Lost Ark – How to Upgrade PVP’s Champion’s Crest

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, you may have came across some bugs or things that just don’t look right? But are they really bugs or are there hidden prerequisites?

Are you PVPing in Lost Ark simply because you love it or because the empty space in your Character Profile and your OCD is kicking in wanting it filled in? Regardless of the reason, you may have gotten to Supreme 2 or above in PVP and purchased the Rubellite of Will for 200 Coin of Courage. However, you have no idea how to upgrade your Brass Champion’s Crest to the Silver Champion’s Crest. You checked the Honing area or the Abyssal Equipment Crafter and still stuck on the whereabouts is this mysterious NPC.

Let’s go no further, the solution is actually very simple. The NPC which will upgrade or craft your Brass Champion’s Crest to the next tier is the same PVP Vendor NPC.

Lost Ark - How to Upgrade Champion's Crest
Lost Ark – How to Upgrade Champion’s Crest

Simple right? Here is a video of myself crafting to the very next tier.

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