Elyon – Luminus System

Luminus System

In Elyon Online, at least in the Korean Version, the Luminus System was the Pay2Win feature of the game. In the NA Version, it is much toned down, it is still Pay2Win in my books as you can purchase this item directly from the Cash Shop giving all cash shop players an slight edge as this is a stat booster.

You can think of the Luminus as additional pet for your character. One that buffs you in variety different kind of stats as long as it is summoned.

The Luminus is a totally separate system from the Pets although they both come from the same interface which you can access through the default Hotkey “L”.

You can only have one Luminus summoned at any time.

Ways to Obtain Luminus

  • PVP Honor Rewards (Using Victorious Medal of Honor x10)
    • Limit of 2 boxes weekly
  • Various Quest Rewards
  • Daily NPC Vendor
  • Hall of Challenges
  • Cash Shop System
  • Events (Twitch Stream Boxes)
Elyon PVP Curious Lumius Box
From Victorious Medal of Honor Vendor

Different Types of Luminus

There is a total of 54 different types of Luminus, they are organized in two ways, 9 prefixes and 6 affixes.

The Prefix will determine what stats it is capable of receiving along with it’s predetermined stats while the Affix will determine which rune colour attribute it boosts on it’s very first line.

In additional, there are 5 different grades of Luminus, which we will refer to them as stars, with each star increased will also add an additional stat lines to the Luminus along with other stat boosts.

Instead of upgrading the Luminus like normal gear, you can only fuse them along with other Luminus which is the same concept as the Pet System or Black Desert Online’s Pet System.

Fusing Luminus

When you are fusing Luminus, please note that when you fail, your Luminus will be destroyed, you will receive Luminus Fragments of the corresponding tier you were attempting. Once you collect 5 fragments, you are able to combine it into a box that gives you a random Luminus.

For example, if you failed to fuse a 5 Star Luminus all 5 times, you will receive a box that will give you a random 5 star Luminus.

Elyon Fuse-Convert UI
Elyon Fuse UI

Possible Luminus Combinations

NameGrade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Rune Points Rune Points +2Rune Points +4Rune Points +7Rune Points +11
ALTARIncreases Max Weapon ATK by 25/50/75/100Increases all Magic Power by 3/4/5%Increases Critical Hit Power by 6/7,5%Increase Critical Hit Rate by 5%
ARROWIncreases the power of all projectiles by 2/3/4/5%Increases the Critical Hit Rate of all projectiles by 3/4/5%Increases DMG to monsters by 8/10%Increases the Critical Hit Power of all projectiles by 10%
COMPASSIncreases the Power of ground-targeted skills by 2/3/4/5%Increases the Critical Hit Rate of Ground-targeted skills by 3/4/5%Increases DMG to monsters by 8/10%Increases the Critical Hit Power of Ground-targeted skills by 10%
CORONAIncreases Max Weapon ATK by 25/50/75/100Increases Physical DMG by 3/4/5%Increases Critical Hit Rate by 4/5%Increases Critical Hit Power by 7,5%
CRUXDecreases DMG by 2/3/4/5% when HP is 50% or lessIncreases DMG by 4,5/6/7,5% when HP is 50% or lessIncreases Critical Hit Rate by 6/7,5% when HP is 50% or lessIncreases HP Absorption by 50 when HP is 50% or less
DRAGONIncreases PvP DMG by 2/3/4/5%Decreases incoming Critical Hit DMG by 6/8/10%Decreases incoming PvP DMG by 4/5%Decreases Skill Cooldown by 5%
EAGLEIncreases Acceleration by 10/15/20/25Increases Accuracy by 10/15/20Increases continuos Energy Recovery per sec by 3/4Increases Skill Attribute Points by 15
HYDRAIncreases Acceleration by 10/15/20/25Increases Dark Magic Damage by 4.5/6/7.5%Increases Physical DMG by 4/5%Increases HP Absorption by 25
LYNXIncreases the Power of Rear Strike by 2/3/4/5%Increases the Critical Hit Rate of Rear Strike by 3/4/5%Increases DMG to monsters by 8/10%Increases the Critical Hit Power of Rear Strike by 10%
LYRAIncreases Healing given by 3/4,5/6/7,5%Increases continuous DMG/continuous Heal duration by 9/12/15%Increases continuous Heal Power by 6/7,5%Increases Magic DMG by 5%
SHIELDIncreases DEF/Magic Resistance by 150/200/250/300Increases Max HP by 3/4/5%Increases Incoming Healing by 4/5%Increase HP Absorption by 25

Converting Luminus

If you receive the undesired type of Luminus for a Rune Attribute, just like gear gem slots, you are capable of converting it into another type at a cost of a Radiant Luminus Converter.

However, when using convert, please note that the grade and type of Luminus will not be changed, only the Rune Attribute will be changed through this system.

The only method of obtaining an Radiant Luminus Converter is by the cash shop

Elyon Convert UI

Luminus Battles

Luminus Battles are Eylon’s Idle battler system. You are only allocated a small amount per day in the form of “Luminus Energy”.

You must have reached level 36 and completed the quest The first steps For Pioneers in order to do Luminus.

  • Luminus Energy Cap at 4 Hours (8Hrs for Star Blessing Effect holders)
  • Luminus Energy Resets Daily at 10:00 AM
  • Luminus Energy can be obtained through killing monsters in proportional to your level versus your own
  • Luminus Battles can only be started in your own housing area

If you have “Star’s Blessing Effect” (Elyon’s VIP Subscription System) you will gain the following effects

  • Increases Max Luminus Energy to 8 Hours (upped from 4 hours)
  • Automatically charges Luminus Energy to 8 hours Daily
  • Can enter Luminus Battle immediately after charging

Luminus Battles Rewards

There are three kinds of battle zone you are able to idle battle in.

  • Crafting Resources
  • Weapon Enhancement Resources
  • Armor Enhancement Resources

All three would grant EXP and Mana EXP and enhancement stones while Crafting will grant various crafting resources and weapon enhancement and Armor enhancement battle zone will give you a chance to receive special respective enhancement stones.

Enemy elimination rate will be adjusted according to your item level versus the level of the battle zone.

Luminus Battles Rewards Boost

You are also capable of boosting your rewards by purchasing additional effects. There is currently three different kinds

  • Item Drop Rate +300%
  • Gold Acquisition +300%
  • EXP Gain +300%

You are able to obtain the different boosts by the following

  • Loyalty Cash Shop
  • Daily Attendance Rewards
Elyon Luminus Battle Zones
Fayie Enterprise