Lost Ark – Salted Food Box/Old Encavian Food Chest Location

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, one of the joy past times for players to do is to reach 100% perfection on their Adventure Tome.

Lost Ark really does well in the collectibles area as it has many different types and kinds, whether it is collecting World Leaves to Mokoko Seeds to Island Souls to just name a few.

One of the collection systems you will encounter very early in game is the Adventure Tome. There is a different zone in each major continent to complete and every10% completion will give some very awesome rewards.

One particular Cooking Collectible that took longer to find than usual was the Salted Food Box where I was required to find the Old Encavian Food Chest.

Lost Ark - Old Encavian Food Chest
Old Encavian Food Chest

I was eventually able to locate the Old Encavian Food Chest in the Continent Yudia and area Ozhorn Hill. It was located near the Hidden Quest The Mirage – south-eastern part of the Nevatia Ruins.

Lost Ark - Old Encavian Food Chest Location
Old Encavian Food Chest Location

Remember to defeat the nearby mechanic monsters as they interrupt you when picking up the Food Chest.

Below, you can see visually where it is located.

Lost Ark - Old Encavian Food Chest Are
Old Encavian Food Chest Visual Area

Once you receive the Old Encavian Food Chest, return back to Triport at Aregal Salt Plains where the Cook is located.

Interact with the cook and look for the following recipe option and Request.

Once you have crafted it, go ahead and use it to add it to your Adventure Tome Collection.

Lost Ark - Salted Food Box Cook
Salted Food Box Recipe
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