MSL Fire Dimensional Rift

Monster Super Leagues Fire Dimensional Rift

Monster Super League Fire Dimensional Rift is one of the 5 new Dimensional Rift dungeons that was released in early 2021.

From personal experience, Fire Dimensional Rift is the second easiest Dimensional Rift out of all 5 elements. While the the easiest being Wood Dimensional Rift, regardless of it’s difficulty, it’s rewards are the exact same as the others. Fire Dimensional Rift only appears on Tuesday. Fire Element is a Attacker based Dungeon, this is boss is sappable but it’s damage is reduced making sappers not as desirable.

In all the Dimensional Rift dungeons, you will be facing a total of 4 rounds with a Mini Boss on Round 2 and the final Boss at Round 4.

The main issues a lot of people face is the trash rounds hit way to hard and Astromons do not use Active during the mini boss round when the two trash beside it is dead.

However, with this guide, you shall not worry at all even if your Astromons are just passively poking them to death!

As Fire Dimensional Rift is an attacker based dungeon, the goal is to nuke the boss to death before she nukes us to oblivion and what’s better to do that than Fire Drakas & Puncture Astromons.

This is the main reason why I am not bringing a Sapper such as Fire Persephone or a Fire Loki along but a full nuke team instead since Fire Boss has one of the lowest defense and HP out of all the elements making it super easier to nuke down.

This is a team that can be possible to beat with the exact same team as Light or Dark Dimensional Rift.

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to subsite them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent

Fayie’s Team

Dark Mona – SuperEVO (Main DPS)
Fire Draka – Evo 3 (Main DPS)
Dark Cernunnos- Evo 3 (Secondary DPS, Undying Volition)
Light Seastar – SuperEVO 3 (Shock, Attack Down)

Possible Substitutes

  • Dark Gilgamesh – Evo 2/3 (Main DPS)
  • Light Arthur – Evo 3 (Secondary DPS)
  • Light Balrona – Evo 2/3 (Main DPS)
  • Light Draka – Evo 2 (Main DPS)

Gem Builds

Fayie’s Gem Build for his Team is the following

MSL B11 Fire Draka

Fire Draka
Anything Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
+x% SP Siphon Set

MSL B11 Dark Mona

Dark Mona
SuperEVO and Above

Gem Set
40% CDMG Ruin Set

MSL TOC Dark Cernunnos

Dark Cernunnos
Any Rank Above Evo 3

Gem Set
Mixed Set

Light Seastar Kraken Build

Light Seastar
Anything Rank Above Evo3

Gem Set
Resist Set
HP %
HP %
HP %

Fayie always keeps his promises, my golem guides were as closely related to each other as possible and so will my Dimensional Rift Guides. This same team will be the “main” team Fayie uses as well for Light & Dark Dimensional Rift. Meaning, there is only 3 teams total for the 5 elements. After all for casual players such as myself, there is absolutely no need to go find other Astromons unless you are Min-Maxing times. While saving a few seconds each auto adds up eventually, but I am sure there other content you would like to play instead.

All Astromon used in Fire Dimensional Rift are commonly throughout Golem B11 to Golem B15 or our Tower of Chaos Floor 1 – 119.

Fire Draka Attack Trinket
Fire Draka Attack Trinket

Idea behind the team composition is that Draka and Mona clears the waves as soon as possible. While Cernunnos is providing secondary DPS. Light Seastar main goal is to Shock debuff the mini boss while Attack Down debuff the boss. Cernunnos main’s goal is to provide Undying Volition and sub-heals to ensure everyone stays alive while providing it’s secondary decent DPS damage. Your main focus is to ensure your DPS is high enough otherwise you may just get wiped. An good alternative for Light Seastar would be a shocker/DPS such as Light Balrona or Light Arthur their Active is much higher DPS and not a Tank Based Astromon, this would greatly reduce the time during waves and bossing since Fire Dimensional Rift’s Boss HP is quite low compared to the others being only at 1,097,080.


Starting at Fire Dimensional Rift, this is where Trinkets becomes much more of an important aspect of the game. My entire team is slotted in with a minimum of 4* Variants at +15. The stats it provides makes or break the DPS meter needed to beat the boss.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes the Astromons mentioned above to demonstrate it’s effectiveness and speed.

Dark Mona – Dark Thor – Fire Draka – Dark Cernunnos
Light Seastar – Dark Cernunnos – Fire Draka – Dark Mona

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