Tower of Fantasy – How To Break Cracked Rocks

In the world of Tower of Fantasy, just like many other MMORPG out there, there are going to be collectibles or puzzles to do. In Tower of Fantasy, there is this one collectible puzzle locked behind a rock that looks like it may break at any moment. Take a look at this scene below, it may seem familiar.

Tof BrokeN Cracked Rocks
Broken Cracked Rocks

How To Break the Cracked Rock?

It’s actually a lot easier than many people think, Water bombs for plants, fire fore oil-related plants. While, unlike the other puzzle which needs an special weapon element, these rocks need the the relic Missile Barrage which you get during the early stages of the game.

Interestingly enough, unlike the electric door in Banges Shelter, the cracked walls don’t seems respawn as long as you are inside it’s area. (At the very least, I stood there for over 10 minutes and it did not respawn.)

Tower of Fantasy Missile Barrage

How To Break the Cracked Rock Video

Below, find a video of how to do break the cracked rocks if you are still struggling.

Fayie Enterprise