Swords of Legends – Reaper Skills


In Swords of Legends Online, players have the option to choose a reaper as their class. Reapers have two main masteries, a melee DPS Assassin, or a healer Oculist.

The Assassin

Melee DPS

SOLO Reaper Assassin

The Assassin is the rogue/thief of Swords of Legends Online, as the specs name suggest, it uses poison and curses while hiding in the darkness waiting to deal the final blow.

The Occultist


SOLO Reaper Occultist

The Occultist is a support based class that specializes in healing abilities. By sacrificing one’s own blood, they can call on the goddess Nuwa to heal and buff their allies.

The Assassin Skills

NameSkill TypeCostCast TimeCooldownRange & RadiusTooltip
Spirit StrikeDamageNoneInstantInstantself – 3m SOLO Reaper - Spirit Strike
Moon SickleDamage27 EdgeInstantInstantself – 8m SOLO Reaper - Moon Sickle
War MoonDamage1-3 IncantationsInstantInstantself – 4m SOLO Reaper - War Moon
Heart EaterDamage2 IncantationsInstantInstant18m range SOLO Reaper - Heart Eater
Wheel of FrostDamageLight of Silence (If any)Instant3 sec30m range SOLO Reaper - Wheel of Frost
Serpent WormControlNoneInstant30 secself- 4m SOLO Reaper - Serpent Worm
Shadow WardEvasiveNoneInstant45 sec15m range SOLO Reaper - Shadow Ward
Lunar BreakInterruptNoneInstant12 sec10m range, 4m radius SOLO Reaper - Lunar Break
Witches’ Ritual – StartDamageNoneInstant60 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Witches' Ritual Start
Witches’ RitualDamageNoneInstant60 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Witches' Ritual Start
Full Moon OathBuff1 Bladeheart ResonanceInstant5 minSelf SOLO Reaper - Full Moon Oath
Spectral PhantomSupportNoneInstant115secSelf SOLO Reaper - Spectral Phantom
Return: PhantomSupportNoneInstantInstantSelf SOLO Reaper - Return Phantom
MoonshadePurifyNoneInstant20 sec20m Range – 3m Radius SOLO Reaper - Moonshade
Lunar EclipseSupportNoneInstant3 minSelf SOLO Reaper - lunar Eclipse
Transformation SpellPurifyNoneInstant8 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Transformation Spell
Avert DisaterFreeNoneInstant60 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Avert Disaster
Dust BringerHideNoneInstant60 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Dust Bringer
Lunar SealControl1 – 3 IncantationsInstant18 sec10m range SOLO Reaper - Lunar Seal
Shade StrikeSupportNoneInstant240 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Shade Strike

The Occult Skills

NameSkill TypeCostCast TimeCooldownRange & RadiusTooltip
Sea FogRegen40 MP2.5sInstant25m SOLO Reaper - Sea Fog
Enchanting Lotus Grows on the Green BankRegen140 MPInstantInstant25m range – 3m radius SOLO Reaper - Lotus Drops
Blood Circulation SummoningRegenNoneInstant8s (stack 4 times)25m range – self SOLO Reaper - Blood Circulation Summoning
Heart-Rending Worm SpellRegenNoneInstant40 sec27m range SOLO Reaper - Heart-Rending Worm SPell
Healing HazePassive SOLO Reaper - Healing Haze
Soul BondSupportNoneInstantInstant25m range SOLO Reaper - Soul Bond
Snake HandlerControl / Support72 MPInstant40 secSelf – 12m radius SOLO Reaper - Snake Handler
Star Spell: RestSupport140 MPInstant120 secSelf – 10m radius SOLO Reaper - Star Spell Rest
Solitary New MoonPassive SOLO Reaper - Solitary New Moon
Unknown DeathPassive SOLO Reaper - Unknown Death
Lunar MagicFreeNoneInstant80sec (stack 2 times)Self SOLO Reaper - lunar magic
Elapsed TimeOutbreak10% maximum HPInstant36 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Elapsed Time
Summon Spirit GrowthRegenNoneInstant120 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Summon Spirit Growth
ExorcismSupportNoneInstant8 sec25m range SOLO Reaper - Exorcism
Dream DevourerSupportNoneInstant60 sec25m range SOLO Reaper - Dream Devourer
Serpent RipperSupportNoneInstant30 sec30m range SOLO Reaper - Serpent Ripper
No SpiritopolisSupport1 Bladeheart ResonanceInstantInstantSelf SOLO Reaper - No Spiritopolis
Avert DisaterFreeNoneinstant60 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Avert Disaster
Dust BringerHideNoneinstant60 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Dust Bringer
Lunar SealControl1 – 3 Incantationsinstant18 sec10m range SOLO Reaper - Lunar Seal
Shade StrikeSupportNoneInstant240 secSelf SOLO Reaper - Shade Strike

