Lost Ark – How To Make Gold

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, the most important currency of them all is Gold. This currency even allows you to purchase the Premium Currency where you spend real money to obtain.

Let’s get right into it. There are many ways for an free to play player to make gold without spend any cash. The game actually encourages players to make lots of characters. This is also where you may need to exchange some of your Gold for Premium to purchase VIP Membership which is Crystalline Aura.

Lost Ark Crystalline Aura
Lost Ark Crystalline Aura

One of the biggest draw backs I noticed is that you cannot actually use the Premium Currency you purchase to buy Extra Character Slots. However, as Lost Ark is a free to play game, you can just make a new account and grind dailies and trade them with your main character without any restrictions.

Without further ado, let’s begin with all the rewards that are available “One Time” per Roster or Character.

Rapport (Once Per Roster)

ContinentEast Luterra
Thirain500 gold
Wavestrand Port Neria600 gold
Continent Arthetine
Sasha3,500 gold
Neria600 gold
Mercenary Zeira200 gold
Continent North Vern
Ealyn800 gold
Avele1,400 gold
Jederico900 gold
Lyanna2,700 gold
ContinentOcean / Other Islands
Marie1,000 gold
Ninav1,000 gold
Captain Blacktooth500 gold
Detori300 gold
Nia1,400 gold
Shana2,700 gold
Mei2,200 gold
Yun800 gold
Berbero800 gold
Albion800 gold
Halia1,100 gold
Lisien1,100 gold

Masterpieces (Once Per Roster)

As of this guide, there are just under 50 Masterpieces you are able to collect.

Master PiecesGold
20 Masterpieces3,000 Gold
30 Masterpieces5,000 Gold
34 Masterpieces8,000 Gold
38 Masterpieces13,000 Gold

Weekly Raids (Per Character)

Abyss RaidP1P2P3
Argos1,500 Gold800 Gold1,000 Gold
Abyss DungeonNormalHard
Distraught Forest700 Gold800 Gold
Rotting Glade 800 Gold900 Gold
Legion RaidNormalEpic
Valtan3,300 gold4,500 gold
Biackiss3,300 gold4,500 gold
Kouku-Saton4,500 goldN/A

Una’s Token (Una Points Reset Weekly Per Roster)

PointsUna Coins
25 Points27 Una’s Token
35 Points27 Una’s Token
45 Points36 Una’s Token
55 Points36 Una’s Token
70 Points54 Una’s Token

Una’s Token Gold Shop (No Restrictions)

Exchanged ItemUna’s Token Amount NeededGoldChance to Obtain
Gold pouch80 Una’s Token~200 Gold– Light gold plate (100 gold)
– Heavy gold plate (1,000 gold)
Gold Chest200 Una’s Token~500 Gold– Light gold plate (100 gold)
– Heavy gold plate (1,000 gold)
Gold Casket500 Una’s Token~1,250 Gold– Light gold plate (100 gold)
– Heavy gold plate (1,000 gold)
– Gold bar (10,000 gold)

Lost Ark Gold Una Tokens

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200 Una Token Chest
500 Una Token Chest
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