Swords of Legends Online Classes Overview

Swords of Legends Online

Swords of Legends Online, or simply SOLO is developed by Aurogon, Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology CO.. From the publishers of TERA online and AION, they bring us the brand new MMORPG. Solo is currently known for using their own in-house engine and not UE3 nor UE4.

As previously mentioned in our last article, SOLO is a Holy Trinity based action combat game with currently 6 different classes at launch while China’s version has 8 classes.

With only 1 race in game; human & there are a total 2 genders in game, Male, Female.

Each class can specialize in two different distinct roles that can changes the playstyle drastically.

Class Roles Chart

ClassMelee DPSRange DPSTankHeal


Weapon of Choice – Swords

Spellsword Skills

The Sword Artist

Ranged DPS

Solo Spellsword Sword Artist

The Sword Artist will have uses swords controlled by Ki, similar to Wuxia novels high ranking cultivators. Another similarity will be the Hit Anime Bleach’s character Byakuya Kuchiki’s Bankai 2nd form Senkei. As it is a range based class, it has an unique ability yo teleport or swap positions with one’s own flying swords placed around the battlefield.

The Bladestorm

Melee DPS

Solo Spellsword Bladestorm

The Bladestorm is the other  spec of the Spellsword, it is the melee version of this class. It is your traditional sword master class that is swift in both combat and utility that even has ability to leave afterimages.


Weapon of Choice – Scythes

Reaper Skills

The Assassin

Melee DPS

SOLO Reaper Assassin

The Assassin is the rogue/thief of Swords of Legends Online, as the specs name suggest, it uses poison and curses while hiding in the darkness waiting to deal the final blow.

The Occultist


SOLO Reaper Occultist

The Occultist is a support based class that specializes in healing abilities. By sacrificing one’s own blood, they can call on the goddess Nuwa to heal and buff their allies.


Weapon of Choice – Elemental Harp

Bard Skills


Range DPS

Solo Bard Dissonance

Dissonance is the range DPS version of the bard class, using the bard’s tunes to create magical attacks with special effects that no other class is capable of.



Solo Bard Harmony

Harmony specialization is the third support healing class in game that will be available during launch. By using their spiritual energy while playing the bard, they are able to use the sounds to protect their allies from harm or heal them


Weapon of Choice – Celestial Staff

Summoner Skills

Nature’s Wrath

Range DPS

Solo Summoner Natures Wrath

Nature’s Wrath is a range DPS class using magical damage. Using their own powerful innate ability to summon spirits to assist in taking down enemies. They are known summons summoners are currently capable of, birds, stones to attack while having a 6 eared fox-like companion following you.

Nuwa’s Blessing


Solo Summoner Nuwas Blessing

Nuwa’s Blessing is another support class that specializes in healing. Their main style of gameplay is Heal Over Time (HOTs) and are capable of summoning a healing fairy to further assist.


Weapon of Choice – Greatsword

Berserker Skills

The Slayer

Melee DPS

Solo Berserker The Slayer

The Slayer is a walking calamity, using the heavy sword combined with master level swordsmanship, the slayers talk with their strength, cutting through anything along their ways. They have an unique ability to create phantoms warriors to assist during combat.

Drunken Master


Solo Berserker Drunken Master

Drunken Master is a tank based class who train in the drunken kung fu arts. Using unpredictable movements and attack, they are able to provoke, taunt opponents while skilfully minimizing the damage taken.


Weapon of Choice – Spear

Spearmaster Skills

The General

Melee DPS

Solo Spearmaster The General

The General is a melee to short range DPS class that utilizing a long spear in combat. They are one of the only few classes that are able to launch enemies into the air for combos. Fun fact: the special abilities from the spec The General was developed by the movement founder Yuejiang. The skills and animations of the spear master are similar to the Manga novel Yongbi.

The Phalanx


Solo Spearmaster Phalanx

The Phalanx is a tank class that is capable of charging towards their enemies or pulling them towards them diverting their attention away from allies. Sometimes the best attack is being defensive, which gives The Phalanx a unique skill capable of summoning a shield wall which minimizing incoming damage

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam, Gameforge or Epic Games.

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