3/4★ Radis

Monster Super League 3/4★ Rebirth Radis

Radis is one of the 3/4★ Astromon in Monster Super League that at Evo3, it becomes so big, you can’t even see it’s head anymore. In fact, it doesn’t sound as bad as it really is as in Leagues, it can actually work in your favour as the enemy will have a difficult time seeing your current debuff/buff status.


Fire Radis

These Astromons protect the furthest corners of the Arctica continent. The technology behind their movement is similar to that of the Ancients, and they are said to be closer to machines than living organisms.

One popular theory states these Astromons are born from eggs infused with both astral energy and the thoughts of the Ancients. Their main focus tends to be protecting something.

Radioths act as patrollers, warning and dispatching of any intruders they come across in their designated areas. They are very mechanical by nature, showing no emotional response and needing no rest, deviating from their routine only when required to fulfill their duty.

Water Radis

Experiment Log #1

“Subject α-I is a unique machine I discovered amongst ancient ruins. When I first found it, it was completely powered down. I decided to bring it back, but haven’t had any luck in my research. It is covered in a special metal that prevents me from opening it, and I’ve no idea how to turn it on. The only clue I’ve found is the crystal near its forehead, which actually presses down when pressure is applied.”

Experiment Log #3

“I conducted several experiments, including pressing down on the crystal, but subject α-I still remains unresponsive. Then, suddenly, it changed its form. I have a feeling it was due to certain experiments I’d been trying, but I can’t get it back to its original form (or to another new form). It is quite an embarrassing thing to happen to a scholar such as myself, but it has also piqued my interest.”

Experiment Log #12

“After seeing no results from my efforts, I went for a walk in a park, where I found a book without an owner: ‘Astromon Behavioral Observations for Beginning Adventurers, Vol. 1’. While perusing, I realized immediately why its owner had thrown it away, but another thought occurred to me: If I think of my subject as an Astromon rather than a machine, everything falls into place!”

Wood Radis

Experiment Log #13

“…However, I was unable to make much progress in my research. The subject lacks so many of the normal properties that Astromons possess. It has not eaten anything, and the very fact that it continues to show signs of life is contrary to all logic.”

Experiment Log #45

“It has been 45 days now that I have been unable to activate subject α-I. I have tried the following:

1. Feeding it fruit. However, I was unable to locate an intake organ.

2. Solar-powered recharge. I tried this in the hopes it would regain energy from a photosynthetc process like Moonflowers do. However, after a week on the roof, there was no change in the subject other than the blemishes from the droppings of a few flying Astromons.

3. Exchange of emotions… (omitted)”

Experiment Log #52

“Subject α-I still has shown no signs of special activity, but based on the slightest of movements and occasional mechanical noises, it is safe to conclude it is still alive. It follows that the subject must have an internal energy source, as there would be no other explanation for its continued operation.”

Light Radis

Experiment Log #59

“Thoughts of dissecting subject α-I have been popping into my mind recently. I’ve grown tired of fruitlessly attempting to verify my theories. I’ve been unsuccessful in my countless attempts to observe the subject’s internal structure; no amount of multi-angled observation, sonar screening, or chemical reactivity tests have helped. Taking advantage of its mechanical nature, dissection (or, more accurately, disassembly) may really be necessary.”

Experiment Log #63

“In an effort to get to the root of the issue, I am on my way to revisit the ruins where I found subject α-I. The location is still unknown to the academic world at large. My discovery of it was luck in the first place—I never would have come across the area if I hadn’t run away when the ground started shaking where I was. If everything there is still intact, I may be able to find clues or even another subject.”

Experiment Log #66

“The area in which I found subject α-I was completely gone, having sunk into the ground. The journey takes 12 days roundtrip, so when I reached the site, I couldn’t help but fall to my knees, despondent. Only when the sun was setting was I able to gather myself again and begin searching for clues in the vicinity using a faint candlelight. However, my search yielded nothing. In the early hours of the morning, just as I was about to give up, I happened to notice a small object sparkling behind a rock.”

Dark Radis

Experiment Log #67

“The shiny object I found yesterday turned out to be a pendant, the type often worn by masters. It may simply have been dropped by someone out there, but my scholarly intuition has me convinced it is somehow related to subject α-I. As I’m on the airship back to my lab, my mind is full of new research ideas. Now more than ever, I’m looking forward to my return in five days.”

Experiment Log #81

“I was finally successful in resetting subject α-I’s command list. The lock over it was powerful, but the pendant proved to be the key. However, I have not yet ascertained how to enter new commands, nor even the mechanisms by which the subject moves. Of course I’m sure all will be revealed in due time. My research is about to take a large step forward.”

“Early this morning, an entire block in a Bisden neighborhood was destroyed by a bright light, with fires from the destruction causing even greater damages that will cost an incalculable amount to repair. The source of the light has been identified as the home of one Sant L. Haggel (male, 52), but the exact cause and origin of it is still unclear. After the incident, witnesses reported seeing a monster fly toward the Apennino Mountains. The Astromasters’ Association stated that they plan on sending a highly experienced expedition team in search of it.”

Which Element Radis Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Light is worth it if you don’t have any better sappers to use. While Fire has some uses during 3★ League Week, you might as well go get a Fire Seastar instead as that is capable of SuperEVOing. As for the other elements, I would consider utter useless.

Radis Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Radis would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
MSL May 2021 Rebirth Astromon Radis
Rebirth Astromon Jan/May/September 2021
Story FarmingCDDDD
Golem FarmingDDDAD
Ancient ColossusDDDDD
Dragon TowerDDDDD
Dimensional RiftDDDDD
Tower of ChaosDDDDD
Tower of Chaos ElementsCDDDD
League AttackA1DDDD
League DefenseCDDDD
Clan TitansDDDDD
1 – During Special Season ★3 League Week

Is It Worth Farming for Radis?

I would not do it unless you are doing it purely for gem collection. That’s the only reason why I, Fayie has done it.

MSL September 2021 Rebirth Astromon Radis

Which Radis SuperEVO?

Radis is not capable of SuperEVO and even if he/she was, I would not do it either. This Astromon is long due for a massive revamp as besides Light which can barely pass as decent in just Golem Farming, the other elements are utter useless.

Should I Ascended Radis?

Just like SuperEVO, no, no and no. Until it gets a revamp done, As of right now, I would not recommend ascending Radis at all.

Will Fayie Build Radis?

I have started collecting Radis purely for gem collections for my Astromon book. I won’t build Radis as it does not benefit me in any way. It’s skills are terrible and I have much better sappers to use than relying on Light Radis.

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