MSL Tower of Chaos – 1-119 Guide

Monster Super League Tower Of Chaos

Monster Super League’s Tower of Chaos has evolved throughout the years.

Each time it does get a little easier. Back then, there was only 50 floors with only 1 Tower, now there a tower for each element + the all element tower.

Back then, there was no auto-battle either.

The quality of life has really improved leaps and bounds for Tower of Chaos and Monster Super League as a whole.

The rewards are very nice and very beneficial for F2P players such as the “Sub-Property Randomizer Ticket”.

Or the Element specific “Gleems” for the Element Towers at floor 50 is super nice especially for Dark & Light users where the only Gleem choice for years has been Holy Gleems.

If you are having trouble beating Floor 120, go ahead and check out our Tower of Chaos Floor 120 Guide

Elemental Tower of Chaos

While Element based Towers only had 50 floors, now updated to a total of 70 floors, however, there are restrictions to it unlike the normal version.

You can only enter 5 times a day regardless which element you choose. These entries do not stack and the dungeon does not reset each month.

Remember to choose your entries carefully, you will eventually beat them all.

Tower of Chaos 1-119 Guide

So back to the normal Tower of Chaos.

Let’s get the guide started and help you auto-play 1-119 without needing to worry about it.

What this means is, you set up the party and you can go AFK and do other things, and come back to finish floor 120.

This has an 100% success rate as I use this team myself each month.

First off, you need to gear the following Astromon or equivalent.

Take a read at our Golem B11 Gem Farming Guide for the most efficient way to farm gems.

Must – Main Party

  1. Dark Mona – Super Evo or above
  2. Fire Draka – Evo 3 or above
  3. Dark Seira – Evo 3 or above
  4. Dark Cernunnos – Evo 3 or above


  1. Fire Draka can be replaced with another Puncture Astromon of equivalent or better DPS (L. Balrona or D. Gilgamesh)
  2. Dark Mona/Seira can be replaced with another high DPS, it does not need to be Dark but the DPS needs to be there.
  3. Dark Karnon can be replaced with another Astromon with Undying Volition

Let’s go through my team in detail

Dark Mona – Super Evo + Ascension
MSL B11 Dark Mona
Dark Mona
  • Ruin Gems Build
    • Crit Rate
    • ATK %
    • ATK %
  • Dark Mona became my go-to for nearly all content in game.
  • Additional 35% Attack for the team
  • One of the strongest Astromons in game currently
  • Very easily to obtain
  • Dark Astromon – 50% Crit Damage increase
Fire Draka Astromons – Evo 3
MSL B11 Fire Draka
Fire Draka
  • Siphon Gem Build
    • Crit Damage
    • Crit Damage
    • Crit Rate
  • Puncture is just ridiculous in DPS
  • Draka is one of the easier puncture Astromons to obtain
  • Draka may have trouble on 115 due to Water Marie, but your other 3 should carry her easily.
    • Trouble as in, Draka may most likely die
MSL B11 Dark Seira
Dark Seira
Light or Dark Seira – Evo 3
  • Ruin Gems Build
    • Crit Rate
    • ATK %
    • ATK %
  • High DPS Astromon
  • Passive Healing
  • Quick SP Regeneration
  • Dark Astromon – 50% Crit Damage increase
  • Elemental Advantage to everything during Active
  • I would replace this for a Dark Yuki easily (If I ever get one)
MSL TOC Dark Cernunnos
Dark Cernunnos
Dark Cernunnos – Evo 3
  • Mixed Gem Build
    • ATK %
    • ATK %
    • ATK %
  • High DPS
  • Healer
  • Undying Buff with purify
  • Dark Astromon with Base 60% CR & 100% CD
  • Mine has been Super Ascended with Passive Shield Buff, thus having more survivability