MSL Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem is only available every day for 13 energy per attempt.

The Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem is level 150 with 650k HP and 20% Crit Rate with 50% Crit Damage and 20% Resist. It is a Defender type Astromon. It has Greater Sap Resistance and Invincibility (Immune to seal and action-inhibiting effects.) along with Dimensional Energy Absorption as it’s passive buffs. It has 80% petrification 2 turns and 60% seal 3 turns along with 80% weaken for 2 turns as its ultimate.

Why Do Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem

The key to do Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem is having an Fire Astromon with Lethal Strikes and a very strong Puncture such as Fire Draka to clear waves fast. In addition to a shield healer and a SP regen support; Cura and Hana. The main reason any player would want to do any Dimensional Ancient Golem dungeons would be for PVP gears. Especially for the Gem of Damage Reduction which would be a huge plus for Astromons in the Defence Team.

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to subsite them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent. All DPS are recommended to be at the very least Ascended due to the high damage the enemies will deal in this dungeon. The only one who is not Evo3 is Jeon Woochi, who is Evo 2 which is a lot more manageable to obtain & accessible for all players as opposed to being Evo3. That being said, it just means, the dungeon itself is manageable once you have the right team composition.

Fayie’s Team 1

  • Fire Draka– Ascended (SP Regen, Trash Mob DPS)
  • Fire Cura – Evo 3 or Above (Support, Shield)
  • Fire Hana – Evo 3 or above (SP Regen, Support)
  • Fire Jeon Woochi – Evo2 Ascended or above (Main Boss DPS)

Possible Substitutes

  • Fire Bellpup – Ascended (SP Regen, Support)
  • Fire Leo – Ascended SuperEVO (Trash Mob DPS)
  • Fire Jinn – Ascended (Trash Mob DPS)

Fayie’s Gem Sets


MSL B11 Fire Draka

Fire Draka
Any Rank Above Ascended

Gem Set
+40% SP Siphon Set

Fire Cura
Any Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
+25 Recovery Vitality Set
HP %

MSL - Fire Cura - WAG
MSL - Fire Hana - WAG

Fire Hana
Any Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
+10% HP Gain Healer Set
HP %
HP %

Jeon Woochi
Any Rank Above Evo 2 + Ascended

Gem Set
+15 ATK/CRATE % Zeal Set

MSL - Fire Jeon Woochi - WAG

While my golem guides are as closely related to each other in terms of Astromons, it’s regrettable to say, on the 4 Astromons I used for this fight, I only ever showcased 1 of them; Fire Draka. Which is in nearly every other guide there is out there. Although, she is still in need of a re-gem overhaul, her current build is enough to do what is needed in this dungeon. Which is just to clear all trash monsters all the way up to the boss.

Luckily, while the other 3 have not been introduced, 2 of them are not difficult to get at all, you most likely have them already, just not built; Fire Hana and Cura. These are one of the only Fire element healers who has SP Regen and Shield in their toolkit, hence they are the one used to beat this dungeon. Lastly, we have Jeon Woochi, while it isn’t overly difficult to get, Jeon Woochi is the key to beating Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem as Jeon has Lethal Strikes which Greatly increases attack power in proportion to the target’s total defense. The boss has 5400 defense and it is a defense type Astromon which is a nemesis of lethal strike Astromons. As for how much you want to invest into building Jeon Woochi, I would recommend Evo2 Ascension or Evo3. Either works, as either gives him just enough HP boost to keep him alive from the Boss’s Active attacks.

The same with all my Dimensional Ancient Golem guides, I split the team into three main groups for Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem, DPS: DPS, Utility: Def Down and SP Regen and Support: Healers and Shield.

  • Fire Draka both falls under DPS & SP Regen
  • Fire Cura falls under Support with it’s shield and heals
  • Fire Hana and falls under both Utility & Support with her Heal and SP Regen
  • Fire Jeon Woochi falls under Boss DPS.
MSL - Dark Colossus Dark Karnon RES Trinket
Dark Karnon Crit Res Trinket

Idea behind the team composition is very simple, Fire Draka will carry you in Room 1-3 swiftly with her high DPS coming from her active Puncture. Meanwhile, Once we get to the boss room, Draka’s DPS will fall off considerably and you will be relying fully on Jeon Woochi for DPS. Instead, Draka’s job now switches from being Main DPS to sub-DPS and SP regen support. Meanwhile, Fire Cura will attempt to keep her team shielded 24/7 and Fire Hana will support heal and keep morale buff so the two healers can constantly use heal and Jeon Woochi can constantly use Active for higher DPS.


Trinkets don’t really matter much here for supports, but for your DPS, it is huge as it is an DPS increase, and also gives defensive stats for that defensive boost. You don’t need to go all fancy 6* Variants on them, a mixture between 4-6* variants are enough.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate its effectiveness and speed.
Monster Super League Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem
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