Lost Ark – Omnium Star Collection Locations

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, there is a total of 8 different type of collections players can collect. Omnium Star are one of them. There are currently as of this guide a total of 6 Omnium Star to be collected. Omnium Star are the very last collectible introduced in game, in fact, you must be T3 to even have it unlocked.

Omnium Star are best known for two things, Legendary Wealth Rune 2 Greater Skill Potions (a total of 12 skill points).

Like other Collections, collecting all the Omnium Star is not impossible but does rely on RNG, more specifically; #6 Omnium Star.

Below, we outlined each of the 6 Omnium Star, how to obtain them and what type of category they fall under.

Interestingly, Omnium Star is the only collectible in game that does not have an achievement.


Omnium StarHow To Obtain
Omnium Star #1Punika – Yellow Quest – Whispering Star
After Storyline quest, Purple Quest – Where Memories Begin is the start of this long chain quest.

Una’s Task

Omnium StarHow To Obtain
Omnium Star #2Una’s Task: Purification Ceremony (Level 2 Reward)
Omnium Star #2 Una Task
Omnium Star #2 Una Task

PVE Content / Raids / Dungeons

Omnium StarHow To Obtain
Omnium Star #5Punika’s World Boss Moake (ilvl 1340 to have a chance to hit)
Omnium Star #6Anguished Isle – Garden of Despair – Stella (Final Boss)
Omnium Star #7South Vern – Chaos Line (Final Boss)


Omnium StarHow To Obtain
Omnium Star #4Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel Sun Coin x8,000


Omnium StarHow To Obtain
Omnium Star #3Nia Trusted Stage
Nia’s Friendly 2 Rapport quest requires 330 Wisdom and 330 Kindness to accept. Friendly 2 and 3 Require 11,000 Points respectively.


You will be able to receive the rewards on Wisdom Isle.

Omnium Star Rewards
Omnium Star Rewards
Fayie Enterprise