3/4★ Ginger Cookie

3/4★ Ginger Cookie

In Monster Super League, 2021 is the first appearance of the Ginger Cookie Astromon. This Astromon was introduced in the form of an exotic capture Astromon.

Ginger Cookie has a combination of 3 types, Attacker, Defender and Tank with the basic elements being 3★ whilst Light and Dark is a natural 4★ Astromon.


Fire Ginger Cookie

A cute cookie-shaped Astromon

Biting into it will probably be delicious, but no Master seems t have tried it yet.

A cookie-shaped Astromon dressed in an impressive solider’s uniform

It seems to be obsessing over walnuts for some reason

After evolving, the Astromon transformed completely into a Nutcracker Doll, with no trace of his former cookie-like appearance

But I wonder if he’ll even be able to crack any nuts with his tiny mouth?

Water Ginger Cookie

“Giner Cookie, I have one small request.”


“… May I have just one small bite out of you?”


“There are so many rude people in this world. Don’t you agree?”

“But… I just want to know if you really taste like cookies…”

“Then can I take a bite out of Master too? I’m curious if Master’s arms taste ike steak.”


“Well then, go ahead and bite me. Wasn’t that your lifelong wish?”

“Uh… If I bite you now, it might look a little… Strange. Besides, you don’t look like a cookie anymore…”

“The only thing that changed is that I look like a human now, but you’ve already changed your tune. You humans are all the same.”


Wood Ginger Cookie

This cookie-shaped Astromon pops up whenever he hears the sound of a walnut being cracked. Why is he so obsessed with walnuts?

He is very good at hearing the crack of a walnut. According to legends, he can detect walnuts that are even an hours walk away…

If he senses the presence of a hard walnut, he will walk a thousand miles just to crack the nut. His charm is that he cracks the walnuts with magic rather than his teeth.

Light Ginger Cookie

A Cookie Fairy travelling the land of Latecia in search of Winter Bells. Like Rudolph and Snowee, this fairy is known as the Herald of Christmas

This sound of Christmas bells ring throughout Latecia, signifying yet another busy day for the Cookie Fairy.

A special Astromon that finally apears in time for Christmas. He transformed into a nutcracker doll with no trace of his former cookie-like appearance.

Dark Ginger Cookie

A cookie-shaped Astromon with a strange aura. He smells vaguely like chocolate, but smelling it for a long time might be a bad idea…

A solider Cookie Fairy with a strange aura. I have a feeling I’ll get into trouble if I get too close to him…

A Dark Nutcracker Doll with a strange aura. Like other nutcracker dolls, he is tirelessly cracking nuts, but eating those walnuts might be a bad idea…

Which Element Ginger Cookie Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Fire is 100% recommended to build. While Wood can be super nice to have during 3★ Astromon Leagues as a defender. The other 3 elements are decent and can be applied in super niche areas such as Light can be a very decent debuffer for Clan Titan.

Ginger Cookie Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Ginger Cookie would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Ginger Cookie Banner
Ginger CookieFireWaterWoodLightDark
Story FarmingDDDCC
Golem FarmingDDDCB
Ancient ColossusSDDCA
Dragon TowerDDDDD
Dimensional RiftDDBDA
Tower of ChaosSDDDD
Tower of Chaos ElementsSCBBB
League AttackCDS1DD
League DefenseDDS1DD
Clan TitansDCDAA
1 – During 3★ Astromon Leagues

Is It Worth Spamming Story for Ginger Cookie?

Yes and also no, the entire line of Ginger Cookie is nothing special, Fire is super unique but also very niched. It would be great for collectors and Astrogems hunters as it is a brand new Astromon which means something new to your collection and also Astrogems for collecting and evolving it.

Which Ginger Cookie To SuperEVO?

Ginger Cookie is incapable of SuperEVO at this current stage, if she was, Dark would be the only one I would consider SuperEVOing as a Moral + Perservere combo can be very strong.

Should I Ascended Ginger Cookie?

For the same reason, I would only consider Ascending the Dark Ginger Cookie. Although his base attack is slightly lacking, Ascension would make it somewhat decent.

Will Fayie Build Ginger Cookie?

I will build the Fire and Dark Ginger Cookie, with Fire full DEF with Life set and Dark being Crit Rate, ATK ATK. Although, both will be done over time as I don’t have any need for either Astromons at all.

As for the other elements, I would be getting each one of the to Evo3, however, they will more than likely be sitting in my bank doing nothing as I have no use for them whatsoever.

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