3/4★ Shellie

Monster Super League 3/4★ Rebirth Shellie

Shellie is one of the 3/4★ Astromon in Monster Super League that has an single target Active skill. Light and Dark Shellie is also now part of the collection, available as a 4★ Astromon. In the month of January 2022, Shellie is back as a Rebirth Astromon allowing you to get all the elements including Light and Dark.


Fire Shellie

“Choosing to become the master of a fire Shellie was definitely the best decision I ever made. It’s so warm to hug at night that I fall straight to sleep. No more insomnia!”

– Quote from “Astromon: Nature’s Cure?” by Woody Zimmerman

“The fire Bombshell is a life saver! It can absorb heat, meaning that in summer it can help soothe your sunburn!”

– Quote from “Astromon: Nature’s Cure?” by Woody Zimmerman

“Not only is the fire Shellion good with fire, it’s also very kind-hearted, meaning it’s an ideal companion for those suffering with loneliness.”

– Quote from “Astromon: Nature’s Cure?” by Woody Zimmerman

Water Shellie

A shell Astromon that lives mainly in the water. Its shell protects its soft body, so it likes to stay tucked away inside there until 100% sure the vicinity is safe. If it senses danger, it can blow a stream of air which allows it to escape quickly.

When approached by someone or something—whether a predator or not—it will fire bursts of air in that direction if it feels threatened. So be careful when going out for a swim!

“You know that the fully-evolved Shellion has two extra, small shells outside of its main body, right? You know what I like to call those? Shell-th insurance! Get it? Hah! … Hey, come back! Where are you going?!”

– Weird guy outside the store

Wood Shellie

“The wood Shellie is said to be less intelligent than other Shellie types. When tested in the laboratory setting, it made no attempt to escape from our calculated, fake attacks, unlike other Shellies, which fled immediately. The reaction to the tests by wood Shellie masters were mixed. Some were unsurprised by the results, while others said the experiment was poorly executed.”

– Quote by Ellen De Large of the The Astromon Research Institute

“It’s not an idiot for not backing away! It’s just lazy!”

“That’s the worst counter-argument I’ve ever heard.”

– Two kids at the beach

“Is the wood Shellie really an idiot? You’re basing your argument on inconclusive research. Seems you’re not so intelligent yourself.”

– M. Pond, veteran wood Shellie master

Light Shellie

“Light-elemental clam Astromons that only recently began to be discovered across Latecia, but who have already stolen the hearts of masters everywhere with their cute looks.

“Light Shellies are surprisingly delicate and will shut themselves away in their shells on days their feelings are hurt. The light they emanate changes depending on their current mood—a useful indication of when you are (or aren’t) in their favor.”

– Guide for New Masters

“Clam Astromons who’ve evolved to attain greater light and become slightly more mature.

“They sometimes close their shells and pretend to sleep while observing their surroundings, but thanks to the light that seeps through the openings in their shells, few people are fooled by this ruse—a fact only Bombshells don’t seem to know.”

– Guide for New Masters

Clam Astromons who’ve evolved to attain even greater light. The two shells that have grown outside a Shellion’s body act autonomously and prioritize protecting the Shellion itself.

Multiple masters have recently reported receiving pearls made by their Shellions, gifts that the masters consider precious, even if they’re not quite the right form or shape.

Dark Shellie

“There’s an old saying that goes ‘Shellies always repay a kindness’.”

“First time I’ve heard it.”

“Well, they say the truth is it’s more like ‘debt’ than ‘kindness’, meaning they give back as much as they receive.”

“So you’re trying to say your Shellie isn’t in the wrong? That it’s my fault, and I’m the reason your innocent Shellie tore my brand new carpet to pieces?”


“Don’t you know the law when it comes to Astromon conflicts? An Astromon’s master must repay all financial damages caused by the Astromon!”

“Bundles of pearls presumed to be from dark-elemental Shellies have been traded all across Bisden. An investigative agency is currently conducting an exhaustive inquiry into whether Astromon rights have been breached, given the sheer number of pearls being distributed.”

– Excerpt from an article on page 2 of a renowned newspaper

“A 21-year-old master known pseudonymously as Bernard has been charged with Astromon abuse and illegal distribution, crimes committed to repay damage caused to an acquaintance’s property.

“Decisive proof was given by the master’s own dark Shellie, who had collected evidence to shed light on Master Bernard’s crimes.”

– Excerpt from a follow-up article of a renowned newspaper

Which Element Shellie Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Shellie isn’t really worth it for late game however, they are nice in niche situations. I personally have all the Shellie built besides Fire as they were nice to have as alternatives before having super decked out Nat4/5 Astromons.

Shellie Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Shellie would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Shellie All Elements
All Elements
Story FarmingDBDBB
Golem FarmingDBDBB
Ancient ColossusDBDBB
Dragon TowerDDDDD
Dimensional RiftDDDBB
Tower of ChaosDDDDD
Tower of Chaos ElementsDBDBB
League AttackCDDAA
League DefenseCDDCC
Clan TitansDBDAB
1 – During Special Season ★3 League Week

Is It Worth Farming for Shellie?

I would do it, Shellie should be super simple to gather and evo 3 them all. This will give you a range of different Shellie to use in different situations along with quite a decent amount of gems for collection.

Rebirth Astromon Shellie

Which ShellieTo SuperEVO?

Water, Light and Dark would be my main choice if the Astromon was possible of SuperEVO

Should I Ascended Shellie?

Just like SuperEVO, I would only consider Water, Light and Dark. Light could be potentially decent strong with Ascension when fighting Light Astromons. Although personally, unless they have SuperEVO, there are much better Astromons to ascend first.

Will Fayie Build Shellie?

I have all the elements of Shellie at Evo3. I released my Fire Shellie as I had no use for it and it was a long time ago back when players had storage issues since Storage 2/3 did not exist. My Light and Dark Shellie are built with the normal DPS build which was Crit Rate, ATK & ATK.

While my Water and Wood are built with the Tank/Defender Build, HP HP HP and DEF DEF DEF respectively.

Fayie Enterprise