3/4★ Mirra

3/4★ Mirra

Monster Super League brings an brand new Halloween Event Astromon called Mirra in 2021. This new mouse Astromons brings new Combinations of skills that are currently found nowhere else such as Barbed Taunt – Adrenaline combo or Resistance Down – Petrification combo.

Basic Elements of Mirra is currently 3★ while Light and Dark are 4★ Astromons.


Fire Mirra

In the middle of the dusty, barren desert, there lies a single tiny coffin on the edge of some desolate ruins. This teeny-tiny coffin, fit only for a single rat, has waited thousands of years for a master who will never return…

Perhaps it longed for its absent master? The soul of the tiny rat left its grave to venture on a journey with seemingly no end in sight. Left alone in the coffin, the body of the rat, wrapped in bandages, endlessly waits for its soul to return.

Halloween, the end of October. A secretive time of rituals disguised as a festival.

On the day the souls of the dead journey into the land of the living, ‘it’ might return…

Water Mirra

October 29th, clear skies.

I’ve finally arrived.

This place is making me uneasy, but for the sake of research, I have no choice. I should hurry up with my investigation and return.

October 30th, foggy.

Am I seeing things? The coffin seems to have moved a little. I could’ve sworn it was placed right next to the wall yesterday…

?■■ ?? ■…

…■ ■…..■ ■■■ ■■…. ■■■■■■……

(… The writing is too damaged to read properly…)

Wood Mirra

“So… why are you telling me this now?”

“… Because it’s Halloween?”

“Are you really going to say stuff like that in front of this cute Mirra?”

“… Squeak!”

“Oh, fine. I’ll stop.

…… That Mirra… I thought it wouldn’t be able to understand me, but it seems to know the language just fine!”

“Sure Mirra is cute and all, but it just gives me the chills sometimes. I feel like I’m getting sucked into the abyss when I look into its shining eyes under all those bandages.

“Plus, I’m suspicious of how it’ll look like if you remove all of its bandages.”


“That’s right! It’s tricking us with its cute and adorable looks, but this Astromon… Deep down, without those bandages, it’s…!”

“… What do you mean? Mirra will still look cute without all those bandages.”

“C’mon, Mirra. Let’s go home and have some sweets. Aww, look at you… Bouncing up and down like a bundle of cuteness…”

“I think I’m being taken for a fool…”

Light Mirra

A pitch-black basement filled with an eerie aura. There’s an empty coffin that’s fit for a tiny rat. Perhaps there were some grave robbers?

Seeing as how it was carefully laid into the coffin, someone must’ve cherished it dearly.

… I read the journal. Just what happened here? All that’s left in these dusty ruins seem to be the clothes of the writer of the journal.

… Something solid seems to be buried in the ground. White, like ivory… Like bones…

Dark Mirra

A mysterious Astromon draped in bandages. Despite its cute demeanor, it has an eerie aura about it.

Its favorite foods are sweet fruits and candies. It surprisingly doesn’t seem too fond of cheese.

Odd rumors often surround Mirra, but no rumor can overshadow this mummy rat’s one-of-a-kind cuteness.

Which Element Mirra Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Light looks quite interesting although 90% feels slightly lacking while Dark looks very promising however, Attack Up is only for Mirra which makes it much more inferior when stacked against our only other Attacker Astromon with Attack Up as an active which is Shadow.

Mirra Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Mirra would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
MSL-Mirra3Evo All Elements
Evolution 3 All Elements Mirra
Story FarmingDDDBD
Golem FarmingDDDBA
Ancient ColossusDDDCC
Dragon TowerDDDDD
Dimensional RiftDDDDB
Tower of ChaosDDDDD
Tower of Chaos ElementsDDDBC
League AttackDDDDD
League DefenseDDDDB
Clan TitansDDDDD

Is It Worth Spamming Story for Mirra?

I would do it just for collection. I wouldn’t attempt to go out of my way in terms of “using” Mirra. The mouse Astromon isn’t a game breaking nor gamechanger, while having interesting combinations such as Fire Mirra with Barbed Taunt and Adrenaline making it a possible beast. It’s just too weak when used in PVP as it’s base HP is only 36,308, when compared to some of the other powerhouses Barbed Taunt users such as Dark Aesir or Water Griffin having 49,097 and 47,735 base HP respectively.

Which Mirra To SuperEVO?

Mirra is incapable of SuperEVO at this current stage, if she was, all elements besides Wood when ascended would be a very strong unit in their respective content.

The reason why Wood Mirra isn’t considered is because, her skill set is lackluster, with no real benefits in a PVP situation nor a PVE one. There is much better combinations out there if one was to build with Crowd Control Astromon.

Should I Ascended Mirra?

For the same reason, I would only consider Ascending the Mirra if we ever get an SuperEVO. Possibility Fire Mirra for Nat3 PVP League Weeks but I got to test if she is even gets boosted strong enough to not be a 1 hit.

Will Fayie Build Mirra?

I will Evo3 all element of Mirra however, they will more than likely be sitting in my bank doing nothing as I have no use for them whatsoever.

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