Lost Ark – How to Improve Gear Quality

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, one of the most frustrating things about min-maxing your gear is the sheet RNG and luck involved.

Did you know, the Abyss Equipment can be completely rerolled for higher quality for a cost of a few thousand silver per try?

Lost Ark - Low Quality Gear
Example of Low Quality Gear

I would personally recommend not overdoing this as Silver is still valuable currency in end-game, more importantly plays a huge role in Gem Fusion & adventure tome collection.

Further, remember to only do this before you hone your equipment as rerolling it will remove any honing you have done.

After “Honing Gear Transfer”, your previous equipment will be destroyed so it won’t work for your already honed gears either.

Here is a video below.

Fayie Enterprise