3/4★ Crowhook

Monster Super League 3★ Rebirth Month

Monster Super League has a long tradition of having certain Astromons on the 3★ Rebirth during each month. This rebirth event last from the start of the month until the last day of the month. They are normal Astromons that are easy to get however, the Light and Dark Versions are usually Natural 4★ Astromons. At times, this event will bring an additional different Light and Dark Astromon in the L/D Egg Pool after 30 pulls.


Fire Crowhook

One of the pirates found along the Pagos Coast. Their robust physique and dangerous hook mean you’d better approach with caution.

This evolved form is adept at—and even enjoys—commanding their subordinates to swab the deck and tie knots

Their artificial hand can fire a cannon ball capable of sinking a small boat with one shot. Recently, Captain Crow has made enemies with the Kraken Clan, making life at sea tough, but that’s what pirate life is all about.

Water Crowhook

“Avast! Drop the anchor! Now, lad, if ye try to escape while I’m ashore, ye’ll be walking the plank… Hold on? Where’d he go?!”

“While you were busy talking, he escaped!”

Quote from the kids’ show “Yarr! Captain Crow’s Comedy Cruise!”

“The first mate doesn’t really do much. Granted they do a lot of plundering on land, but they rarely lift a finger while at see; they just leave it all to their subordinates. I guess that’s why everyone vies for the first mate position.”

– Excerpt from “It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me (and Me Astromon)” by Roger Skullhands

“Captain of the Crow Brotherhood. As head of a band of gruff, wild pirates, the captain always has to be bold and brave. Whenever there’s a fight to be had, they will be at the front, leading their crew like a true warrior of the sea.”

– Excerpt from “It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me (and Me Astromon)” by Roger Skullhands

Wood Crowhook

Despite Crowhook’s low rank on the ship, their fiery temper that instills fear in those around them. A vicious pirate indeed.

“It can be a bit boring at times, but nothing quite beats the feeling of finding some treasure.”

– Crowthorn

“Who does that scurvy cur think he is, trespassing on our waters?! He needs to know that this is Crow Brotherhood territory! I’m gonna teach him the rules of the sea, starting with: we pirates never give anything for free, only take it!”

– Captain Crow

Light Crowhook

A grunt working for the Crow Brotherhood. Even though Crowhook’s rank is low, his precious golden hook shines brighter than any treasure stolen by the Crow Brotherhood.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, he rose to the rank of first mate. Now, no pirate will be able to look down on him.

After countless trials, he reached the pinnacle of the Crow Brotherhood. The shining golden hook became the new trademark of the Crow Brotherhood.

Dark Crowhook

A gloomy-looking pirate of the Crow Brotherhood. Even though Crowhook’s rank is low, he has an evil aura unlike any other.

Maybe it was thanks to his dark aura, but he quickly rose to the rank of a middle manager. His Crowhook subordinates claim he is surprisingly kind.

He lost an eye during a battle with the Kraken Brotherhood… Or so they say, but no one knows the truth.

… Maybe he wears the eyepatch as a fashion statement…

Which Element Crowhook Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Water, Wood and Dark are very nice Astromons to have.

Water and Wood Crowhook has been one of the best Nat3 Astromons for PVP League. They both hit ridiculously hard and can take a hit or two before rolling over, making them a real tough burst Nuke team to deal with. While outside of ★3 League Week, they are nothing special at all.

Dark Crowhook on the other hand is the very first double Fearless Taunter in game. While only being a ★4 Astromon, he can still be very solid Astromon as a PVP Defender if he ever receives SuperEVO and Ascension. Although, his Taunts rates are only 80(+10%) & 70% respectively which is not ideal as that’s RNG ontop of the resist RNG.

Crowhook Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Crowhook would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Crowhook Rebirth List
Story FarmingDCCBD
Golem FarmingDDDCD
Ancient ColossusDDDCD
Dragon TowerDDDDD
Dimensional RiftDDDDD
Tower of ChaosDDDDD
Tower of Chaos ElementsDDDBB
League AttackDS1S1DC
League DefenseDS1S1DB
Clan TitansDDDDD
1 – During Special Season ★3 League Week

Is It Worth Summoning for Crowhook?

I would do it if you have nothing better to do with your Nat3 Astromons for collection or if you want to get yourself a Wood/Water/Dark Crowhook for PVP, It is 100% worth it.

Which Crowhook To SuperEVO?

When SuperEVO is available for Crowhook, then Wood, Water, Light and Dark are all going to be very worth your superstones.

Should I Ascended Crowhook?

Until SuperEVO, I would only consider Wood and Water purely for ★3 League Week.

Will Fayie Build Crowhook?

I have a Wood and Water Crowhook, however, I never built them as I just still cheese through each week on league using Dark Nukers. However, this could change and use them if they were capable of SuperEVO though.

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