Lost Ark – Giant’s Heart Collection Locations

In the world of Lost Ark, the world of Arkesia, there is a total of 8 different type of collections players can collect. Giant Heart are one of them. There are currently as of this guide a total of 15 Giant Hearts to be collected.

Giant Hearts are best known to assist players in further increasing their total skill points (12 skill points for collecting a total of 12 Giant’s Heart) along with finishing their Masterpiece collection.

Below, we outlined each of the 15 Giant’s Heart, how to obtain them and what type of category they fall under.

Lastly, for all the achievement hunters out there, there are a total of 1 achievement you can receive by collection Giant’s Heart.

Lost Ark Giant's Arts Collection Achievement
Giant’s Arts Collection Achievement


Giant’s HeartHow To Obtain
1st Giant’s HeartTortoyk – Yellow Quest* Five Scattered Brothers
15th Giant’s HeartPurple Quest* 15th Heart Started By Reinvigorated Giant’s Heart

Una’s Task

Giant’s HeartHow To Obtain
7th Giant’s HeartTooki Island 30x Una’s Task: Taking on Tooki
11th Giant’s HeartAzure Wind Island 15x Una’s Task: Bully in the Ground
12th Giant’s HeartShadowmoon Market – Yellow Quest* Spirit with a Heart (Gated By Una’s Task)

PVE Content / Raids / Dungeons

Giant’s HeartHow To Obtain
4th Giant’s HeartLake Eternity Field Boss Tarsila RNG Drop
10th Giant’s HeartShadespire 35th Floor [ilvl 480]
13th Giant’s HeartFatespire 35th Floor [ilvl 980]


Giant’s HeartHow To Obtain
5th Giant’s HeartBlackfang’s Den Exchange – Gienah’s Coin x3,300
6th Giant’s HeartAtlas Exchange – Pirate Coin x33,000
8th Giant’s HeartFreedom Island Exchange – Gienah’s Coin x4,000


Giant’s HeartHow To Obtain
2nd Giant’s HeartBeatrice Friendly Stage
3rd Giant’s HeartSasha Trusted Stage
9th Giant’s HeartCalvasus Trusted Stage
14th Giant’s HeartNinaveh Trusted Stage


You will be able to receive the rewards on Wisdom Isle.

Giant's Arts Collection Rewards
Giant’s Arts Collection Rewards
Fayie Enterprise