4★ Mini Yurika

Monster Super League 4★ Mini Yurika

Mini Yurika is the 6th Mini Anniversary Astromon we received in Monster Super League, she was released during the 7th Anniversary. We actually never gotten a 6th Mini Astromon for the 6th Anniversary sadly but instead we got the Traveler Nezz. Unlike all the other Mini Astromons, this time around, this Mini Astromon has a total of three elements, Fire, Light and Dark, where as Fire is a natural 3★ Astromon and Light and Dark versions are natural 4★ Astromons.

The current Mini Anniversary Astromons in game are the following

1stMini Seira
2ndMini Tina
3rdMini Camilla
4thMini Zephyros
5thMini Eve
6thTraveler Nezz
7thMini Yurika


Fire Mini Yurika

It seems like many are wondering who I am.

Accept my generosity and allow me to introduce myself. *laugh*

I am a Servant of Chaos.

My job is to meddle in the business of the slaves of order, all for the purpose of bringing change to Latecia, a place filled with hypocrisy.

It never gets old, seeing the troubled faces of those hypocrites as I bring about change to this world.

Dealing with the minions of order is as boring as eating a piece of cake.

But Seira, that navigator or whatever, and that Otherworlder are just the worst!

Those two have been messing with my plans recently.

That which is sealed in my right hand… If only I could use the power of darkness to awaken 「it」 from its slumber…

And show those do-gooders true despair.

But my Master wants to wait, so all I can do is try to be patient.

However, when my Master permits it, my power of darkness will 「scourge」 the realm of Latecia.

*maniacal laugh*

“Yurika, what’s with that creepy smile?”

“Ah, Master, it’s nothing.”

“I told you to call me by my name when it’s just the two of us.”

“How can I…! How can I dare to say your noble name!”

“Like I said, nobility means nothing between us. Come on, say my name.”

“*gasp* Ka… Ka… Ugh…!”

“Almost there, Yurika!”

“Ka… Ugh… Master Kaz…!”

“Haha, well done. Wait, your face is all red. Was it that hard to say?”

“Ugh, forget it!”

Light Mini Yurika

“W-Where am I?”

“Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you to arrive.”

“W-Who are you?!”

“I am your navigator and your personal assistant. The power of chaos is strong in Latecia, so the goddess Stella herself chose you to fight back against it!”

“The last thing I remember is falling down a cliff after being chased by my father. Am I in another world now?”

“Odd, the pendant of order is supposed to be blue, but your pendant is…”

“My pendant is red…”

“Red is the color of chaos. It seems like we summoned the wrong soul to Latecia.”

Even here, I’m not welcome..

My family shunned me for my ability to create blue roses instead of red ones like the rest of them. It seems Latecia is also a world where you’re worth is determined by what’s on the outside.

At that moment, when depression was taking over me, a man with a hair of gold came to me.

“Here you are. I’ve been looking for you. The red pendant…”

“Who are you?! Not a step closer, or I’ll show you true fear with the power of the Black Dragon that lies dormant in my right hand!”

“I can’t believe it! You even know how to handle the power of darkness? Hahaha, that’s perfect.”


“My name is Kaz. I’m an irregular of Latecia, just like you.”


“Welcome to Latecia. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Yurika, you’re the first change I brought upon Latecia by using my powers to affect the rift of chaos. Your presence means a lot to me.”

“Such kindness…! Master, you opened my eyes to the worth of my existence. I feel the very same way.”

“Regardless, please stop plastering your walls with photos of me taken without my consent. And stop putting dolls that look like me next to my bed.”

“Huh?! But…! I must take your photo to record your every moment, and I made those dolls to show you my gratitude!”

“And I accept, just not with all that extra stuff.”

“But it’s not enough! Your photographs, the dolls that look like you… I could have hundreds, no, thousands of them and it still won’t be enough to express how grateful I am!”

“Yurika, we call that being obsessed.”

“How could you put it that way…!”

Dark Mini Yurika

“Yurika, what do you think of when you look at the arena after the Astromon League is over?

“That I should try harder to interfere with it next time? That’s pretty much it. What about you, Master Kaz?”

“The red souls bled from injured Astromons. The blood-red arena… it’s violent and cruel. But, if you look at it from a distance, it looks beautiful, like crushed rose petals. Isn’t that ironic?”

“Red roses… Do you like roses, Master Kaz?”

“Who, me? I’m not much of a flower person.”

“I see…”

“Ah, but I like your blue roses. Back in my world, there was a myth that blue roses can grant you a wish.”

“I didn’t know blue roses could mean good things.”

“Your grace, have you heard about the abandoned daughter of the Lancaster family?”

“Indeed I have. I heard she’s the black sheep of the family. Yurika, right?”

