PSO2:NGS Closed Beta – How To Add Friends?

PSO2:NGS Closed Beta – How To Add Friends

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, or better known as PSO2: NGS is an revamped/new Free to play MMORPG published by Sega.

The First Closed Beta Test has officially started today on 14th May, while it is set to be launched sometime in June 2021, for all servers including Japan & Global Services.

One of the biggest questions asked was, how do I add my friends to a party to play together?

Before that, how do I even add my friends to my friends list?

While, through various testing, I have come to the conclusion that Communications -> Friends -> Add Friends is not working or implemented yet.

Instead, you have to add your friends through the XBox Console Companion Microsoft Store instead.

Once you have added your friends via the app, be sure to use the same credentials as you are using to test PSO2:NS, they will automatically show up on your PSO2:NGS friend list under the XBOX app list.

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