Elyon – Life Skill & Crafting System

Lifeskill System

In Elyon Online, just like every other MMORPG, there is a life skill system along with a crafting system.

There are eight life skills you can learn along your journey in this PVP-Focused MMORPG.

IconLifeskillSpecial Notes
Elyon Lifeskill HerbingHerb ForagingHerbs are used as the main crafting material for Alchemy Elixirs
Elyon Lifeskill MiningsMiningOres are used as materials for Weapon Crafting and Armor Crafting
Elyon Lifeskill LoggingLoggingLumber is used as a material for Weapon Crafting, Alchemy Crafting and crafting certain Wingsuits
Elyon Lifeskill FishingFishingFishes can be dismantled and used as materials for alchemy Elixirs and crystals
Pearls are used as materials for Weapon Crafting at Epic grade or higher
Elyon Lifeskill Sky CrystalSky CrystalsSky Crystals are used as trade goods or as materials to certain craft wingsuits
Elyon Lifeskill WeaponsmithWeaponsmithCan also craft Weapon Enhancement Items & Fishing Rods
Elyon Lifeskill ArmorsmithArmorsmithCan also craft Armor Enhancement Items & Material Bags
Elyon Lifeskill AlchemyAlchemyCrafts Blessing Crystals for your Altar & Elixirs

Life skills Levels

Life skills levels are much easier compared to Crafting levels, they just start on Stage 1 and makes their way upwards in stages. Currently the highest stage you can attain is stage 3 due to being impossible to gain more exp due to how the EXP system works. However, upon reaching Stage 2, you are capable of learning Expert Skill of that profession. Also unlike crafting levels, each level you reach must be manually promoted through your Character Details (Default hotkey P) -> Forage mastery -> Level up.

The progress here is Character Bound.

Lifeskll Max Rank
Elyon Life skills Character Details

Crafting Levels

There isn’t much difference between the three crafting levels, they all have practically the same Grade Name.

Each time you finish crafting, your proficiency is increase. Once you reach the next Grade Level, you are automatically promoted until you reach Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 5.

The progress here is Account Bound.

Grade LevelRequired MasteryGrade Benefits
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Common Grade 5100,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Common Grade 450,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Common Grade 335,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Common Grade 230,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Common Grade 125,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Adept Grade 520,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Adept Grade 410,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Adept Grade 38,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Adept Grade 27,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Adept Grade 16,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 55,000Major Success Rate +12.5%
Expert Level Learning Available
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 43,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 32,500
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 22,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 11,500
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Artisan Grade 51,000
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Artisan Grade 4500
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Artisan Grade 3400
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Artisan Grade 2300
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Artisan Grade 1200
Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Maestro100

Expert Skills

Expert Skills gives you additional benefits for that profession when learnt. However, you can only have two expert skill chosen at any point in time. One for Foraging (Herb/Mining/Logging/Fishing/Sky Crystals) and the other for Crafting (Weapon/Armor/Alchemy). Choosing an Expert Skill is not permanent, you are able to choose another at the cost of in-game gold.

Expert Skill Reset

In order to reset Expert Gathering (Herb/Mining/Fishing/Crystals), it does NOT reset progress no matter how many times you re-spec your Expert Skill.

The only requirement to reset is pay a hefty fee of 100,000 gold

As for resetting Expert Crafting (Weapon/Armor/Alchemy), I am still gathering materials to rank up inorder to test them.

Elyon Gathering Reset Cost

Herb Foraging Expert Skill Benefits

You will apply the following benefits upon herb foraging

  • Creates Dimensional Passage: herb at a certain rate
  • Can obtain Elixir Seeds at a certain rate

Mining Expert Skill Benefits

You will apply the following benefits upon mining

  • Creates Dimensional Passage: mining at a certain rate
  • Can obtain Enhance Stone Deposit Mass at a certain rate

Logging Expert Skill Benefits

You will apply the following benefits upon logging

  • Creates Dimensional Passage: logging at a certain rate
  • Can obtain Magic Stone Tree Sapling at a certain rate

Fishing Expert Skill Benefits

You will apply the following benefits upon manually fishing (not auto-fish)

  • Can obtain additional pearls at a certain rate
  • Can obtain additional fish at a certain rate

Sky Crystal Expert Skill Benefits

You will apply the following benefits upon collecting crystals in the high skies

  • Can Obtain additional Sky Crystals at a certain rate
  • Can obtain Sky Crystal Essence at a certain rate

Crafting Expert Skill Benefits

You must learn Expert Skills to continue obtaining EXP to advance pass grade Weapon/Armor/Alchemy Crafting Expert Grade 5.

Limitations To Lifeskills

Excluding Crafting (Weapon/Armor & Alchemy), each action you take will cost you Action Points (AP), the AP Bar is found on the left side of your HP/Energy/Stamina bars.

Further, the only way to craft by teleporting into your housing system.

Ways to Recover AP

Every player has a default generation of 3 AP every 10 minutes while logged in or 1 AP every 10 minutes while logged out.

Action Points is account shared not character shared.

Any additional regeneration you receive will be added on top of these base amounts.

Further, you can also increase your AP directly by the following methods

  • 150 AP Recovery Potion
    • 15 Purified Crystal of a Curse Vendor
  • 100 AP Recovery Potion
    • 15 Laurel Wreath Vendor
    • Loyalty Cash Shop
  • Various “Chair Mounts”, by mounting on them will increase your AP regeneration by 10
    • Supervisor Chair Mount
    • Deck Chair
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