Lost Ark – Missing A Mage’s Story?

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, you may have came across some bugs or things that just don’t look right? But are they really bugs or are there hidden prerequisites?

Some of the players may be grinding through to unlock Taleu (To Unlock Wealth Runes), which involves completing a certain yellow chain quests.

  • The Missing Players
  • Falling Petals
  • Sanctum Under Siege (Hidden)
  • A Mage’s Story
  • Blooming Again
  • Flowers Bloom Once More
  • Music Echoes In Elzowin

However, what if you cannot find the NPC for A Mage’s Story after completing Falling Petals? That is because, there is actually a hidden quest called Sanctum Under Siege which is a prerequisite to activate A Mage’s Story.

You will be able to find the little pouch (I think it is a pouch) on the ground near the middle of the map in Glass Lotus Lake.

Lost Ark - Sanctum Under Siege Hidden Quest
Sanctum Under Siege Hidden Quest

Once you interact with the pouch, you will receive the hidden quest, which upon completion will unlock A Mage’s Story questline.

Lost Ark - Sanctum Under Siege Hidden Quest Location
Sanctum Under Siege Hidden Quest Location

Below, find a video sample.

A Mage’s Story NPC will be located here.

Lost Ark - A Mage's Story Unlocked
A Mage’s Story NPC Location
Fayie Enterprise