5★ Midsummer Miho

Monster Super League 5★ Rebirth Festival

Midsummer Miho is an 5★ Astromon that was introduced just 1 year ago during an Summer Event. It returned in 2023 as an Primo Festival Astromon in Monster Super League.

All players that farm and grind PVE content should at the very least get a Evo 3 Water and a Dark on the side (I’ll go in more details with the issues with Dark Element below) while PVPers should focus on getting the Light Element. While I wouldn’t go and say that Midsummer Miho is a gamechanger in the world of Monster Super League, but water Midsummer Miho will brings so much quality of life by just having her for PVE content. Whether you are attempting to pull for an Water element for PVE or a Light for PVP they are completely worth your Astrogems funds for the Primo Festival and let me tell you why.


Fire Midsummer Miho

A limited-time Astromon that only appears in midsummer while a special celestial energy is in the air. It is armed with irresistable cuteness.

An Astromon born from the wakes of a special star spanning across the midsummer sky. It looks nearly identical to the existing Miho, but is actually an entirely new Astromon.

Although it is a totally different Astromon, Midsummer Miho seems to have inherited quite a few characteristics of the existing Miho. However, there is one exception…

Water Midsummer Miho

* ※ Caution. Do not open.

* This is Midsummer Miho’s personal diary. Do not touch it!

* If you open it, a terrible curse will befall your family, acquaintances, and even friends of friends.

– An excerpt from a diary found on Pagos Coast. There is a cute dolphin sticker on the front cover.

* (A comical drawing of Summer Miho)

* Meow☆! I opened it! And I’m scribbling all over the diary!

*Since I opened the diary without permission, am I cursed now?

* But since we’re both each other’s friends, does that mean the owner of the diary is also cursed?

* The owner of the diary must be a complete moron!

– An excerpt from a diary found on Pagos Coast. Judging by the different handwriting, it seems to have been written by someone other than the owner of the diary.

* This is my diary! Stop scribbling on it!

* Who’s to say what’s mine and yours? And it’s not scribbling, I was writing a diary entry. From now on, we can share the diary!

* Nonsense! And also, is that a drawing of me? I do not look like that!

* Meow? Are you saying it looks a lot better than you actually do?

* …You’ll be sorry for this.

* (An angry dolphin doodle)

– An excerpt of a diary found on Pagos Coast. It looks like two friends fought a fierce doodling battle in the corner of the diary.

Wood Midsummer Miho

June 6th? 7th? Whatever. Weather : Sunny.

Today, I went to Pagos Coast with Master. Walking barefoot on the sand is always fun. After playing in the water for a while, I came across a floating sea tree in the water. Curious, I called over Master, and he explained,”That’s not a tree- it’s seagrass.”

When Master was not looking, I reached out my hand to pluck a few colorful sea tree leaves, but I can’t remember what happened after taking a bite. When I opened my eyes, the sun had disappeared and the stars were in the sky.

Master’s eyes were a swollen mess, but he won’t tell me what happened.

I had a lot of fun today.☆

June 8th. Weather : Cloudy.

Today, I went to play beach volleyball with my Master. He had dark circles under his eyes, probably from working overnight yesterday. I thought he would feel better if we played together, so I held out my arm and spiked as hard as I could. However, the spike sent Master flying over the horizon along with the ball.

I ran for some time looking for Master and found him passed out with his eyes open and drool coming from his mouth. I poured seawater on him and slapped his cheek to wake him up, but Master didn’t move. I was worried that he might sleep forever, but fortunately, Master woke up. I don’t know why, but he said he’ll need to stay at a hospital for a while.

I had a lot of fun today.☆

June 10th. Weather : Very sunny.

Today, I visited Master at the hospital. The doctor looked worried and said the patient needed to get more rest. Luckily, I’m here to help with that! Master’s arms and legs were covered in bandages, but maybe because he slept well, he looked more refreshed than when he worked at the office. I’m confident that going to work is bad for Master. So I’m going to write a resignation letter and submit it to his workplace without him knowing. Since Master won’t have to go to work, I can play with him on weekdays and weekends!

I had a lot of fun today.☆

Light Midsummer Miho

“Master, master! You left your lunchbox again!”

“Oh… How strange. I was sure I packed it…”

“Master… I hear a lot of young people get dementia nowadays…”

“W-what are you talking about? I’m not that forgetful!”

“Master, there’s something else you forgot. Come back!”

“Hmph, I packed my bag perfectly this time. Trust me, I’m not that clumsy. Look, I packed my wallet, my handkerchief, and even my hair tie, so my hair won’t fall into my mouth while I eat…”

“Sure, sure. I’m really proud of you, Master.

…But shouldn’t you put on your pants before you leave?”

“Huh…? Uh…O-oh!”

“Master, are there things you’ve been forgetting lately?”

“I’m all grown up now. I’m not clumsy like before, so don’t worry about me. Just like Miho evolved into Horan, I’m an adult now.”

“…Well, there’s something you always forget when you go for a walk. I think it’s time you remembered to bring it with you.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? I packed everything.”

“…Me. You always leave me behind in an empty house all by myself…”

“Uh… H-huh?!”

“Master, your ears are all red! I guess you haven’t forgotten how to be embarrassed! Haha!”

Dark Midsummer Miho

“Master, aren’t you scared of me?

“Hmm? What am I supposed to be scared of? You’re adorable.”

“…You saw the archives yesterday. About the Dark Miho…”

“Well, the records about the Super Evolution Dark Miho were a little scary. To think that it would do such hideous things to other Astromons out of love for its Master! Besides, I have a weak stomach, so such gory details are a little upsetting…

But that has nothing to do with you! Midsummer Miho is different from the other Miho. And I know you better than anyone else. There’s no Astromon as lovely as you!”

