3/4★ Misha

Monster Super League 3/4★ Rebirth Misha

Misha now has Light and Dark as a 4★ Astromon in Monster Super League part of it’s collection. Dark Misha has one of the newer skills named Vengeance where it’s attack is increased proportion to the amount of health lost.


Fire Misha

[This Astromon usually makes its home in a cave. Despite its cute and cuddly appearance, it has a very violent personality.]

“Well, yeah. You can tell just by looking at it.”

[An Ursa in the wild is very dangerous—as dangerous as my brother when he’s hungry.]

“Who on earth wrote this…?”

[A Grizzle in the wild is extremely dangerous. Be very careful when looking for a cave for shelter in the mountains. If you see claw marks near a cave or a large boulder that’s been smashed to pieces, run away as fast as you can.]

“Finally, some information that’s at least a little helpful!”

Water Misha

Even a young Misha possesses great strength. Their short limbs limits their reach, but they are still able to pick up and throw boulders, so being far away does not necessarily make you safe.

These Astromons like sweets. They are particularly fond of honey, and tend to go after that made by Beecombs. Their thick skin protects them from most Beecomb attacks, but not from a Bumblebee’s stinger, so Ursas will often quickly escape after raiding a stash of Beecomb honey.

Adult Grizzles are powerful enough to smash giant boulders with a single strike, and contrary to their appearance, they are very agile. They also have a highly refined sense of smell. In short, they sit squarely near the top of the food chain. However, if properly trained or hatched from an egg, they will be obedient to humans.

Wood Misha

“Hey, Bren! Look at this little guy. Cute, right?”

“Ooh, is that a Misha? I’ve never seen one in person before.”

“Haha, I hatched him from an egg I got a while back. He follows me around everywhere!”

“Yeah, he really seems to like you. He’s so cute! Mind if I pet him?

“Sure. Oh, but—”


“He tends to bite people he doesn’t know.”

“You waited until NOW to mention that?!”

“You got that honey I asked for?”

“Yeah, it was heavy, so I dragged it here on a cart. Why honey, though?”

“I’m gonna use it as a reward as I train this guy. He loves sweets.”

“Ah, you evolved it. Now it’s an … Ursa?”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s so big that I can’t really hug it while I fall asleep anymore.”

“Well, it’s not a teddy bear…”

“Hey, Robin, is it true you’re participating in this season’s league?”

“Yup! I’ve got a great lineup this time, too.”

“Really? Take me through it.”

“We’ve got a theme going and everything! As a bear, Grizzle’s our main character. I’m gonna give him a pot of honey to hold while he’s out there.”


“Of course, we need a tiger to bounce around out there, too, so I added in a Tigarus.”

“A bear and a tiger…?”

“For our donkey, I’m using a water Bron—y’know, ’cause it’s gotta be blue. Getting a pink pig was proving to be rough, but then I realized we could use a water Wumoo for it!”

“You’re getting into some dangerous territory here…”

“For a team name, I was thinking Win—”

“Shh! Copyright! Copyright!”

Light Misha

Dieter Pavis was a young man traveling around Latecia after graduating from the Academy. While hiking through a remote, unknown location, he came across a small, hobbling Misha. Dieter approached it very carefully and saw a small tree branch stuck in its back paw.

Dieter removed the branch with his knife, after which the Misha rest its injured paw on the ground and stared at Dieter for a while. After some silence, the Misha let out a loud roar and departed.

Dieter never forgot that day.

Twenty years later, Dieter was at a campsite on the outskirts of Dramemnon. As he was gathering up dried branches nearby, he was approached by a giant Grizzle, which began waving one claw up and down as it roared loudly. Dieter was scared, but remembered the small Misha he helped twenty years earlier. He slowly, cautiously went closer to the Grizzle. The Grizzle let out another loud roar, then proceeded to smash Dieter with its front claw, killing him instantly.

It probably wasn’t the same bear.

“Refrain from approaching Astromons in the wild, as they can be very dangerous.” – Public Service Announcement

Dark Misha

On a bright, clear day, two friends were taking a walk together. They were in an area known formerly for Grizzle appearances, but were not particularly worried because it had been safe for some time. Of course, that changed as soon as a giant Grizzle leapt out from a thicket and began chasing them.

As they ran away, the more agile of the two scaled up a large tree, while the heavier friend collapsed in fear onto the ground and played dead. The Grizzle circled around him while sniffing his “corpse” and putting his mouth up to the friend’s ear. Then, suddenly, it ambled back into the forest and disappeared.

As soon as he made sure the Grizzle was gone, the one who had climbed the tree came down to his friend.

“Hah! What a stupid animal, actually thinking you were dead! It looked like it was whispering something to you, though.”

Giving his friend a dirty look, the other responded, “It did. It told me not to stick around with people like you who abandon their frien—”

Just then, the Grizzle who had run away appeared behind the two friends and made them both its next meal.

“A Grizzle never lets its prey go; just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s gone away.” – Survivalist Fred Cooke

Which Element Misha Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Light and Dark seems like the solid choses for this Astromon. Fire can be considered but a “Tank” DPS seems pretty ineffective unless you absolutely need a more tanky DPS on your team.

Misha Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Misha would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
MSL Misha Rebirth June 2020
MSL Misha Rebirth June 2020
Story FarmingCDDDC
Golem FarmingDDDDC
Ancient ColossusDDDDC
Dragon TowerDDDDD
Dimensional RiftDDDDD
Tower of ChaosDDDDD
Tower of Chaos ElementsCDDBB
League AttackCDDDC
League DefenseCDDDC
Clan TitansDDDDC
1 – During Special Season ★3 League Week

Is It Worth Farming for Misha?

I would not do it unless you are doing it purely for gem collection. That’s the only reason why I, Fayie will do it eventually.

MSL Misha Rebirth Feb 2019
MSL Misha Rebirth Feb 2019

Which Misha SuperEVO?

Radis is not capable of SuperEVO and even if he/she was, I would not do it either. This Astromon is long due for a massive revamp as besides Dark which can potentially be decent which could still be very reliant on gems and gem set used.

Should I Ascended Misha?

Just like SuperEVO, no, no and no. Until Misha get’s some skill revamps, I don’t really think it’s worth it. Just take a look at Water Misha, what kind of low percentage of 60% sap rate.

Will Fayie Build Misha?

I haven’t really started to collect Misha yet. I do have a Dark Misha which I have not yet built yet to test out how good the skill Vengeance really is. On paper it doesn’t really seem good as a “Berserker” type skill, it would be very dependent on a healer or even a “Leech” set. As for the other Misha Elements, they don’t seem very worth while to build. I’ll evo3 purely for collection but would only ever consider building Dark at this stage.

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