3/4★ Seiren

Monster Super League 3★ Rebirth Seiren

Seiren now now made part of Monster Super League‘s Super EVO list. New adventures of MSL should remember this little mermaid healer. At the very least the water version should of accompained you during your early adventures. Now she has received the power of a SuperEVO Astromon. Let’s check her out to see how she is now.


Fire Seiren

A young girl who dreams of becoming a wondering troubadour, playing her songs on the greatest stages in the land. Problem is, she can’t play any musical instruments.

Siren practices the harp until she can no longer feel her fingers. She gets annoyed that she still can’t remember how to draw a treble clef.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any old instruments lying around, would you? A harp would be best. I can sing and Master can play the melody. I think we’d make a great duo! What do you mean you’re not interested?”

– Excerpt from “Nereid Sings the Blues”

“It’s been 3 weeks since Seiren began her intense practice. Even though she has undergone super evolution, Seiren’s singing is still shockingly bad. There is a saying that hard work beats talent, but the person who said that has clearly never heard Seiren’s singing their entire life

Everything, from the pitch to the rhythm, is completely off. Seiren is a testament to the fact that hard work can’t overcome abysmal talent. I suspect Seiren’s dreams of stepping on the stage some day as a minstrel may never be realized…”

– Excerpt from an unknown master’s diary

“6 weeks have passed since she poured her soul into practicing singing. I’d like to say she’s finally getting the hang of it, but there is still a long way to go… Of course, her hard work paid off a little, but she quickly became discouraged after hearing the singing of other elemental Seirens during the joint performance.

Even if she isn’t the greatest musician, she’s still my precious Astromon. She looks a little sullen now, but I think she’ll get over it. I’m going to buy her a tasty treat later.”

– Excerpt from an unknown master’s diary

Water Seiren

Seiren’s lower body is that of a fish, and when she emerges from her watery home and moves ashore, she breathes through her skin. Aria Lake, in the center of the continent, is famous for being Seiren’s habitat.

Siren loves singing and music, and despises violence. Should conflict arise, she endeavors to resolve the discord with the power of her songs.

The beauty of Nereid’s melodies are enough to captivate all who cast their ears upon them. Unfortunate listeners are known to faint upon hearing her songs, and when she approaches them out of concern, passersby often report her to the authorities. Nereid herself means no harm whatsoever.

“1. They normally live under water, but breathe with their skin when they come out onto land. Their lower body is that of a fish.

2. The mechanism for how Seiren’s lure in listeners with their songs has yet to be revealed.

… Are there specific sound waves in the song that affect the flow of brainwaves?”

– Excerpt from an unknown researcher’s records

“But the fact that Seriens can sing so well must mean they have well-developed lungs, right?”


“But the reason skin breathing occurs in the first place is because of inadequate lung capacity. Amphibians are a prime example of this. They breathe through their skin to compensate for the lack of oxygen.”


“So why do Seirens breath through their skin when they already have adequately developed lungs they can breathe out of normally? From a biological perspective, there is something… strange about this.”

“….You science nerds…”

Wood Seiren

Imbued with an incredible synergy with nature, if the wind is like a melody to Seiren, then the sound of rainfall is her lyrics. She becomes melancholy when the sun sets into the sea, such is her affinity with the natural world.

“Have you ever listened to the grass’s voice? Try it, just once. The grass will tell you what to do next, I assure you.”

– Quote attributed to Siren

“How long would it take to listen the songs of all the people of the world? How much time must pass before people stop hating one another? There are many methods we have still yet to try.”

– Excerpt from “What Astromons Can Teach Us” by Lymankov

Seiren, a wood Astromon with the green hue of wild grass. It is the most relaxed and peaceful out of all the different elemental Seirens. Like her gentle personality, listening to her singing is said to have a calming effect on the listener’s mind.

“56. Muscle relaxation and lowered aggression were observed in the experimental group that listened to the Wood Seiren’s songs. There can be endless uses for the Seiren’s songs, from inducing sleep to lowering violent tendencies in inmates.

56-1. … On the downside, my assistant seems to doze off whenever he hears the Seiren’s songs. Jeez… maybe I’ll give him a pay cut for all the time he spends sleeping.”

– Excerpt an unknown researcher’s records

Light Seiren

“The relationship between Astromon and master should not be considered in terms of a ruler and subject, rather they share an intrinsic and mutual psychological link. Precisely when that link is felt to reverberate is still a moot point, and there are many factors concerning this ‘exchange’ phenomenon that are yet unexplained.”

