Elyon Currency Overview

Elyon Currency Overview

In Elyon Online, besides the main currency “gold”, there are other various types of currency used in game and they all mean different things.

All currency in game is currently Account-Bound.

You can technically actually farm currency that are harder to obtain by making new characters and deleting.

In this Free to Play MMORPG, there is a total of 10 currency in game as to date.

  • Gold
  • Pioneer Token
  • Honor Token
  • Honor Points
  • Housing Token
  • Laurel Wrealth Piece
  • Decoration Tokens
  • Friendship Token
  • Loyalty Token
  • Rubies

Currency Chart

Currency IconCurrencyUsesObtainable From?Hard Caps
GoldGoldMain In game CurrencyQuests, Monsters, Treasure Hunting, Commerce Runs (Trade Runs)No Maximum Limit
Pioneer SealPioneer SealShop Rewards (Items to assist character growth)Repeated quests, World quests, Field Bosses9,000
Honor SealHonor TokenPVP Currency – PVP ShopPVP Content – Faction Battles18,000
25 Honor PointsHonor PointsAnother PVP Currency – PVP ShopOpen World PVP – RvR QuestsNo Maximum Limit
Housing SealHousing TokenHousing Currency – Housing ShopSecret Dungeons3,000
Glowing LaurelLaurel Wrealth PieceEvent Currency – Event ShopEvent and log-in Attendance Rewards1,500
Decoration ToolsDecoration TokensCharacter Decoration Currency
Customization towards Character’s Outfits
Friendship TokenFriendship TokensClan CurrencyClan Attendance Rewards, Clan Missions5,000
Loyalty PointsLoyalty TokenIntermediary Cash Currency – Limited Cash ShopAchievements, Limited Cash Shop No Maximum Limit
RubiesRubiesPremium Cash Currency – Currency Cash ShopCash Shop No Maximum Limit

How To View Your Currencies

You are able to access your currency currencies through the inventory tab.

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