MSL Water Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Water Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Water Dimensional Ancient Golem is only available every day for 13 energy per attempt.

The Water Dimensional Ancient Golem is level 150 with 625k HP and 20% Crit Rate with 50% Crit Damage and 20% Resist. It is a Defender/Balance type Astromon. It has Greater Sap Resistance and Invincibility (Immune to seal and action-inhibiting effects.) along with Dimensional Energy Absorption as it’s passive buffs. It has predator at 50% and 100% for it’s passive and active respectively turns along with 90% fatigue for 3 turns as its ultimate.

Why Do Water Dimensional Ancient Golem

The key to do Water Dimensional Ancient Golem is having an Wood Astromon with Lethal Strikes and a very strong Puncture such as Wood Artemis to clear waves fast. In addition to a shield healer and a DEF buffer support; Cupid and Hana. The main reason any player would want to do any Dimensional Ancient Golem dungeons would be for PVP gears. Especially for the Gem of Damage Reduction which would be a huge plus for Astromons in the Defence Team.

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to substitute them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent. All DPS are recommended to be at the very least Ascended due to the high damage the enemies will deal in this dungeon. That being said, it just means, this water dungeon itself is manageable once you have the right team composition.

Fayie’s Team 1

  • Wood Aesir – Ascended (Lethal Strike/Main Boss DPS)
  • Wood Okeanos – Ascended or above (Support, Shield)
  • Wood Hana – Evo 3 or above (Attack Down, Def Up, Support)
  • Wood Banshee – SuperEvo + Ascended or above (Def Down)

Possible Substitutes

Why not use Wood Cupid as the Shield Healer? The biggest difference using Wood Cupid with the Nat5 Shield instead of Astromon Okeanos is that Cupid’s shield is alot weaker than Okeanos by far. While yes, Cupid can go Super which is more or less equivalent in stats, but the skill kit difference makes all the difference here. Wood Cupid’s Shield scales based on Max Level which is 60 (Grants a shield to allies proportional to own max level for 3 turn(s).), while on the other hand, Okeanos Shield scales based on Max HP (Grants a shield to allies proportional to own max HP for 3 turn(s).). This makes Okeanos’s shield so much stronger and durable when face taking the Golem’s Ultimate attack. At the same time, a shield + def up buff isn’t enough to stop the ultimate attack, your DPS Astromons needs a minimum of ~4k DEF and at least ~60k HP to survive. This does mean, you may have to drop an CRIT DAMAGE/ATTACK % gem for HP to get yourself more HP.

Fayie’s Gem Sets



Wood Aesir
Any Rank Above Ascended

Gem Set
+HP Leech Set
HP %

Wood Okeanos
Any Rank Above Ascended

Gem Set
+ SP Gain Magi Set
HP %
HP %
HP %


Wood Hana
Any Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
+20% HP Life Set
HP %
HP %

Wood Banshee
Any Rank Above SuperEVO + Ascended

Gem Set
+Mixed Set
HP %



While my golem guides are as closely related to each other in terms of Astromons, it’s regrettable to say, on the 4 Astromons I used for this fight, I only ever showcased 2 of them; Wood Hana & Wood Banshee. In fact, I been trying to do this dungeon for awhile using more common Astormons which seems to be near impossible as it was just lacking in either HP, DEF or DPS. This is why unlike the other guides, this one is more focus on what exactly we are bringing to the table and the synergy they bring to take down the final boss.

Luckily, while the other 2 have not been introduced, they are not overly difficult to get at all, you may already already have them in fact, just not built; Wood Aesir and Okeanos. While they are both Nat 5 Astromons, they are pretty common in the pull pools.

The same with all my Dimensional Ancient Golem guides, I split the team into three main groups for Wood Dimensional Ancient Golem, DPS: DPS, Utility: Def Up and Attack Down, and Support: Healers and Shield.

  • Wood Aesir falls under just DPS
  • Wood Banshee falls under DPS for wave clearing & it’s main job is to Def Down debuff the boss while bringing DEF UP leader buff for the team
  • Wood Okeanos falls under both Utility & Support with her Heal and Shield and also Full Buff Breaker
  • Wood Hana falls under both Utility & Support with her Heal and Def Up Buff and also Attack Down debuff
MSL - Dark Colossus Dark Karnon RES Trinket
Dark Karnon Crit Res Trinket

Idea behind the team composition is very simple, our DPS are just pure DPS this time around, puncture Astromons usually would perform much better during trash rounds than Lethal Astromons but either will get the job done. If you are manually this dungeon, during the boss room, kill the right trash robot mob first, then kill the boss while keeping the left one alive for mana orbs. The right Trash robot mob does shield breaker & gives the boss a Attack Up buff while the left one only does a slight small heal. The boss damage itself is already insane so giving it more attack makes it inconveniently more difficult for no real reason.

Your goal is to make sure you trigger Def Up buff from Hana & Shield from your Shield Astromon just before the Ultimate attack (when Boss falls under 50% for the first time). If you have these buffs lined up, your Astromons will survive and you should not have issues finishing the golem off.


Unlike the other rooms, trinkets do really matter much here for all Astromons, your goal is to get as much Def & HP as possible for DPS Astromons to survive the 50% ultimate attack. It is best to get all 6* Variants on them, but a mixture between 5-6* variants are ok if they are for your healers if you can’t afford all 6* Variants. Since, in fact, you may need to switch some of my Astromon’s trinkets to the specialised 6* variants which gives a much higher stat boost (mostly for HP/DEF) for DPS Astromons to ensure they survive.


Below, I have a video that that utilises the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate its effectiveness and speed.

Monster Super League Water Dimensional Ancient Golem
Fayie Enterprise