Master always says he knows me well, but he doesn’t know anything about me. He doesn’t know why ■■ disappeared, why, he can’t get in touch with ■■■ anymore, or why we were trapped in that deserted cabin that night…

– Words scribbled on someone’s secret notebook. Eraser marks and smudges are visible in several places.

…How long can I pretend I don’t know? How long am I going to allow myself to be fooled?

I’ve known for a long time that something is wrong with her. But I thought I could handle it. No one is born evil, so I believed that I could guide her towards the right path.

…But I found a part of ■■ this morning.

I hid the fact that I knew what she did. Even if it’s all an illusion, I don’t want to break this peace. I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. As I write this, I am going to forget everything.

– A sealed letter. It was likely hidden away for a while, but it looks like someone opened it recently.

Which Element Midsummer Miho Is Worth it?

Simple answer: Water & Light is a must for PVE and PVP respectively while the other three are decent to build but isn’t totally needed.

Water Midsummer Miho for PVE is insane, it is currently as of July 2023 the only Nat 5 Water element Astromon with the puncture ability on it’s active. When Puncture was originally announced and debuted with Fire Draka, it completely and quickly took over the PVE scene, and to this day, it is still going strong despite some nerfs in-between then and now. We have Draka for Fire, Artemis for Wood, Balrona, Draka and Zeus for Light and Gilgamesh for Dark but no Water Puncture all this time until now. This is why Water Element Midsummer Miho is so important to the PVE scene.

Light Midsummer Miho is an L/D version of Water Scheherazade with a higher base HP & Def stats with the sacrifice of Attack stats. Which is totally fine since her job is to keep the team up and running and crowd control free & not DPS. Although arguably Water Scheherazade would have a better passive with 40(+10)% Morale Boost versus Midsummer Miho’s 10% HP/SP battle Rush but that would also make Midsummer Miho slightly tankier and a backup passive healer. Further, Midsummer Miho gives straight out of the books 3 Immunity turns so there isn’t a real need to fuss over skill books as opposed to Scheherazade which needs to skill book both active & passive to get the extra 10% Morale Boost and 1 immunity turn.

Dark & Wood Midsummer Miho would really shine in Dimensional Ancient Golem content as the Boss & mini boss fights have ridiculous amount of stats making it the best scenario to use Lethal Strike. However, the problem with the Dark & Wood element as mentioned earlier would be that Lethal strike isn’t on both Passive & Active making her Active attack quite weak. Which tends to not be quite an issue as you usually won’t be spamming actives. However, in Dimensional Ancient Golem, you would usually bring along an Morale Support Astromon such as Dark Hana where you can keep the uptime of all your Actives in your team to every other turn. While Dark Miho has an AOE buff of Attack Up, that damage boost won’t close the gap between the damage she could of outputted if she had Lethal Strike on both skills.

Lastly, Fire is a Full Buff Breaker and a supporter that would be very useful in niche content of Tower of Chaos where you would need to break certain buffs in order to climb higher. It isn’t a totally high priority but nice to have once you encounter those stages in ToC.

Midsummer Miho Tier List

Fayiette’s tier list for Griffin would be the following from S to D

  • S = Must have
  • A = Good to have
  • B = Decent to have
  • C = Whatever to have
  • D = Useless to have
Midsummer MihoFireWaterWoodLightDark
Story FarmingDSDDD
Golem FarmingDSB*DB*
Ancient ColossusDSSAA
Dimensional Ancient GolemCS*A*AA*
Dragon TowerDADAA
Dimensional RiftDSA*AA*
Tower of ChaosDACAA
Tower of Chaos ElementsS1ABAS
League AttackDABSA
League DefenseDCBSA
Clan TitansBCABA
* In their respective counter elements
1 In their respective elements

How To Get Midsummer Miho?

There is only one way currently to get yourself a Midsummer Miho.

  • 5★ Primo Festival (July 2023)

Although Midsummer Miho is not considered an Primo exclusive Astromon, it has only appeared twice in the span of a year making it a very rare Astromon to collect.

MSL Midsummer Miho Promo Banner
MSL Midsummer Miho Banner

Is It Worth Pulling for Midsummer Miho?

Yes, as it is quite rare itself, and being currently the only Water Element with Puncture, I would 100% recommending this even if you can only pull this a few times to get enough to Evo3 your free Water Midsummer Miho. It is costly, and will cost you probably around 10k Astrogems or so to maybe even get a total of 3 Midsummer Mihos but it will be totally worth your while. I personally did 33 pulls just a few days ago getting Fire, Water and Dark element Midsummer Mihos.

Which Midsummer Miho To Ascend?

Currently, I firmly believe water and light should be the main priority to be worth ascending. With Water for PVE and Light for PVP. Wood and Dark as second priority and fire can be done if you have excess dimensional stones to spare.

Will Fayie Build For Midsummer Miho?

Yes, I do have Water, Fire and Dark Midsummer Miho. I will be Evo3ing Water and Dark and building them both.

For Water Midsummer Miho I will go with Siphon, Crit, Attack % Attack % since despite having 4 Water elements, only 1 of them had square and that same one did not have any triangles. At this point in time, I will not be transforming one of those diamond slots to triangle, I might later on if I need a bit more dps for her.

For Dark, I will be gemming her under Ruin (40% Crit Damage) Gemset with Crit, Attack % Attack %.

For Light, I would gem her under Pugilist Gemset with DEF% DEF% DEF%.

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