Tower of Fantasy – D2 – Ruins Pin Password

In the world of Tower of Fantasy, just like many other MMORPG out there, there are going to be collectibles or puzzles to do. In Tower of Fantasy, there is this one collectible puzzle locked behind a password door. Take a look at this scene below, it may seem familiar.

How To Unlock The D2 Ruins Door?

What is the password or pin to the D2 Ruins Door?

Let’s go straight into it, the passcode is 2887. This is for everyone, however, for those who want to understand how to get the passcode, follow the guide below.

Guide To Decipher The Password

When you explore the D2 Ruins, you will come across many clues to assemble the DDR door code. If you interact with the Damaged Terminals, there will how you a partial bit of the pin. There are a total of two of them and each one holds 2 numbers to deactivate the barrier.


Once you are inside using the passcode, you will be able to access the exit/rewards room

Tof D2 Rewards
Tof D2 Rewards
Fayie Enterprise