4★ Hana

Monster Super League 4★ Hana

I am sure you gotten at least one Hana during any of your pulls on the Summoning Festivals in Monster Super League. This kimono wearing Sakura Princess Astromon is much stronger than she looks. Fighting a Light Hana off in Arena could be a super nightmare and a Wood Hana could save your hide in dungeon clearing especially the newest Dimensional Rift Dungeons.


Fire Hana

An Astromon born of a cherry tree that was filled with the essence of flame. She has a great love of plants and a great disdain for war, but will fight without reservation in the defense of others. Although she looks like a small girl, her talent for healing is so great she can heal even near-fatal wounds in little to no time.

Hanami uses a fire-infused fan to send her enemies flying, and to caress those dear to her with a pleasantly warm breeze.

Despite their young looks, Hanahimes are actually quite old and experienced. Both their long lives and their undying beauty are thanks to the trees from which they were born.

An Astromon born from an aged cherry tree infused with fire energy. There have been multiple reports of these Astromons undergoing super evolution and acquiring memories from their parent trees, though this differs greatly by element. Some even remember events from centuries ago.

Having received their life force from trees, these Astromons are blessed with long lives of unchanging beauty. Super-evolved fire Hanas are known to have saved many souls as they use their warmth to not only heal people’s physical wounds but also their hearts.

People have recently taken to call this new super-evolved Hana the “Sakura Princess,” a title likely derived from her beauty and seeming personification of the elegance and aloofness of a cherry blossom. Hana herself doesn’t seem interested in such things, of course.

– Excerpt from a researcher’s memo pad

“Yuck, what is this? Back in my day, no one put pineapple on their pizza.”

“But Hana, this is how a lot of people eat pizza now. You should try a bit. It’s good.”

“Young people these days have terrible taste.”

“Everyone’s staring, Hana. You shouldn’t talk like an old grumpy person, especially when you look like a child.”

“What? You’re barely out of diapers and you think you can tell me what to do? I’m older than your grandma, remember. I knew you when you were just a baby.”

“Dunno what the Astromon researchers were talking about when they said fire Hanas have ‘tender and refined’ personalities…”

“Those researchers were full of themselves. Your grandma was the type of person to speak her mind, and yet look at you. Two humans, related even, but so very different. It’s the same with Astromons.”


Water Hana

This Astromon was born from a tree whose branches were submerged in water. She is warm and easygoing, but becomes bold and dauntless when protecting that which is important to her.

Water Hanamis are shy and will not show themselves in the wild, even when intruders encroach on their territory. If you happen to become one of the very few who encounters one, you can rest assured no one will believe you.

As a master over water, a Hanahime’s very existence is enough to benefit the woods around her. Hanahimes are full of compassion, and will often help injured adventurers, sometimes without ever being seen.

She stopped pouring tea for a moment to read the newspaper’s headline article. “Famous Bisden business exposed for extracting sap from plant Astromons for products… Dozens of Astromons exploited to increase production efficiency.”

It was the same article she’d read earlier. The owners will likely get a slap on the wrist according to Astromon equality laws and then continue on with business as usual. “Astromon equality” only really applies if you’re a humanoid Astromon; everyone else gets second-rate rights.

“But isn’t the standard for what constitutes a humanoid Astromon actually a little vague?” she asked, her cadence slow and like the flowing of water. As a water-elemental Hana, she used to be shy and hesitant for any outside contact. After her super evolution, though, she became much more talkative. It was a good change.

…Except for when she said strange things that I couldn’t understand.

“Master, it actually makes me a little uncomfortable that you consider me to be a humanoid Astromon. I personally think that, at my core, I’m closer in nature to the flower in that pot over there, seeing how I was born from a tree with branches dipped in the water.”

What should I say to that? That your appearance is what makes you a humanoid Astromon, and that you don’t need to give up the rights granted you in the Magna Carta and subject yourself to the unceasing danger of being exploited like all those plant Astromons out there?

I didn’t answer, but she kept looking at me. We were always like this. My years of experience had painted a picture in my head of what would happen next. She would ask why humanoid Astromons get greater rights, and why one’s looks should determine their rights rather than their intellectual capabilities.

Wood Hana

Wood Hanas are born from a very rare process in which a sacred cherry tree absorbs and houses astral energy for an extended period of time. Life around a wood Hana prospers thanks to her unique, mysterious energy.

A wood Hanami can communicate with plant life around her, as well as heal injured Astromons. Flower petals follow her wherever she walks.

A beautiful young woman believed by humans to be a cherry blossom in humanoid form. Just as potent as her beauty is her ability to heal even grave wounds in the blink of an eye.

was born into this world on a warm spring day when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Most people know me as the Astromon born from the astral energy of a holy cherry tree, or as Hana, the fortuitous Astromon born of a tree. However, one researcher wrote, “There have been multiple reports of these Astromons undergoing super evolution and acquiring memories from their parent trees”… At first, it felt like they were talking about someone else. After all, how would I have the memories of a tree? I didn’t believe it. But then, little by little, I started seeing my cherry tree’s memories.

The tree I was born from was the oldest, most famous tree in the village. They sometimes would come to me and make wishes. Err, I mean they wouldn’t come to me, but to the tree.

Most of their wishes were similar: things to fulfill their desires. Of course, they all had their justifications for wanting the things they did. Other wishes were hard to understand by common sense. Very private, very immoral wishes…

They didn’t just make ridiculous wishes, though. Many people would come in the early hours of the morning to be alone and talk about what’s bothering them, or even confess to things they did. *sigh*… Why not just go apologize to the ones you hurt, rather than grovel in a place where no one can hear you? I couldn’t stand it.

