4★ Victoria

Monster Super League 4★ Victoria

Victoria one of the first Nat4 Astromons any new player should of received when they start their adventure in Monster Super League. However, does that mean she is a bad Astromon? Not at all. Let’s review and see which element Victoria is worth building.


Fire Victoria

“Though decades have passed, no-one who witnessed the Great Fire of Bisden could ever forget it.”

– Excerpt from “The History of the United Charter”

“In the past, humanoid Astromons were often treated cruelly, even after laws were imposed to stamp out such prejudice. Eventually things got so bad that a huge fight broke out, causing an enormous fire, and subsequently numerous frightening explosions.”

– Excerpt from “The History of the United Charter”

“Once things settled down, reforms were enacted that ensured humanoid Astromons were afforded the same rights as humans, regardless of their background.”

– Excerpt from “The History of the United Charter”

Although she had accepted the power of the flame, she could not help but feel tense as she mentally prepared for what was to come. She had already undergone two evolutions, and knew well the pain that accompanied such radical transformations, as well as the growth and euphoria that followed; however, this time was different. The feeling enveloped her from head to toe, rushing through her veins and setting them ablaze with power. All impurities within her melted away, replaced by highly concentrated astral energy. Her bones and muscles compressed into their optimum forms. Their overall size became similar to her younger self, but their composition was completely different. Concentrated astral energy now permeated her body, ready to bend to her will at any moment.

“There are a number of theories regarding the origins of humanoid Astromons, but the one I believe is the most plausible is the ‘World Chronicle’ theory. First posited by the relatively unknown otherworldly master and researcher, Master Antyrus, this theory was largely unreceived by the world at large and passed on into obscurity, but I think it is the most cohesive of the theories.

To sum it up, the theory states that unlike Astromons who are ‘born naturally from astral energy, humanoid Astromons are born from legends and tales of old’.

This idea left quite the impression on me. In the world I come from, I was somewhat familiar with the legends of Camelot, Valhalla, the Journey to the West and the like, so you can imagine my surprise when these same legends existed here in Latecia, with many details that overlap. So much so that I find it hard to believe Latecia and my home world are completely different worlds. Noticing this, Master Antyrus also…”

– An old note written by an otherworldly master

Water Victoria

As a young girl, she left her home in search of the master who saved her. Her skill with a spear leaves even the greatest warriors in awe.

“I heard there was a girl who wanders the lands, helping all those she came across. I don’t suppose she’ll ever come to a town with weird people like me in it, though! Hehe!”

– Excerpt from the “Rumors” section of “Who is Nike?” by Rasheed Kang

“A lot of people recognize me now, and say hi even though I’ve never met them before. It’s kind of creepy, but I guess being famous means I’ll find my master more easily!”

– Excerpt from the final chapter of “Seeking Nike” by Rasheed Kang

“Dark times are on the horizon. All across the land, I see unsettling machinations unfolding, their agents blatantly operating in the open. Chaos is rising…”

Victoria had never seen her mentor this concerned; she had always been calm and composed. Victoria swallowed hard and waited for what her mentor would say next.

Seeing the worry on Victoria’s face, her mentor smiled and said, “Before that time, you need to cultivate within you the strength to protect yourself. But don’t worry—I’ll be right here with you.”

Victoria awoke, the reassuring warmth of her mentor still fresh in her mind. A bitter smile crept across her lips as she grabbed her spear and got up. It was clear “that time” her mentor spoke of was almost here.

She clutched the small clue she had found in her travels and once again set out for the Temple of Wisdom.

Her mentor told her but one thing: Prove yourself.

At the time, she didn’t understand what that meant, but agreed to it anyway. Her mentor laughed and patted her head, but didn’t say anything.

“Now I think I know what she meant…”

The change she just underwent was evidence she had proven herself. And now her eyes were opened. She could see the flow of the world, changes to the course of the stars… She had evolved once more, this time by her own strength, and had proven her right to enforce her will upon the world.

Wood Victoria

Although Victoria’s aloofness and pride often puts people off her, it’s all just a defense mechanism designed to conceal her shyness, and fear she might upset someone by accidentally saying the wrong thing. She should believe in herself more.

Ironically, Vicky can act the most distant towards her closest friends. She does it for their sakes more than her own; being around people makes her feel nervous. Rarely has she ever been known to put her fears to one side and open up.

Nike desperately tries to protect those closest to her, which can be quite overwhelming for her. Ever afraid of being hated or rejected by those she loves, she can put other people first too much sometimes. When anyone asks her how she is doing, no matter what the actual answer is, her answer will always be “fine.” We can only hope that one day she will be confident enough to open up.

It’s such a pain to deal with people who aren’t just honest.

One recent example is Victoria, after she evolved and got that grandiose “Empyrean” title… She always used to join us all for dinner every night, but now she always says she’s “not hungry”.

Obviously, she just feels pressure from all the looks she gets, and the expectations of others. And yeah, it’s annoying because it’s unwanted attention, especially for an introvert like her. But it’s hard not to notice when someone’s just sitting there in silence, like she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders.

I warmed up some lasagna and headed to her room. I had to make sure she ate today.

This is why it’s such a pain to deal with people who aren’t just honest…

– Excerpt from “Master Notfei’s Airship”

With her spear in hand, Victoria is unafraid of any foe that comes her way. However, when it comes to expressing feelings such as gratitude or apologizing to others, she finds herself completely at a loss. No matter how many times she practices in her head and prepares what she wants to say, she can never actually put her thoughts into words; rather, she bows and quickly walks away. She is actually quite fond of anything, particularly small Astromons, but she can never approach them because she is afraid of rejection. Instead, she has filled her room with stuffed animals, since they will never reject her.

