Blessing popped up during my game play. So here is how to trigger it.

Return Quest - Administrator's Blessing
Return Quest – Administrator’s Blessing

What is Administrator’s Blessing?

Administrator’s Blessing is a new system that was added in the September 20th 2023 patch that gives the users a powerful buff on a certain floor that they are struggling to beat.

This is a last resort once a week type of blessing that only affects 1 floor when triggered. It resets every Monday 00:00 (UTC+9). Would recommend users to use it once a week to push through an harder floor prior to reset.

How To Use Administrator’s Blessing?

The conditions to unlock the Administrator’s Blessing is actually quite simple although it is not mentioned anywhere else in game.

All you have to do is fail an adventure map a total of x times. The key to failing is always press “retry” after failing instead of leaving. Once you have failed and pressed retry multiple times, a pop up from the Administrator will say something along of the lines of “tired of losing? The administrator of this floor has bestowed a blessing to help you Regular!

When you press Retry again after this popup, there will be a boost button in the middle of the screen where you choose your characters. All you have to do is ensure that is ticked and off you go.

What is x Times?

There is no set number of times to actually trigger this event, I have tested this on multiple occasions and sometimes it pops up as little as 3 retries and others as many as 10 retries.

Take a look at the pictures below for reference.

Fayie Enterprise