MSL Light Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Light Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Light Dimensional Ancient Golem is only available every day for 13 energy per attempt.

The Light Dimensional Ancient Golem is level 150 with 1.75 million HP and 100% Crit Rate with 30% Crit Damage and 20% Resist. It has Greater Sap Resistance and Invincibility (Immune to seal and action-inhibiting effects.) along with Dimensional Energy Absorption as it’s passive buffs. It also has Resurrection which resurrects it’s two minions (Left & Right mobs) when they are dead.

Why Do Light Dimensional Ancient Golem

While Light Dimensional Ancient Golem is not a very difficult to complete if you have been amassing Dark Astromons like myself, the main reason any player would want to do any Dimensional Ancient Golem dungeons would be for PVP gears. Especially for the Gem of Damage Reduction which would be a huge plus for Astromons in the Defence Team.

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to subsite them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent. All DPS are recommended to be at the very least Ascended due to the high damage the enemies will deal in this dungeon.

Fayie’s Team 1

  • Dark Mona – Ascended SuperEVO (ATK Variant, DPS)
  • Dark Cupid – SuperEVO (Support, Shield)
  • Dark Hana – Evo 3 or above (SP Regen, Support)
  • Dark Yuki – SuperEVO or above (Sap, Secondary DPS)

Possible Substitutes

  • Dark Gilgamesh – Ascended (Puncture)
  • Dark Persephone – Ascended (SP Regen, Main DPS)
  • Dark Shadow – Ascended (SP Regen, Main DPS)
  • Dark Leo – Ascended (Debuff, Main DPS)
  • Dark Hades – Ascended (Curse, Main DPS)

Fayie’s Gem Sets


B15 Dark Cupid

Dark Cupid
Any Rank Above SuperEVO

Gem Set
+20% CRATE Intution Set
HP %
HP +
HP %

Dark Yuki
Any Rank Above SuperEVO

Gem Set
+20 Stun Pugilist Set
HP %
HP %
Hp %

MSL - LAG-Dark-Yuki
MSL - Water Colossus Dark Mona

Dark Mona
Any Rank Above SuperEVO

Gem Set
+40% Crit DMG Ruin Set

Dark Hana
Any Rank Above Evo 3

Gem Set
+20% HP Life Set
HP %

B15 Dark Hana

While my golem guides are as closely related to each other in terms of Astromons, some of you may have noticed, I have been away from the MSL for some time now (about a year), I have yet to do any upgrades and this team and it’s Astromons is exactly the same way as I left them a year ago, but just a rearranged team using only Dark Astromons. Infact, this team uses pretty much 3 of the 4 Astromons in MSL Golem B15, with only Fire Draka being replaced with Dark Yuki. After all, if it works it works right, unless you are autoing this at 3minute+, there is absolutely no need to go find another Astromon. Granted saving a few seconds each auto adds up eventually, but as a casual player such as myself and majority of you out there it’s just not a viable option. I am sure, you just want to get Dimensional Ancient Golem done each day, fast enough to be a suitable farm.

I split the team into three main groups for Light Dimensional Ancient Golem, DPS: DPS, Utility: Def Down and SP Regen and Support: Healers and Shield.

  • Dark Mona, Dark Hana both falls under DPS & SP Regen
  • Dark Cupid falls under Support with it’s shield and heals
  • Dark Hana and falls under both Utility & Support with her Heal and SP Regen
  • Dark Yuki is just another dps with her Sap (Although Boss does have Sap Resist, sap is still worth it’s while).
MSL - Dark Colossus Dark Karnon RES Trinket
Dark Karnon Crit Res Trinket

Idea behind the team composition is very simple, high DPS with Dark Mona as she still has one of the best DPS to get and one of the most easiest Astromons for any player go get. Use Dark Hana to regen as much SP as possible and nuke everything down. With the SP regenerated, Dark Cupid should be shielding nearly every round making sure everyone basically does not take any damage at all. Dark Yuki is a sapper and sap does still good DPS and with Dark Hana’s Sp regen, Dark Yurki would be sapping very close to every other round her damage still very lethal while having much more survivability than any other DPS you could ever bring. If you replace any Astromons with stronger versions of it to make it go so much smoother.


I never really did much on Trinkets in the and since this build is based on my previous Astromons used in Golems or in Dimensional Rifts, it shows at least for Light Dimensional Ancient Golem, it is not really needed. Although it is very nice to have high DPS, Min-Maxing Trinkets are not necessary to beat this, whilst it is still a good practice to have some decent trinkets anyways. For example, only my Main DPS Astromons with I use throughout all my guides such as Dark Mona or Dark Karnon are using end games trinkets, such as Variant 6* +15 when possible, while the rest of my Astromons will have mix of 4* & 5* Variants between +0 and +15. With maxxed trinkets, you will have a much easier time with this floor.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate it’s effectiveness and speed.
Monster Super League Light Dimensional Ancient Golem
Fayie Enterprise