Lost Ark – How to Destroy the Barricade in Mount Zagoras

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, you may be a Mokoko collector, and in Mount Zagoras you are already at 9/12 and is having trouble getting to the last three Mokoko seeds behind this pesky barricade.

Let’s find out how to get by the Barricade and get your perfect 12/12 in Mount Zagoras.

Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seeds
Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seeds

Truth be told, sometimes there is no secret method or way to do something, but the old brute force your way through.

That’s right, al lyou have to do is attack and attack and attack the barricade until it breaks. The more players attacking it, the faster it breaks down.

The pesky thing is probably even tougher and more resilient than the World Boss Rovlen.

There is no tricks to it, but there are ways to break the barricade faster

  • Equip High Attack Speed Cards/Engravings/Skills
  • Use multi-attack skills
  • Ask for help in area chat
  • Attack in groups
  • Don’t Give Up

The biggest waste of time is, trying to google and attempt to run around to find another path, it won’t work because it simply does not exist.

Lastly, the moment the barricade is down, run in right away, as as new barricade respawns really fast. You do not want to go through all of that again.

Saying that, you might be trapped in there, but that shouldn’t be much of a concern as you can just teleport out to any tripod.

Here is a video of me and a mage painstakingly killing this without giving up.

Below, find a video sample.

Fayie Enterprise