MSL Tower of Chaos – Water Element

Monster Super League Tower Of Chaos

Monster Super League’s Tower of Chaos has evolved throughout the years.

Each time it does get a little easier. Back then, there was only 50 floors with only 1 Tower, now there a tower for each element + the all-element tower.

Back then, there was no auto-battle either. The quality of life has really improved leaps and bounds for Tower of Chaos and Monster Super League as a whole.

Elemental Tower of Chaos

While Element based Towers only had 50 floors, then 70 floors, now updated to a total of 100 floors. However, unlike the original version, elemental tower of chaos has elements restrictions that only allow their own elements in the attacker party. Not only that, but you are also only allowed to enter 5 times a day, regardless which element you choose. These entries do not stack nor roll over if you do not use them and elemental tower of chaos does not reset each month either. If you fail a room, it also counts towards a turn. You now don’t use a turn if you fail a room.

Remember to choose your entries carefully, but don’t fuss, you will eventually beat them all.

Water Tower of Chaos Guide

Unlike previous guides, I will be outlying recommended skills to bring to each floor, if there is a strategy for it.

The reason is simply due to unlike the original Tower of Chaos, Elements ToC has a bit more depth and has not been nerfed throughout the years yet.

They will be a video compiled eventually as this page will be constantly updated throughout the weeks, since I am also under that same 5 times a day limit restriction.

Due to my previous progress and the fact I cannot re-enter them, Floor before 45 will have more limited information on it. If anyone has any details or videos on it, please send me an email at [email protected] and we can talk about sharing it here.

Water is my weakest Elements in terms of Astromons geared or evolved; thus, the clear times are a lot slower than other elements.

Floor 1-44

I don’t remember anything particularly dangerous or hard when I was doing this. This was before 2021 and as long as you can comfortably beat Tower of Chaos F120, Floor 1-49 for Tower of Chaos Water wouldn’t be difficult at all for you. Below, here are my recommendations on Water Astromons to go for, build and have ready on standby to substitute in. A mixture of DPS, Sap & Support Astromons.



  • Water Midsummer Miho
  • Water Valkyrie
  • Water Garuda
  • Water Anu
  • Water Poseidon


Crowd Controllers


Floor 45

FloorEnergyMonsterBoss MonsterRewardsSpecial Notes
457Water RagardeWater Ocean King Neptunex10 Mid Water FruitNeptune gives 20% SP per passive round and does 50% more DPS on active. Just bring sappers and support/healers and just sap him down, nothing special. Ragarde is annoying though, 55% stun for 2 turns on passive and 90% stun for 1 turn on Active.

In Floor 45, you will meet Ragarde who is just annoyingly weak and annoying to fight. Since each attack is a chance to stun x4 of them, without a High DPS Astromon or Water Midsummer Miho to carry you, you will be like me, takes some time to clear floor by floor. However, Sap with support is a 100% clear pass provided that your Astromons are not 1 shots to Neptune during the boss room.

Fayiette’s Team

  • Water Seiren Super EVO
  • Water Nightmare Ultimate EVO Ascended
  • Water Banshee Evo3
  • Water Yuki Evo3

In the video below, I brought a very geared (for PVP) Nightmare as a backup heal, which I probably didn’t really need, so no need to fuss over not having one that geared. With my estimate, a decently gemmed Evo2 Nightmare would have done more or less the same job. Further, I brought a SuperEVO Water Seiren since I got mixed up thinking it’s active was Zeal but it was actually Vigor which made her more or less useless as you can see in the video, she really didn’t do much but auto attack.

F45 Video

Floor 46-50

FloorEnergyMonsterBoss MonsterRewardsSpecial Notes
465Water WicksN/A15,000 GoldNone – Attack Type Astromon, just annoying with some dps. Nothing Special
475Water BigfootN/A15,000 GoldNone – Defender type Astromon, has Atack down & Def Down.
485Water NightstalkerN/A15,000 GoldAttacker with SP Siphon and Puncture. This combo is quite dangerous, as without active, your Support type Astromons cannot heal properly. Best to bring a passive healer such as Water Persephone or Water Mari.
495Water PhibiusN/A15,000 GoldTank type Astromon that will heal 25% of their HP on passive while 80% stun chance on active. Bring crowd control and dps or recovery down if possible & 1 at a time if your DPS is lacking.
505Water Selenex1 Water Gleem

Fayie Enterprise