4★ Sura

Monster Super League 4★ Sura

Sura is one of the few Astromons in Monster Super League that has an Single Target attack as an Active ability. Water has always been commonly used in PVP Leagues but are the other elements also worth using?


Fire Sura

“All I did was train. The only thing I believed in was my power. Day in day out, I worked on my body and mind, so that eventually I would become undefeatable. Why did I go to such lengths? My earliest memory is of seeing the world’s strongest being, and for some reason seeing it felt I was being challenged.”

– Varuna from the documentary “Varuna: Bring It!”

“I took on anyone who dared claim they were a better fighter than me. Regardless of their speed and strength, I fought them without so much as a hint of hesitation. No matter how battered and bruised I got, I would always emerge victorious.”

– Varuna from the documentary “Varuna: Bring It!”

“I have the strength to move mountains, and one of my punches could put a crater in the Earth, but still I’m not satisfied. That memory of the world’s strongest being has never left me. I’m not there yet, but I will be one day.”

– Varuna from the documentary “Varuna: Bring It!”

Water Sura

“I realized at a young age that winning was the only thing that mattered, so I got into my training like I was possessed by the spirit of a warrior”

– Varuna in an interview with P. Gilbert for “Astromon World News”

My first loss in battle was to a girl with highly refined technique and who specialized in kicks. I knew I would someday lose to someone, but that didn’t make it any easier when it happened. After the battle, she approached me. “You’re pretty strong there, ain’t ya? Really kept me on ma’ toes! I don’ mean to be stickin’ my nose where it don’ belong, but you fought like you was in a hurry or some such. Gotta relax yer shoulders, y’hear.”

She turned around and walked away as soon as she finished speaking, all while I stared at her and gritted my teeth. What does she know? With her attitude, she’ll never make it to the top. I swore to myself that someday I’d make her eat her words…

I stood up. I could never forgive myself for losing to someone so sloppy and careless in her words. I devoted myself to training until my fists broke and my feet cracked. My master kept watch from a distance, but never interfered, for which I was thankful. He must have understood what I was going through. All that went through my mind was that I must be the best, but when I thought of the moment I would face off in the League against that girl again, what I felt was not anger nor hate, but something different entirely…

Wood Sura

Outclassed in both strength and technique, he knew he couldn’t defeat his opponent, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit defeat. Facing his own powerlessness and despair, he became filled with a rage he had never felt before. It took over, and he completely lost control. When he came back to his senses, he found himself looking down upon his once mighty opponent, now badly beaten and defeated.

His rage made him stronger. When he would lose control, it would awaken within him a violent and unforgiving side of himself that could lay waste to any opponent. As he engaged with stronger and stronger foes, he began to be more and more completely overtaken by rage…

“Varuna smash!”

Light Sura

“I trust you, master. You’re strong—not physically strong, of course, but more like…uh…erm, you know. Strong!”

“Wash the dishes? How about we arm wrestle to decide? You’ll probably win, master. You’ve got a strength no one can beat!”

“Y’know, you were cute before you evolved…”

– An afternoon conversation between Asura and his master

“If you want to talk to my master, you’ll have to talk to my fists first.”

“Wait! He’s just a salesman!”

– An afternoon conversation between Varuna and his master, and a very scared salesman

Dark Sura

An Astromon with not only physical strength from rigorous training, but also a calm collectedness that doesn’t waver in any circumstances. His greatest weapon is his judgment, as he is exceptionally reasonable and grounded in reality. However, his extreme fear of heights turns him into an almost entirely different person while he’s on the airship.

Focusing all his power, this Astromon is able to destroy giant boulders in a single blow. However, he is often injured due to having generally weak bones and a possible case of osteoporosis. As such, it is best not to allow him to destroy giant boulders.

Many are overwhelmed by this Astromon’s large and muscular physique, and because of this he can easily part a crowd simply by walking in a straight line through it. However, he is quite emotionally delicate, so steps must be taken to make sure he doesn’t feel excluded due to his appearance. He also has a surprising talent for making floral arrangements.

Which Sura Element Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Water, Light and Dark are the ones I would consider to be worthy of building. Not amazing but decent Astromons to have.

Water Sura simply because you can easily achieve 100% Crit Rate for a near-guaranteed (depends on enemy’s Resist) 2 turn stun. This can be super annoying to counter in PVP and super useful in PVE such as Floor 120 in Tower of Chaos.

While Light Sura is one of the only Astromons that is not a healer type that has a double heal abilities. While being balanced with quite a smaller HP pool, he can be still a tough opponent to fight in PVP if he is very well gemmed and ascended.

Lastly, Dark Sura is more of a self-sustaining single-target Nuke. Good to have for some content, but not overly great as he isn’t exactly versatile.

Sura Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Sura would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Story FarmingDDDDA
Golem FarmingDDDBA
Ancient ColossusDDDBA
Dragon TowerDDDCA
Dimensional RiftDCDAA
Tower of ChaosDA1DBA
Tower of Chaos ElementsCBDAA
League AttackDBDBA
League DefenseDBDAA
Clan TitansDDDBC
1 – Floor 120 only
2 – Only during Bosses that are sappable

How To Get Sura?

Yes, while there is no real method to get Sura, there are a few ways to slowly get them.

  • Summoning Shop (RNG)
  • Astromon Eggs

Sura is not a rare Astromon that is hard to collect as they do pop up quite often enough whether you are opening eggs or summoning for you to easily EVO3 the basic elements without much trouble. Light and Dark requires luck while some have gotten multiple L/D Sura, I haven’t even gotten a single one yet.

Fay Sura Collection
Fayie Sura Collection

Which Sura To SuperEVO?

Light and Dark Sura to me a 100% priority to SuperEVO if Sura ever receives a SuperEVO update.

Which Sura To Ascend?

Just the same as SuperEVO, priority to me would be Light and Dark whilst for the basic elements, I would not bother Ascending them at all unless you are using Water for PVP then it would be worth considering to make him more tanky.

Will Fayie Build For Sura?

I have a Water Sura built, however, I do not use him as much anymore compared to when I was still a new player. As for Light/Dark, when I do get them, I would build them for sure.

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