– Excerpt from “The Subconscious Bond Between Astromon and Master” by Professor Bendoun, Sociologist

“Put simply, it is a rather mysterious phenomenon. Some masters may be disappointed by this, but I fundamentally believe that that Astromons and masters should be treated as equals, and that all subsequent behavior should take this into account.

– Excerpt from “What Astromons Can Teach Us” by Lymankov

“To say Professor Bendoun’s theories caused a stir would be an understatement. That so many opponents to his theories on Astromon equality were so vocal in their protests caused Bendoun no end of stress, and eventually forced him into retirement. What we all need to take home from this escapade is that choice, for master and Astromon alike, is paramount.”

– Excerpt from “The Life and Times of Professor Bendoun” by Lymankov

“There is a legend that Seirens lure travelers to their death, but this is a misconception.

For Seirens, music is a part of their lives, and they simply sing beautiful melodies to enjoy themselves and bless each other.”

– Words scribbled on an old note

“Sailors, lured in and fascinated by the Seiren’s songs, harm their own bodies. Then at some point, when the Seiren’s song stops and they come to their senses, they shudder with embarrassment, passing on the blame to the innocent Seirens…”

– Words scribbled on an old note

Dark Seiren

“I moved ‘ere just recently and was surprised to find it was an ‘abitat for wild Seiren. The local deputy told me to be careful, ‘specially late at night around the lake, and if I ‘eard beautiful singing voices then I’d be wise not to go outside under any circumstances! I wish I’d never moved ‘ere now!”

– Quote from a resident of the Aria Lake area

When the dark star appears in the dusk sky, a low voice begins to sing. It sings of broken promises and shattered dreams, a tune impossible to hear to the end. Approach Aria Lake at this time, and you will likely chance upon Siren, perched upon a rocky island, staring up at that ominous dark star.

The delicate, stirring voice of Nereid is said to invoke intense sorrow, and the songs she sings are composed from liquid regret and crystalline anguish. When they lay their eyes upon her, many are said to be unable to ever avert their gaze.

“Have you heard the news about the person who used to live here? You know, the one who kept sneaking in and out of the wild Seiren habitats late at night.”

“… So that’s what happened in the end. The custodian kept warning him to be careful, but he just had to… I should pray for his departed soul. I hope it wasn’t a painful death…”

“Huh? What are you talking about? He was inspired by the Dark Seiren’s songs that he heard every night and wrote a bestseller. He’s probably swimming in cash now.”

“What…? Really…?”

“The Dark Seiren’s songs aren’t always negative. Amplifying sad emotions doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who listens to their songs will harm themselves or take their lives.”

“He is still missing to this day. I should have stopped him when I had the chance. I shouldn’t have let him do whatever he wanted to. At the very least, I should have listened to the custodian.

That night, when the stars were shining brightly in the night sky, I turned to the last page in the diary he left behind, reading and re-reading the diary that would never be written again.

Deep in the darkness somewhere, I heard the song of the Seirens. and I remembered what he had said to me long ago. “Is there anyone who could resist such an alluring song?,” he cried in ecstasy…

– Words scribbled on a missing person’s diary.

…Given the different handwriting, it appears to be written by someone other than the owner of the diary.

Which Element Seiren Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Fire, Water, Light and Dark are very nice Astromons to have.

Fire Seiren can be quite dangerous during 3★ League Week. Although due to it’s skill set, outside of that, they are nothing special at all.

Water, Light and Dark Seiren is quite more versatile for content usage with Light being quite nice especially with the SuperEVO stat boost.

Seiren Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Seiren would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Water Melody Seiren All Elements
All Elements
Story FarmingDBDBD
Golem FarmingDBDBD
Ancient ColossusDBDAD
Dragon TowerDDDAB
Dimensional RiftDBDAB
Tower of ChaosDDDBD
Tower of Chaos ElementsDDDAB
League AttackS1CDDC
League DefenseS1DCDC
Clan TitansDSDSD
1 – During Special Season ★3 League Week

Is It Worth Farming for Seiren?

I would do it, she is super easy to farm, getting all of them at evo3 will provide quite a decent amount of gems.

Which Seiren To SuperEVO?

Water and Light would be my main choice, while Fire if you care about building a ★3 based team for ★3 League Week.

Should I Ascended Seiren?

Just like SuperEVO, I would only consider Water and Light as main choices and if you SuperEVO fire, then you should Ascend her too.

Will Fayie Build Seiren?

I have all the basic elements of Siren at Evo3. I have a Dark Siren but not a Light one. While none are ascended, Water is SuperEVO at the very least, it was more for the Astrogems for SuperEVO Seiren event more than wanting it.

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