SOLO – How Do I Become A Student

Swords of Legends Level System

Unlike traditional MMORPGs, Swords of Legends Online use a more unique approach to measure our levels. You start off as Beginner 1 and you work your way to Beginner 36 before you advanced to Student 1.

It is similar to martial arts novels & manga where there are 10 levels between each “cultivation stage”.

However, the main question I constantly saw on chat was, I have maxed out my EXP bar, I am stuck at level 36, how do I become a student.

Well, it is actually a lot easier than you would think.


Once you verify you have maxed out your EXP bar, you can do so by hovering your mouse over the bar.

Go ahead and visit your class hall/town/village, however you want to describe it. You can either enter via Cloudrise or use the Portal Skill you obtained back in the level 10s.

Once you head there, you will find a new quest, go ahead and finish that class promotion questline, and bam, you will be promoted to Student 1 once you are complete.

Easy right, but don’t fret, just as it sounds, student 1 sounds pretty weak, and for now, it is the max level but in due time, with new updates, we will gain access to higher levels.

What to do at Max Level (Student 1)


Well, now you are max level, the game pretty much kicks into overdrive, you have everything unlocked, whether its PVP, real Dungeons and dailies and weeklies. Pretty much all the standard MMORPG goodies.

You could continue finishing the story & cultivation which will continue to grant you goodies besides the EXP. You do unlock a full base set of PVP once you completed cultivation to a degree as well. Which is what PVP players should look towards into completing once they hit max level. While on the other hand, finishing story will get you some PVE gear which is approximately gear score 45.

Dailies & Weeklies

Just like all standard MMORPGs now days, the dailies and weeklies grind never stops. This is not any different for Swords of Legends Online either.

All you really have to do is check your cultivation window for any dailies & weeklies you would like to do or haven’t done and get going.


While, maybe you are sick of doing quests, which is what story mode essentially is and what some real action. You can pretty much go ahead and start doing Normal/Hard mode Dungeons or jump right in Arena PVP.

Or you can go ahead and roam open world for open world PVP or any of the selection of PVP Modes the game offers.


Maybe you settled on Swords of Legends Online for the housing feature. Well good news, since you reached Student 1, you can own your own house or should I say island.

You can enter the floating Island community area by clicking the icon near your minimap.
Once entered, you can choose a community area, floating island number and lastly name your island.
The island will cost gold (in-game currency) in the Global version.
Buying an island does not come with its own house, you need to construct with materials you obtain from your island.

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam, Gameforge or Epic Games.

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