MSL Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem

Monster Super League Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem is only available every day for 13 energy per attempt.

The Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem is level 150 with 1.7 million HP and 20% Crit Rate with 50% Crit Damage and 20% Resist. It has Greater Sap Resistance and Invincibility (Immune to seal and action-inhibiting effects.) along with Dimensional Energy Absorption as it’s passive buffs. It also has Resurrection which resurrects it’s two minions (Left & Right mobs) when they are dead and 100% Sap skills for 2 and 5 turns respectively for its first and second active skills.

Why Do Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem

While Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem to me at least is a tad more difficult to complete than Light Dimensional Ancient Golem but with the right team combination, you should not have many issues with it at all as long as you have the following two supports that contain SP Recovery & Shield and at least 1 DPS that contains Puncture. The main reason any player would want to do any Dimensional Ancient Golem dungeons would be for PVP gears. Especially for the Gem of Damage Reduction which would be a huge plus for Astromons in the Defence Team.

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to subsite them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent. All DPS are recommended to be at the very least Ascended due to the high damage the enemies will deal in this dungeon.

Fayie’s Team 1

  • Light Draka – Ascended (Main ATK, DPS)
  • Light Cupid – Evo 3 or above (Support, Shield)
  • Light Venus – Evo 3 or above (SP Regen, Support)
  • Light Artemis – Near Ascended (Sap, Secondary DPS)

Possible Substitutes

  • Light Mini Seira – Ascended (SP Regen, Secondary DPS)
  • Light Zeus- Ascended (SP Regen, Main DPS)
  • Light Mini Eve – Ascended (SP Regen, Secondary DPS)
  • Light Indra – Ascended (SP Regen, Main DPS)
  • Light Balrona – Ascended (Crowd Control, Main DPS)
  • Light Hana – SuperEVO or above (Heal, Shield)
  • Light Cura – SuperEVO or above (Heal, SP Regen)

Fayie’s Gem Sets


MSL - DAG - Light Draka

Light Draka
Any Rank Above Ascended

Gem Set
+40% SP Siphon Set

Light Cupid
Any Rank Above Evo 3

Gem Set
+40% SP Siphon Set

Light Cupid GemSet
MSL - DAG - Light Venus

Light Venus
Any Rank Above Evo 3

Gem Set
+20% DEF Protection Set
HP %
HP %
HP %

Light Artemis
Any Rank Above Near Ascended

Gem Set
+40% CDMG Ruin Set

MSL - DAG - Light Artemis

While my golem guides are as closely related to each other in terms of Astromons, this is using the same Astromon’s we used back in the Dark Dimensional Rift & Water Ancient Colossus along with some new Astromons I will be introducing today; Light Venus and Light Artemis.

While Light Venus should be very easy to obtain provided you have participated in one of the Venus events that happens yearly now. While Artemis is a lot trickier and requires luck. Instead, a high DPS or one mediocre DPS that is paired with SP Regen such as Battle Rush or Moral Boost would do the trick such as Light Mini Seira, Light Eve, Light Indra etc.

For me, I have noticed, puncture Astromons such as Light Draka/Balrona would still be much better in this place than any other kinds including Damage Boost (Predator skills).

I split my team into three main groups for Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem, DPS: DPS, Utility: Def Down and SP Regen and Support: Healers and Shield.

  • Light Draka falls under DPS & SP Regen
  • Light Venus falls under Support with its shield and heals.
  • Light Cupid and falls under both Utility & Support with his heal and SP regen.
  • Light Artemis falls under Utility and DPS with her SP regen and DPS.
MSL - Dark Colossus Dark Karnon RES Trinket
Dark Karnon Crit Res Trinket

Idea behind this team composition is very simple, Light Draka is your main DPS and is not overly difficult to obtain her either. She has very high DPS and along with puncture she melts both the boss and trash waves every time she attacks. With Cupid and Artemis giving her additional SP regen support, she should have 100% puncture uptime always making every attack of hers even her passive completely lethal. While Venus will provide her with near 100% uptime on shield, this is to prevent her gaining any nasty debuffs such as sap which would kill her if stacked high enough. Meanwhile Artemis will also provide some DPS support.


Trinkets here starts to matter more and more, I have noticed, I had to go in and get +15 in my trinkets for DPS Astromons using either 5* or 6* variants trinkets. This was the first time I felt that trinkets actually mattered, and its stat boost was needed in order to survive a dungeon unlike the previous content that has been put out. This dungeon would have gone smoother and maybe faster probably if I also did my support trinkets too. Although, I am sure most of you have already started to dabble into trinket without question and by now gathered quite a bit from the dailies.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate it’s effectiveness and speed.
Monster Super League Dark Dimensional Ancient Golem
Fayie Enterprise