Swords of Legends – Bard Skills


In Swords of Legends Online, players have the option to choose a Bard as their class. Bard have two main masteries, a range DPS Dissonance, or a support Harmony.


Range DPS

Solo Bard Dissonance

Dissonance is the range DPS version of the bard class, using the bard’s tunes to create magical attacks with special effects that no other class is capable of



Solo Bard Harmony

Harmony specialization is the third support healing class in game that will be available during launch. By using their spiritual energy while playing the bard, they are able to use the sounds to protect their allies from harm or heal them.

Dissonance Skills

Angry Thunderclap SOLO Bard - Angry Thunderclap
Blade Echo Power of the Melody SOLO Bard - SOLO Bard - Blade Echo Power of the MelodyBlade Echo Power of the Melody
Conflagration SOLO Bard - Conflagration
Epic Mirrorheart SOLO Bard - Epic Mirrorheart
Fire Spirits Formation SOLO Bard - Fire Spirits Formation
Firesong SOLO Bard - Firesong
Flowing Music SOLO Bard - Flowing Music
Gentle Thunder SOLO Bard - Gentle Thunder
Icy Melody SOLO Bard - Icy Melody
Note Melody SOLO Bard - Note Melody
Rupturing Starfire SOLO Bard - Rupturing Starfire
Wildfire SOLO Bard - Wildfire
Yin & Yang Start SOLO Bard - Yin & Yang Start
Desert Ice SOLO Bard - Desert Ice
Oven of Life SOLO Bard - Oven of Life
Quick Notes SOLO Bard - Quick Notes
Snow Memorial SOLO Bard - Snow Memorial
Strutting Silver Pheasant SOLO Bard - Strutting Silver Pheasant

Harmony Skills

Bamboo in the snow SOLO Bard - Bamboo in the snow
Dawn of Spring SOLO Bard - Dawn of Spring
Echo SOLO Bard - Echo
Forest Breeze SOLO Bard - Forest Breeze
High Mountains SOLO Bard - High Mountains
Ice Crypt
Mountain’s Protection SOLO Bard - Mountain's Protection
Natural Harmony SOLO Bard - Natural Harmony
Notes and Dao of Music Achieve SOLO Bard - Notes and Dao of Music Achieve
Ornamental Orchid SOLO Bard - Ornamental Orchid
Potential Healing Blade Echo SOLO Bard - Potential Healing Blade Echo
Sitting on Waves SOLO Bard - Sitting on Waves
Sun of Spring SOLO Bard - Sun of Spring
Desert Ice SOLO Bard - Desert Ice
Oven of Life SOLO Bard - Oven of Life
Quick Notes SOLO Bard - Quick Notes
Snow Memorial SOLO Bard - Snow Memorial
Strutting Silver Pheasant SOLO Bard - Strutting Silver Pheasant

Dissonance Astral

Double Brightness1 SOLO Bard - Double Brightness
Hoarfrost City1 SOLO Bard - Hoarfrost City
Five-Spirit Damage Spell2 SOLO Bard - Five-Spirit Damage Spell
Spell of Transience2 SOLO Bard - Spell of Transience
Bring the Wind3 SOLO Bard - Bring the Wind
Oblique3 SOLO Bard - Oblique
Dancing Notes4 SOLO Bard - Dancing Notes
Thunder Wind4 SOLO Bard - Thunder Wind
Wise Attitude4 SOLO Bard - Wise Attitude
Lightning Bolt5 SOLO Bard - Lightning Bolt
Pentatonic Harmony5 SOLO Bard - Pentatonic Harmony
Strings of Shang5 SOLO Bard - Strings of Shang

Harmony Astral

3 Stacks1 SOLO Bard - Exuberant
Spring Orchid1 SOLO Bard - Spring Orchid
Dancing Orchids2 SOLO Bard - Dancing Orchids
Rivers of Clouds2 SOLO Bard - Rivers of Clouds
Flowing Springs3 SOLO Bard - Flowing Springs
Soulmate3 SOLO Bard - Soulmate
Solid Ground4 SOLO Bard - solid Ground
Bi Chaosheng5 SOLO Bard - Bi Chaosheng
Change of Strings5 SOLO Bard - Change of Strings

Bard Gylphs

GongDissonance SOLO Bard - Gong
HomecomingDissonance SOLO Bard - Homecoming
Horn Sound ChangeDissonance SOLO Bard - Horn Sound Change
Magic MusicDissonance SOLO Bard - Magic Music
RespiteDissonance SOLO Bard - Respite
Thunder ControlDissonance SOLO Bard - Thunder Control
Xian XuehuiDissonance SOLO Bard - Xian Xuehui
Clarity After SnowfallShared SOLO Bard - Clarity After Snowfall
Resonant RhythmShared SOLO Bard - Resonant Rhythm
Threading GrassShared SOLO Bard - Threading Grass
Auspicious SnowHarmony SOLO Bard - Auspicious Snow
Bamboo Forest ConcertHarmony SOLO Bard - Bamboo Forest Concert
Cold Breezy HeadwindHarmony SOLO Bard - Cold Breezy Headwind
Heavy MountainsHarmony SOLO Bard - Heavy Mountains
Jade EchoHarmony SOLO Bard - Jade Echo
Jade PendantHarmony SOLO Bard - Jade Pendant
Portrait of Yang HuiqingHarmony SOLO Bard - Portrait of Yang Huiqing
TurbulencesHarmony SOLO Bard - Turbulences

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