Tower of Fantasy – How To Uninstall TOF Completely

In the world of Tower of Fantasy, just like many other MMORPG out there, it may just not be for you. Whether it’s due the rampant cheaters about, or the game just doesn’t scratch that anime MMORPG itch, too much crashing and unplayable moments or you simply don’t like it. You want to know how to uninstall ToF Completely so there isn’t any traces left.

Unlike many programs where you can just open up Control Panel and press Uninstall and everything is gone, there are a few extra steps invovled in removing Tower of Fantasy from your PC.

Once you done the normal steps via Control panel, you would need to head over to the following path in Windows


Find the file ksophon_x64.sys and delete it.

What is ksophon_x64.sys

ksophon_x64.sys is the anti-cheat process that Tower of Fantasy uses.

It is at best useless and causes a slight hinderance to hackers as opposed actually stopping them. Further, for non-cheating players like myself, it may cause Blue Screen of Death (both installed and after uninstallation) as it secretly runs even if the game has been uninstalled.

Thus, it is best if you remove this file after uninstalling the game.

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