It was then, around the time I began to remember these things, that people began to get restless. They were anxious about the embarrassments and skeletons they had thought they’d buried suddenly coming to light. That’s why when people ask about it now, I simply say I don’t remember anything. I don’t need to risk my life professing to know everyone’s secrets.

But a confession made when no one’s listening isn’t a confession, you say? That’s right. It’s nothing more than self-consoling. So when I remembered someone confessing to burying a corpse, I sent an anonymous letter to the authorities. Ha ha, why are you looking at me like that, Master? Actually, I just remembered the wish you made to my tree fifteen years ago…

Light Hana

Born from a tree full of light from the sun, this young Astromon is of particular interest to ecologists for the special influence she has on her surroundings

Out of all the humanoid Astromons, light Hanamis are considered to be especially close to Nature. Research has discovered these Astromons must get sufficient water and light to grow and remain active

The healing powers of a fully grown Hanahime are nothing short of miraculous. Some theories also claim Hanahimes can help awaken the latent potential of those around them.

A humanoid Astromon considered to be especially close to nature, trait that is only further accentuated through the process of super evolution. Many of these Astromons are reported to occasionally do things their human masters cannot understand.

Certain light Hanas exhibit strange eating habits not seen in other humanoid Astromons, such as their enjoyment of tonics made specifically for bonsai plants. Such behaviors have bolstered theories that light Hanas are actually plant Astormons who only appear to be humanoid Astromons.

– Excerpt from a researcher’s memo pad

“They’re always on my mind—the many indignities that I would have had to endure, had I not been born in the form of a human.

“You’re clearly a warm, kind person, and I believe your affection for me is genuine. But at the same time, I realized with great clarity over the past few days that your love and kindness only exist within a limited sphere.

“Are you aware that my very being exists apart from that sphere, beyond the borders of what you think merits respect?

“There is more I wish to say, but my train is almost here and I must leave. Let the record show that the contract between this Hanahime and her master has been annulled.”

– Excerpt from a neatly written letter on a certain master’s desk

Dark Hana

Dark Hanas are born from trees filled with moonlight. Only few seem to exist, and very little has been observed of them. More research is required to investigate the differences between a normal Hana and a dark Hana.

After absorbing enough moonlight, a dark Hana will evolve into a Hanami. It is said a dark Hana can only photosynthesize light from the moon, and that sunlight has no beneficial effects on them.

Once a dark Hanami absorbs enough moonlight over a period of many years, she will finally evolve into a Hanahime. Dark Hanahimes are nocturnal, which generally results in relatively little interaction with their masters, but they exhibit extraordinary power once the sun sets.

Dark Hanas are born from trees filled with moonlight. For some reason, they seem to lose all energy when in direct contact with sunlight. Different from other Hanas, they are nocturnal and in some cases have been reported to enter suspended animation if they do not receive enough moonlight.

Their power relies heavily on the moon, so that when the moon is full they are able to exhibit entirely unexpected and surprising abilities.

These traits all become amplified when dark Hanas undergo super evolution, after which they begin to have serious issues interacting with masters who are morning people. They therefore prefer masters who similarly sleep little (if at all) at night.

“Listen, Hanahime. Moonlight is nothing more than sunlight bouncing off the moon; the two are essentially the same thing. That means that if you just put your mind to it, you can sleep at night and be awake during the day!”

“I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.”

“Hanahime! I’m telling you, that sunlight out there is basically the same as moonlight! Moonlight is just reflected sunlight!”

“Look, Master, I’m not a scientist. I don’t understand a word that you’re saying. I’m going to sleep.”

“Then at least please just be quiet late at night. I can’t go to work if I don’t get any sleep.”

“Whatever. I’m going to have fun tonight. If you wanna sleep, try sleeping outside.”

“…This is my house.”

– A conversation between a Hanahime and a morning person

Which Hana Element Is Worth it?

Simple answer: All the elements are very nice to have for Hana with the weakest element being Water while the best Element is up for debate between Wood, Light and even Dark.

Hana Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Hana would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Hana SoulStones Banner
Story FarmingDDCCB
Golem FarmingBDCSS
Ancient ColossusBAASS
Dragon TowerDDCBB
Dimensional RiftBCSSS
Tower of ChaosCCCAA
Tower of Chaos ElementsBAASS
League AttackDDCSS
League DefenseDDASS
Clan TitansSDSSS

How To Get Hana?

Yes, while there is no real method to get Hana, there are a few ways to slowly get them.

  • Shady Shop Shards
  • Summoning Shop (RNG)
  • Astromon Eggs
  • Event Guardian Dungeons

Hana is not a rare Astromon that is hard to collect as they do pop up quite often enough whether you are opening eggs or summoning for you to easily EVO3 the basic elements without much trouble.

Hana Cherry Blossom Sakura

Which Hana To SuperEVO?

If you afford to, SuperEVO all Elements of Hana, also Water Hana is really up to personal preference as she is a very niched one. Depending on your game focus, would you priority which one to SuperEVO first. For me, as someone who focuses more on the Arena (PVP) and Content Clearing side, I will focus more towards Light, Dark and Wood Hana over Fire and Water.

Which Hana To Ascend?

Just the same as SuperEVO, if you SuperEVOed your Hana, you should also Ascend them too.

Will Fayie Build For Hana?

Besides not owning a Light Hana, I have the other 4 elements at Evo3. All 4 of them are properly gemmed geared towards what I use them for. Here is how I would gemmed them if I had them or what I already currently have them as.

Gem SetMy BuildMy BuildMy Build
FireBastion SetHP %HP %DEF %
Water Bastion SetHP %HP %DEF %
WoodMagi SetHP %HP %DEF %
Light* Magi SetHP %HP %HP %
DarkProtection SetDEF %DEF %DEF %
* What I would strive for
Fayie Enterprise