Light Victoria

“Talk about a tough cookie! Her valiance on the battle field knows no equal. For an Astromon who is usually so kind and welcoming, you would be surprised at what she can do to her enemies.”

– Excerpt from “The Ultimate Astromon Guide Vol. 3” by P. Gilbert

“Vicky knows not defeat on the battlefield.”

“But, Sir! There are enemies approaching from behind!”

“Leave them to her.”

– Excerpt from “Chilling Quotes from History” collected by Helena de La Riviera

Her proficiency with weapons is legendary; even attacks from above rarely get through. In battle, her grace can trick an enemy into thinking she lacks deadliness. However, any enemy who drops their guard, will soon find out just how deadly she can be.

“It’s better if I don’t let my emotions get in the way of my mission, my purpose.”

“You think you can really just kill your emotions like that?”

“I can’t show forth my true strength if I lose control or am shaken by small grievances. As the one who stands closest to your side, I must always be calm and composed.”

“Where on earth did you get that idea? Is this because of that novel you’ve been reading lately?”

“Th-this has nothing to do with that!”

“Be honest: You just think the hero of your novel is cool, so you’re trying to be like her, huh?”

“No! I came up with my own concept of a hero!”

“See! ‘Concept’! You’re trying to make yourself into a character in a novel.”

“Ah…! I mean… Uh…”

– Conversation between Master Smith Jez and Victoria

“It feels so much better to take off that stuffy helmet.”

“Then why were you wearing it in the first place?”

“To protect my head, which was the most vulnerable to attacks. Now I can block anything that comes my way, so I don’t need the helmet.”

“I mean, you look a lot better, but don’t you think you might be a little overconfident…?”

“Well, but it’s true. Now that I’ve become super ev… Ugh, it’s such a silly phrase to say out loud… Now that I’m super evolved, I’ve become far stronger than before—incomparably so.”

“So you’re not scared of anything? Not even ghosts?”

“G-ghosts? Who said there g-ghosts?!”

“That’s what you used to—hey! Going to get your helmet?! I thought you didn’t need it!”

– Conversation between Master Smith Jez and Nike

Dark Victoria

“My master tells me that Latecia is full of hypocrisy, and it is his duty to put an end to that. I’m not sure I understand what he means, but he inspires me.”

– Excerpt from Victoria’s diary

“Those who claim the world is founded on rules and order make me sick. Do they even know what they’re saying? This world is bereft of hope. Change needs to happen right now.”

“The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

– Nike

My master was right when he told me I should go out and see the world for myself. I had no idea there were so many nauseating humans out there. I was naive. Stuck in time and in their unchanging lives like petty livestock, humans seek out foolish pleasures and then act like they’ve found happiness. Some place themselves above the rank and file and act as though they have “power,” while others form groups and try to expand their “influence”. All the while, those at the bottom follow them around, feeding off of the crumbs from their table. I don’t know where everything went wrong, or what exactly needs to change. The only conclusion I’ve come to is that it must all be destroyed.

We need to erase everything and restart from scratch, to destroy the confines of order and build upon chaos, so that there will be no more pigs content in their own filth. Only in a chaotic world can we start again.

Only in a chaotic world can we become complete.

Master seems to have a lot on his mind lately. I’d been waiting for the bells of destruction to ring, when Master approached me and started to tell me about an otherworldly master he had recently given a chance to. He said he’d have to keep an eye on them, then disappeared into darkness like he always does. I wanted to say something, but after seeing the look in his eyes, I couldn’t. The wrath and despair that he had shown me, that which would light the world on fire, it wasn’t… I mean, it was still there, but it was buried somewhere deep down. Those emotions had kept me alive, and gave me reason to continue forward, so I was at least glad they hadn’t disappeared, but…


Why give that person a chance?

I don’t know who they are, but I hate seeing my master stare blankly at his late sister’s pendant.

Get up. Right now. Don’t let that person get to you. Take your revenge on the world. Destroy everything and bring that cursed goddess here so we can impale her on a spear.

Then we can start over. From the beginning.

Please, don’t get weak.

You are the only one who can save this world…

Which Victoria Element Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Light and Fire are a must for Victoria. The other Elements are sub-par and not really necessary at all.

Fire Victoria would be one of your pillar League defenders until you build it’s Nat5 Equivalents. Not only that, she is relatively easy to Evo3 and SuperEvo + Ascension.

Light Victoria is given to all new players very early on in the game. She is one of the better Light Defense Aggressors in game. She is very gem/stat dependent and can be either a very strong team or a complete flop.

Victoria Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Victoria would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Story FarmingDCCAD
Golem FarmingDCCAD
Ancient ColossusDCCAD
Dragon TowerDDCAD
Dimensional RiftDDCAD
Tower of ChaosCCBAA
Tower of Chaos ElementsCCBAA
League AttackBDCAB
League DefenseSDBAD
Clan TitansDBDCD

How To Get Victoria?

Yes, while there is no real method to get Victoria, there are a few ways to slowly get them.

  • Shady Shop Shards
  • Summoning Shop (RNG)
  • Astromon Eggs
  • 3★ Rebirth Festival

Victoria is not a rare Astromon that is hard to collect as they do pop up quite often enough whether you are opening eggs or summoning for you to easily EVO3 the basic elements without much trouble. Light Victoria is given to all new players while Dark requires luck or mass rebirths during it’s event.

MSL Vicki Shop
Shady Shop Shards

Which Victoria To SuperEVO?

Fire and Light are a 100% must to SuperEVO if you are using them.

Which Victoria To Ascend?

Just the same as SuperEVO, if you have SuperEVOed your Fire and Light and are using them, I would be Ascending them too.

Will Fayie Build For Victoria?

I have all the elements at Evo3, however, only Fire, Light and Dark gemmed properly. I don’t use her as much as before besides Fire for League Defense.

Fayie Enterprise