4★ Venus

Monster Super League 4★ Venus

Light Venus used to be one of the easiest Shield Astromon for the Light Element to obtain back during the Valentines Days Event in Monster Super League. However, since it’s appearance in the first year, it never returned around 2-3 years later. Now, Venus event pops up randomly once a year and not necessary in February; making it unpredictable when it will return next. I use to always her her as she was very good at keeping herself alive. However, recently, she has been replaced (in my personal opinion) by older Astromons now with new abilities or now has a new evolution such as Seiren & Hana who is now both capable of the Super Evolution; making them both as strong if not stronger than regular Nat 5 Astromons. Further, we also have her first Light Nat 5 Healer Astromon – Cernunnos, however, Cernunnos is an Attacker type making Cernunnos not as desirable as Seiren or Hana. On the other hand, Dark Venus is still great to use and a Venus I would recommend to build if you have her.


Light Venus

“What do Chocolette and Andy Cane have in common? Most people think it’s their ability to make tasty snacks, but if you investigate further into the source of their power, you will find that it comes from a place of love. This is likely related to their callings as Astromons. If it were possible to combine those callings—or rather, the power that comes with them—it is theoretically possible to summon the Astromon closest to the source of that power.”

“Humans are weak. Sometimes they throw away their dignity, and make cowardly decisions. But I’ve also seen the weakest of the weak become the most dependable when the situation calls for it. I hope that in any situation, you can have the courage to be you.”

“In some ways, humans are very helpless life forms. They can’t call forth fire, or regulate their body temperature, or even fly through the sky. But then, how is it that only they can become the masters of Astromons with such great power? It is thanks to the fire that burns brightly within them precisely because they have nothing and because their lives are short. I cannot help but love them.”

Dark Venus

“In love, there is inherently a certain amount of insanity.”

– From the writings of the Great Master Frederick

I hate you.

I hate you because I cannot help but love you.

Love me.

I will make it so no one else can have you.

I hate you. Don’t leave me.

You and I will be together forever, until the end of the world.

We are bound by the unbreakable thread of fate.

I will love you, even should you change.

Even should you take your last breath,

even should you be reduced to bone,

I will love you,

and only you, forever.

Which Venus Element Is Worth it?

Simple answer: There is only two Venus elements, Light and Dark and while Light is not as good if you have other Light shield Astromons, Dark Venus is 100% worth building as she is still one of the only few Healer Astromons who has Attack Up as an Active, the other being Minicat who is an Nat3 thus having much poorer stats and survivability compared to an Dark Venus even though Minicat has Adrenaline (10% Heal of Max HP) as passive. You can’t heal if you can’t take a hit right.

Venus Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Venus would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Story FarmingCC
Golem FarmingCC
Ancient ColossusAA
Dimensional Ancient GolemAA
Dragon TowerBB
Dimensional RiftBA
Tower of ChaosCC
Tower of Chaos ElementsAA
League AttackDD
League DefenseCC
Clan TitansAS

How To Get Venus?

Yes, while there is no real method to get Venus, besides do the Venus Event when it is Live.

  • Yearly Venus Event

Venus is not a rare Astromon that is hard to collect as they do pop up once an year, each year you should be able to get enough to easily EVO3 both Light and Dark elements.

Which Venus To SuperEVO?

Venus is not eligble to be SuperEVO as of current writing of this guide 24th July 2023,

If Venus ever gets the chance to SuperEVO, which I highly doubt, considering it is only two elements, Dark would definitely be the one I would prioritize over Light.

Which Venus To Ascend?

Just the same as SuperEVO, Dark will always be the priority out of the two elements to Super Ascension, unless Light Venus goes through a Drastic change like instead of a self-heal, it becomes a party heal. This would make her a real good contester among the passive healers and more stats equals more party heal.

Will Fayie Build For Venus?

I have both Venus built since years ago, I haven’t really touched them or re-done their gems so they are a bit outdated since I personally don’t use them as much as I should.

Gem SetBuildBuildBuild
Light* Magi SetHP %HP %HP %
Dark*Magi SetDEF %DEF %HP %
* What I would strive for
Fayie Enterprise