“Yes, your grace. The duke of Lancaster imprisoned her in a castle, but somehow, she managed to learn black magic all by herself.”

“A Lancaster who can’t even create red roses, their family’s symbol, was able to master black magic?”

“She didn’t even inherit the family’s black hair. I fear she might cause complications. Shall I deal with her, your grace?”

“The duke of Lancaster is a devout believer. Since black magic is blasphemy, her father will deal with her properly.”

A rundown castle in the Lancaster estate.

In the deepest corners of the castle, a sort of darkness was waiting for someone.

It resembled black smoke and looked like a living shadow. Without a tangible form and barely keeping itself together, it approached the girl staring blankly at the ceiling.

It infused her with its energy, and taught her how to protect herself through the power of darkness.

It must have wanted her to enact revenge upon the world in its stead, for she was a mirror image of itself.

Which Mini Yurika Element Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Personally, Light and Dark are both nice to have, Fire is a little niche but if you are actively playing, you can easily obtain all three of them and any extras could be released for mystic essence for Ascension. Which is great since Mini Yurika’s drop rate is actually higher than regular Nat3s during this period of time.

While I would argue and say the Dark Mini Yurika would be most useful to me considering it is an Attacker that has the ability to go full glass cannon and survive as long as it keeps it’s Active up (with Siphon Set that’s totally possible) and not get 1 hit KO.

Meanwhile Fire and Light Mini Yurika would probably be my least used as Fire would be more of a niche Astromon to use where I could see it being useful in drawn-out 3★ Astroleagues matches and some Fire Tower of Chaos levels. While Light would be a okay alternative for players who do not have a Light Puncture Astromon (Light Draka, Light Zesus or Light Balrona), and being the 5th Light Astromon with the puncture skill. While Hunter is also a 4★ Astromon, it’s Active (Puncture) is a single target which makes it very strong but not ideal for fast AOE waves clearing. I would still recommend also getting the Light Starrov alongside Mini Yurika as even though Starrov is a 3★, it’s attack stats way way superior to the 4★ Mini Yurika (2826 vs 2594). Simply since Starrov is an attacker while Mini Yurrika is a balance Astromon. This means if you need an more bursty DPS with puncture Starrov and if it has trouble surviving then falling back to the Light Mini Yurika.

Mini Yurika Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Mini Yurika would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Variant Dark Mini Yurika
Mini ZephyrosFireLightDark
Story FarmingDBB
Golem FarmingDBB
Ancient ColossusDBB
Dragon TowerDDC
Dimensional RiftDBC
Tower of ChaosDCC
Tower of Chaos ElementsBBA
League AttackCDB
League DefenseBDC
Clan TitansADC

How To Get Mini Yurika?

The only way to get Mini Yurikai during the Anniversary Events that goes on.

  • Exotic Capture Event
  • Paid $ Packages
  • Anniversary/Special Login Event
  • Shady Shop
  • Compensation Rewards

Mini Yurika is an Anniversary Astromon that is hard to collect. If you miss out Evo3ing all 3, Fire, Light and Dark, It may be awhile (usually the next year) before you get a chance to obtain her again.

Shady Shop with Mini Yurika Soulstone

Which Mini Yurika To SuperEVO?

At this current stage, Mini Yurika is not capable of SuperEVOing just like the other Mini & Traveler series, even if she was, I would SuperEVO both the light and dark of Mini Seira and Mini Tina before SuperEVOing Dark Mini Yurika simply since they are worth more value to me.

Which Mini Yurika To Ascend?

No, I currently, there are probably much better Astromons to use Ascension stones on as opposed to Yurika unfortunately. Considering you only get so much Ascension per day even if you spend astrogems on the Shady Store when it does come up as they are a time-gated resources (or a cash shop resource). While Dark Mini Yurika does look attractive, and would be the only one I would consider out of the three elements. Her stats still needs to be boosted a lot more to really contend with the other burst DPS/glass cannon Astromons. (Base level 60 attack is 3194 vs Super/Ultimate EVO which has base 60 stats of 4000+). Her biggest advantage is that no other Dark Astromon has a passive heal so big (50%).

Will Fayie Build For Mini Yurika?

I will build the Dark, while all three are quite niche, I do have plans for her in Dark Tower of Chaos so I would slap her on a decked out Siphon gem set to see how she performs.

Most likely would go for the following Stats, CRATE, ATTACK, CRIT DAMAGE. With Attack, Crit Damage and Crit Rate as sub stats if possible. While making sure she reaches 98%+ crit rate.

I will also Evo3 and level to level 60 both Fire and Light, since might as well do so. However, for the time being, I would not be putting any gem sets on them until I feel like I need them for something.

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