The Assassin Astral

Moth Poison1 SOLO Reaper Astral - Moth Poison
Thousand Broken Hearts1 SOLO Reaper Astral - Thousand Broken Hearts
Moonset2 SOLO Reaper Astral - Moonset
Morning Light2 SOLO Reaper Astral - morning Light
Resting State2 SOLO Reaper Astral - Resting State
Night End Lantern3 SOLO Reaper Astral - Night's End Lantern
Rime Month Lamp3 SOLO Reaper Astral - Rime Month Lamp
Winter Sacrifice3 SOLO Reaper Astral - Winter Sacrifice
Maggot Awakening4 SOLO Reaper Astral - Maggot Awkening
Marionette4 SOLO Reaper Astral - Marionette
Life & Death5 SOLO Reaper Astral - Life & Death
Silent Summoning5 SOLO Reaper Astral - Silent Summoning

The Occult Astral

Endless Green1 1. SOLO Reaper Astral - Endless Green
Moonlight at the Beach1 1. SOLO Reaper Astral - Moonlight at the beach
Skeletons1 1. SOLO Reaper Astral - Skeletons
Snake Drinking Dew2 2. SOLO Reaper Astral - Snake Drinking Dew
Snake in the Clouds2 2. SOLO Reaper Astral - Snake in the Clouds
Three Dispersions of the Body2 2. SOLO Reaper Astral - Three Dispersions of the Body
Memories of the Past3 3. SOLO Reaper Astral - Memories of the past
Life Prayer3 3. SOLO Reaper Astral - Life Prayer
Star Spell – Call4 4. SOLO Reaper Astral - Star Spell Call
Star Displacement4 4. SOLO Reaper Astral - Star Displacement
Ritual Formation of Goddess Nuwa4 4. SOLO Reaper Astral - Ritual Formation of Goddess Nuwa
Essence Augmentation5 5. SOLO Reaper Astral - Essence Augmentation
Elapsed Time5 5. SOLO Reaper Astral - Elapsed Time

Reaper Glyphs

AntidoteAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Antidote
Bright MoonAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Bright Moon
Cloud-veiled MoonAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Cloud-veiled Moon
Difficult JourneyAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Difficult Journey
Green HazeAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Green Haze
Soul AnnihilationAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Soul Annihilation
VoodooAssassin SOLO Reaper Glyph - Voodoo
Birds in the moonlightOccult SOLO Reaper Glyph - Birds in the moonlight
Dark DiveOccult SOLO Reaper Glyph - Dark Dive
Direct ApproachOccult SOLO Reaper Glyph - Direct Approach
Endless GrowthOccult SOLO Reaper Glyph - Endless Growth
Lotus StepsOccult SOLO Reaper Glyph - Lotus Steps
Waning MoonOccult SOLO Reaper Glyph - Waning Moon
Avert DisasterShared SOLO Reaper Glyph - Avert Disaster
Eternal LightShared SOLO Reaper Glyph - Eternal Light
Lotus LampShared SOLO Reaper Glyph - Lotus Lamp
Returned SoulShared SOLO Reaper Glyph - Returrned Soul
Wavering ShadowShared SOLO Reaper Glyph - Wavering Shadow

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