Genshin Impact Elemental Combos & Reaction Chart

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has one of the more complex elemental systems in any Gacha Games in the market. Prove me wrong.

In Genshin Impact, you are able to combine two or more different elements to create an Elemental Combo.

While depending on the enemy’s base element and the different combos, it will deal unique effects including increased additional damage and lowering deference.

As you would would experienced, Genshin Impact allows you to have 4 different characters in a single player allowing you to freely swap between them in combat.

With the exception of the Traveller, each character has one base element thus this is where character swapping during mid-fights are essential if you don’t have teammates or natural elements to utilize.

Elemental Reaction Chart
Elemental Reaction Chart

List of Known Elemental Reactions and Combos

Reaction NameEffect DescriptionElements Combo
VaporizeIncreases damage dealt.Pyro + Hydro
OverloadedExplode, dealing Pyro damage in an area. Can also destroy hard object easily.Pyro + Electro
MeltIncreases damage dealt.Pyro + Cryo
Electro-ChargedDeals intermittent Electro damage. Also discharges electricity on targets afflicted with a water status.Hydro + Electro
FrozenFreezes opponents, making them unable to act.Hydro + Cryo
SuperconductDeal Cryo damage in an area, lowering the enemy’s physical resistances.Electro + Cryo
BurningDeals intermittent Pyro damage.Dendro + Pyro
SpreadDeals elemental damage and spreads elemental effects.Pyro / Hydro / Electro / Cryo + Anemo
CrystallizeGenerates an elemental shield, absorbing a fixed amount of damage.Pyro / Hydro / Electro / Cryo + Geo
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