MSL Golem B14 With Auto-Play

Monster Super Leagues B14 Golem

Monster Super League Golem B14 is one of the more specialized golem farms out there for the Triangle Gem.

The easier version but with less chance of 6* gems is the Golem B9. Arguable unless you are in a need of Triangle Gems, I would suggest farming Golem B11 or B15 instead.

If you need assistance on understanding what to take, take a read on my MSL Golem B11 guide.

While playing Monster Super League, or any MMO for that fact, you will often look at grinding for the Best in Slot (BiS) gears or gems for MSL.

However unlike some of the newer titles that makes gearing much easier, gem gearing is one of the most frustrating things in Monster Super League.

Fayiette will bring you a MSL guide today on Golems B14; best golem dungeon to exclusively farm Triangle gems for more advanced players.

Gems Quick Overview

Without going into too much detail, there is 3 main type of “Slots”.

Triangle, Square & Diamond.

While each type has an exclusive Stat the others cannot get.

Triangle = Crit Damage (CDMG)

Square = Crit Rate (CR)

Diamond = Resist (RES)

Taking Dark Mona as an example, her skills points towards quick generation of her Active to output high DPS constantly.

Then the ideal build would be to maximize her Crit Rate (CR) and build Attack (ATK) or Crit Damage (CDMG).

If I was to build her Crit Rate, Attack & Crit Damage.

That means, I need at least 1 Square Crit Rate Gem as Crit Rate gems only appear on Square Gems.

In addition, I would need at least 1 Triangle Gem as Crit Damage gems only appear on Triangle Gems

Why Farm Golem B14

While they are many different Levels for Golems, the most common ones are B7, B10, B11 and B15. Check out all our Golem Dungeon Guides.

However, if you are exclusively needing a triangle gem to finish off your build then B14 might be an better option for you.

Starting at on floor B12, the difficulty skyrockets compared to B11 and below, you would need much stronger Astromons to survive the boss at the end, while in comparison, the waves are not that much more difficult.

The idea for Fayie’s builds are that we are not exclusively selecting 1 Astromon just for a single target purpose. I rather build 1 Astromon that is very useful in multiple different contents.

Just like this build can be 100% used in autoing Golem B13 without any issues. How good is that, you won’t need to go farm and gem a new set of team.


Fayie’s B14 Team is the following

MSL B11 Fire Loki

Fire Loki
Anything Rank Above Evo2

Gem Set
+x% Stun Set
HP %
HP %

MSL B11 Fire Persephone

Fire Persephone
Anything Rank Above Evo2

Gem Set
+1500 Shield Set
HP %
HP %

MSL B11 Fire Draka

Fire Draka
Anything Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
+x% SP Siphon Set

MSL B13-14 Dark Jinn

Dark Jinn
Anything Rank Above Evo2

Gem Set
Resist Set
HP %
HP %

Just like majority of any content I do, my main choice of DPS as long as it isn’t a tough Water-based Dungeon, it has always been to bring Fire Draka. Not only does it have super high DPS, it does quite well fighting other elements due to it’s Puncture Active.

My next two choices are sappers, I would love a Dark Yuki but since I don’t have one, I had to make do with what I do have. I do have a Fire Loki and a Fire Persephone relatively nicely gemmed up. Those two are perfect for this golem farm. Not only are golem bosses sappable, sap damage is high and does more damage than pure DPS.

Lastly I needed someone that can make the bossing period easier. The boss hits stupid hard, while bringing a healer could work, you will heavily rely on a race of time between “sap” or being wiped. So instead, I chose Dark Jinn, he brings to the team “Resistance Down” along with “Weaken”. But great debuffs that makes bossing goes a whole lot smoother.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate it’s effectiveness and speed.

Monster Super League Golem B14 Video