MSL Astrogem Farming Guide

Monster Super Leagues Gem Farming

Updated as of November 2023

One of the best features in Monster Super League that is unlike most other Mobile Games is that it’s premium Currency, Astrogems is 100% farmable.

While Fayie only makes 10,000 Gems monthly, you can get alot more than just 10,000 following this guide.

10,000 Astrogems monthly, in real $ AUD value that’s nearly $280 AUD. That’s about $178 USD (as of Nov 2023).

There are many methods currently but let me tell you mine.

All Months are counted as 30 Days & 4 weeks

  • Daily Quests
    • 30 Gems Daily
      • 900 Monthly
  • Weekly Quest
    • 120 Gems Weekly
      • 480 Monthly
  • Monthly quest
    • 300 Monthly
      • 300 Monthly
  • Mon-Fri Run Story mode Only
    • Stop for Rares, Legendary and any Variant Astromons*
    • *I choose to skip Exotics since I have most of them already. I would recommend to not skip them, since collecting all of them builds towards your collection which also gives gems as well.
      • Variant Exotics do not give gems like an Variant Astromon would do.
    • You get Astrogems for catching Super Rares & Above or Variant Astromons
    • You have a small chance of receiving an Astrogems for finishing a storymode.
      • This is very RNG based, I usually get 4,000+ monthly
  • All Variants, keep them, and combine together to Evo3 (or Sliming Method)
    • Evolve an Astromon to evolution level 2 (10gems): Repeatable up to 40 times per week (400 gem weekly)
      • 1600 Monthly
    • Evolve an Astromon to evolution level 3 (60 gems): Repeatable up to 10 times per week (600 gems weekly)
      • 2400 Monthly
  • Sat-Sun Run Dragon B10 or Golem B11 or Elementals/Star Stones
  • Do PVP Leagues, whenever you have time/bothered to
    • Rank Diamond Tier 3 is very doable (200 Gems), go higher if you can
      • 800 Monthly
  • Do Champion’s League at least once
    • When Champion League comes out every fortnight, you should always try, getting Platinum Tier 3 is not hard (300 Gems)
    • Fayie get’s to Hero 1 Rank (1,500 Gems fortnightly) but Platinum is very do-able
      • 600 Monthly
  • Do Clan Battle as often as you can
    • If you cannot get ranked high in Titan Clan Battle, start your own
    • You will be guaranteed 150~350 gems weekly. (Let’s say 150 weekly)
      • 600 Monthly
  • Weekly Clan Astrogem Lucky Box
    • 30-1000 Weekly (Let’s average at 100 weekly)
      • 400 Monthly
  • Grab the free Gems reward daily by watching an Ad
    • 20-200 Daily, (Let’s average at 40 gems daily)
      • 1200 Monthly
  • Send 50 friends energy daily
    • 50 gems every 5 days
      • 300 Monthly
  • Find Nezz (3 times a day)
    • 9 18 gems a day
      • 270 540 Monthly
  • Tower of Chaos 1-120 (Floor 30 & 70)
    • 100 and 300 gems respectively
      • 400 Monthly
  • Shady Shop (This is new !!!)
    • You can buy 50 Astrogems for 100g when it pops up
    • Use your 3x Refresh daily to get more chances throughout the day
    • Calculating at a minimum of 50 Astrogems a day
      • Minimum of 1500 Monthly

Fayie does not stop for Rare Exotics Astromons, I feel that they are a waste of time, since I do get distracted quite often. Which means, more often than not, I would just be waiting there at a Rare Astromon for 20minutes + until I remember I was running MSL in the background. Since the update where auto-capture has been increased, I let it capture Rares so I can mass release them for a good RNG chance of getting 30 gems + enhancement materials for ascension. I still do not capture Exotics unless I need them as I rather let those Special Astrochips stack up for new Exotic releases.

Fayie does not do sliming consistently. I don’t cap my slime rates out weekly, instead, I evo2 any of the variants I receive and call it a day. Some weeks with good RNG. I hit the sliming cap, otherwise, I don’t. You can definitely finish it off if you are into min-maxing however I prefer to use that extra time during the weekends to get a couple of more gems.

MSL Sliming Limits
MSL Sliming Limits

Some things to note is, that I participate in Hero Festival monthly & High Egg Pulls which both I release all Natural 3 Astromons, unless it is a fusion Astromon I need. By releasing the Astromon, there are good chances to get 30 Astrogems.

If you are into min-maxing you are 100% getting at least 10,250 10,520 12,020 gems a month just by playing the game. The rest depends on your RNG encounters on Super Rare and above or variants during story mode.

Other Activities that awards Gems

In addition to the massive list of things you do to get gems by just passively playing the game. There are more things that actually rewards you such as

  • 4* or 5* Rebirth Festival (300 gems per 5 Rebirths)
  • SuperEVO Festival (400 Gems once per festival)
  • Evolving Astromons to 6* (100 gems per evolve)
  • Join the official MSL Discord Channel, Monthly Coupon are handed out here which usually contains 60 Astrogems
  • If you are buying out all the Nat3/4 Soulstones from Shady Shop, every 30 summons using soulstone gives 100 Astromons

What’s the point of Astrogems?

First, if you are a Free to Play player like myself, you may want to buy the 990 gem ship monthly for the extra Astromon slots to free up your initial Astromon spaces.

I personally only brought it once or twice since I don’t need the additional perks it provides. I only needed some additional slots to offload some of my excess Astromons that I never use but don’t want to release. Since you are able to purchase it and store all your unused Astromons in there, and while the ship expired, the Astromons will stay in there. You can also take it out but you just cannot put any back inside. Since the recent update, you cannot take them out anymore. So they are just locked away under another storage, which is fine for Astromons you completely don’t need. If you ever need them, you would just need to purchase the upgrade again.

Which means, perfect for Astromons you already Evo3 for example that you will never use ever.

Otherwise, if you are like majority of the players and myself, you will dump it all in Festival Events.

Just remember, it is most profitable when it is during a Festival, whether it is the new Primo Festival or the Hero’s Festival or Clan Festival. They all have their own advantages and reasons to invest in.

Best of luck grinding gems !

10k is just purely a starting point, you can make a lot more depending how much you invest in playing. As for me, I play maybe 6-7 hours a day on auto but some of you can play much longer which means more gems in the long run.

Also, there are special rare buffs that lets you encounter more rares and above which means more Astrogems.

Special Thanks to MrFreaky90 on Reddit for brainstorming some of these ideas with me.

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